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Road Trip from Dallas to New Orleans

05-05-2022 · The 530-mile road trip from Dallas to New Orleans is an 8 hour drive. Highlights en route include Shreveport, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Vermilionville and Natchitoches as well as Avery Island, Acadian Village and Melrose Plantation.


If you're a fan of great music and delicious local cuisine, then a road trip from Dallas to New Orleans is most definitely not one to be missed. And even if you prefer scenic open landscapes to city living, this journey has plenty to offer. So buckle up and hit the open road for a great southern journey you'll remember for years to come.

The 530-mile road trip from Dallas to New Orleans is an 8 hour drive. Highlights en route include Shreveport, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Vermilionville and Natchitoches as well as Avery Island, Acadian Village and Melrose Plantation.

Read on to know about how to make this road trip a journey you'll never forget with our recommended stops, places to visit, and activities to try.

How far is New Orleans from Dallas and how long will the road trip take?

There are several routes to take for your road trip from Dallas to New Orleans. One less common route, via the I-10, will take you on a detour to Houston, Texas, to reach New Orleans.

As well as being less direct, you will find that this route has more traffic and less small, scenic stops en route.

Luckily, the fastest route from Dallas to New Orleans is also the more scenic route. This eight hour drive - through 526 miles of lush forests in Texas, to the vast farmlands of Louisiana - involves traveling on two main interstates: the I-20 and the I-49.

This way offers the best views and adventures for your road trip from Dallas to New Orleans.

There are lots of places to stop if you enjoy nature, including the delights of Lafayette.

Xiu Yu Photography/

Best road trip route from Dallas to New Orleans

The best road trip route from Dallas to New Orleans is the faster and more scenic route along I-20 and I-49.

This route also offers potential for many adventures, sights, and activities for all types of road trippers. It is a fantastic way to experience the outdoors and the road, stop for tasty, local food, and listen to great music on your own or with your family and friends.

Flying from Dallas to New Orleans may be the fastest way to reach your destination, but it takes away the opportunity of exploring the many sights and adventures along the way.

To begin your adventure, get on the I-30 East, then onto I-20 East from Dallas. To your right are tall, coniferous forests known as the Piney Woods, a critically endangered ecoregion home to various fauna and flora.

Along the I-20, you can explore Tyler State Park and East Texas Gators or visit the Spellman Museum of Forney History and the East Texas Oil Museum. Stay on the I-20 until you cross the Louisiana border.

Once you reach Shreveport, Louisiana, you may detour to Red River National Wildlife Refuge, Lake Bistineau State Park, and R. W. Norton Art Gallery for some rest, relaxation, and fun. Otherwise, merge onto the I-49 and continue along your road trip.

Off the I-49 are tall, oak trees nestled in vast plantations. Magnolia plantation, Kent plantation, and Louisiana State Arboretum State Preservation Area are some of the must-see stops until you reach Lafayette, Louisiana.

Lafayette is known as the center of Louisiana Creole culture, and is a wonderful place to stop over before you continue to New Orleans.

If you decide to stop off at Lafayette, be sure to visit Vermilionville, Lake Martin Rookery, and Acadian Village to experience culture and history in this Cajun and Creole Country.

From Lafayette, merge onto I-10 to continue the last part of your road trip. Parallel to the interstate is rivers and bayous full of flora and fauna. You may also stop for a swamp tour, a beer at The Chimes, and a trip to the past in the Historic Michabelle Inn. Otherwise, continue along to New Orleans.

Taking the scenic route means you can detour and visit Shreveport in Louisiana.

Sean Pavone/

Best places to stop between Dallas and New Orleans

A road trip from Dallas to New Orleans can take less than a day, but where is the fun and adventure in that? If your time allows, we recommend extending your trip to a few days - or even a week - to fully enjoy what the road has for you.

A minimum of two stops will make sure that you are fully rested for the drive - and for the endless adventures you'll experience on this road trip. It also allows you to see more sights and do more activities along the way. Here are our recommended stops for your road trip from Dallas to New Orleans.

Spend the night in Natchitoches

Known as the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase, Natchitoches is the first overnight stop you'll need on your road trip from Dallas to New Orleans. This city is a must-visit for anyone passing through the I-49.

This original French colony in Louisiana is the perfect stop for a dose of culture and good food on your journey. Shop at Kaffie-Frederick General Mercantile Store - Louisiana's oldest general store or stroll along the Historic Shopping District and discover unique store finds and items for you and your friends.

You'll also enjoy the mix of French and Spanish architecture in Natchitoches along the National Historic Landmark District. Explore the historic plantations in Cane River National Heritage Area and learn about how people live in the past. And don't you dare leave the place without tasting the tasty and famous Natchitoches meat pie!

Be charmed and rejuvenated in Chateau Saint-Denis. This historic hotel boasts luxury and comfort, transporting you back to a bygone era. It is also a stone's throw away from Natchitoches' top attractions, so you'll have both convenience and comfort covered.

Take a break in Lafayette

Your road trip from Dallas to New Orleans will not be complete without a stop by Lafayette's historic center. Famous for being the Acadian center – the Cajun area in Louisiana, Lafayette offers many exciting adventures and trips through time for all its visitors.

Lafayette is an ideal stop on this epic road trip.

Sittichai Sukreep/

Tour Vermilionville, the 23-acre Acadian village, to experience life in the 18th century and to discover what homes and arts are like in the past. You may also take a trip in Lake Martin and find different avian creatures and cypress trees – wonders of nature in the swamp.

You'll also enjoy exploring the bayou community in the Acadian Village, which boasts authentic Cajun homes and recreated period buildings. And if you want more, you can detour to Avery Island and discover where the famous Tabasco sauce is made and how it is done.

For a good night's sleep, stay at Home2 Suites by Hilton Parc Lafayette and begin the last leg of your trip well-rested and rejuvenated. This luxurious hotel has plenty of space for you to get out and savor in the warmth of the sun and fresh air.

They also offer a hearty breakfast to all their clients. And if you want to enjoy authentic Cajun food, restaurants and shopping districts are within walking distance to the hotel.

The tall trees found in Tyler State Park are just some of the forests you will encounter on this trip.

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Things to see on a road trip from Dallas to New Orleans

This eight-hour road trip from Dallas to New Orleans may be relatively short (by our standards!), but there are many adventures and fun that await you at every turn. Here we'll share with you the best places to see and stop during this exciting journey.

  1. Spellman Museum of Forney History – tour time and learn about the early settlers up to the World War II
  2. East Texas Gators and Wildlife Park – feed and pet a variety of wild animals from giraffes to baboons and alligators
  3. Red River National Wildlife Refuge – explore nature in this vast refuge center and fish, hunt, or take a hike in this wildlife refuge
  4. Lake Bistineau State Park – discover serenity and relax near Lake Bistineau or hike and bike in its trails
  5. R. W. Norton Art Gallery – the largest museum in Shreveport, known for its vast collection of artworks that spans about four millennia
  6. Louisiana State Arboretum State Preservation Area – a 600-acre nature preserve known for its ancient Louisiana trees and native plants
  7. Natchitoches – a historical city in Louisiana, famous for its architecture, culture, and charm and perfect for exploring the past, shopping in old stores, and dining in authentic
  8. Oakland, Magnolia, and Melrose Plantations – found in the Cane River Creole National Historical Park, must-visit for its historical charm and story
  9. Vermilionville – glimpse the past in this 23-acre Acadian village and learn about history in this living history museum
  10. Lake Martin Rookery – a broad and shallow lake full of different avian and aquatic life and a haven for birdwatchers
  11. Acadian Village – a small 19th-century Cajun bayou community, boasting genuine Cajun homes and recreated period buildings
  12. Avery Island – a salt dome, famous for being the source of the Tabasco Sauce; tour the Tabasco Brand Factory and museum or explore the jungle gardens and bird city
  13. USS Kidd Veterans Memorial & Museum – a floating museum docked in Baton Rouge, which is a ship that served in World War II and the Korean War

These places are just some of the places to visit on your trip. If you have time, you can detour Vicksburg, and even to Memphis, before heading on to New Orleans. The more time you have, the more places you can explore to really make the most of your road trip from Dallas to New Orleans.

The magnificent St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square in New Orleans is beautiful at sunset.

Sean Pavone/

Best time to go on a road trip from Dallas to New Orleans

The road trip from Dallas to New Orleans can be done at any time of the year. You will find that the vast majority of the must-see places and stops are open year-round. But the best time of year for this journey, overall, is from spring to fall.

Many road trippers will want to time their visit to New Orleans to coincide with the famous festival of Mardi Gras, which falls in the springtime. Bear in mind, however, that seasonal popularity means more tourists, and higher prices as a result. Make sure you plan your trip well in advance to avoid disappointment and sky-high prices.

In terms of weather, spring and fall offer the best conditions on the road and for the adventures you will be having along the way - with daytime highs averaging at a warm 28 degree Fahrenheit, even in April.There will also be a lesser probability of harsh weather if you travel in the springtime, helping to ensure your safety on this road trip. Summer is another great season, but you may need to crank up your air conditioning units so that you'll stay cool and comfortable on your trip.

If you must make your road trip in winter, always remember to check the weather and road closures ahead of time. Heavy snow may impede your journey and make some roads impassable.

Road Trip from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore

10-05-2022 · 659 miles. 10 hours 27 minutes. The road trip from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore is approximately 600 miles and will take 9 hours to drive if you decide to follow the quickest and most direct route. However, this is without taking any breaks or stopping to admire the many beautiful South Dakotan cities, landmarks, and landscapes on the way.


Mount Rushmore is one of the USA's most famous landmarks, and a bucket list item for many Americans and international tourists. You can make the remarkable journey to this amazing monument a whole adventure of its own by planning an exciting road trip!

The 659-mile road trip from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore takes about 10 hours to drive. Highlights include Sioux Falls, Chamberlain, Minneopa State Park, Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Memorial, and the Akta Lakota Museum.

Read on to discover more about the best routes you can take, the best places to stop, and our top tips for things to do to create a memorable experience over the course of your journey.

How far is Mount Rushmore from Minneapolis and how long will the road trip take?

Comparison of road trip routes between Minneapolis and Mount Rushmore
RouteDistanceDriving Time
Direct Route597 miles8 hours 53 minutes
Scenic Route659 miles10 hours 27 minutes

The road trip from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore is approximately 600 miles and will take 9 hours to drive if you decide to follow the quickest and most direct route.

However, this is without taking any breaks or stopping to admire the many beautiful South Dakotan cities, landmarks, and landscapes on the way. After all, what's the point of a road trip if you don't stop to experience what your journey has to offer?

It is possible to drive this distance in one day, but this will mean having to set off early and enduring long hours of driving. A better plan may be to split the trip across several days to truly appreciate the iconic landmarks and admire the scenery along the way.

Instead of the direct route, we recommend taking the 659-mile scenic route which will take you about 10 hours and 30 minutes to drive.

This detour from Interstate 90 (I-90) will take you through the gorgeous sights of Badlands National Park, Custor State Park and the Crazy Horse Memorial.

The best part of the road trip is the journey itself! You will want to take a sufficient amount of time to see all the fantastic attractions on the way and truly experience what Minnesota and South Dakota have to offer.

There are some epic places to see on this road trip, including the incredible Badlands National Park.


Best Road Trip Route from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore

A road trip from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore will take you through some amazing landscapes and history, and this is before you even reach your journey's impressive destination of Mount Rushmore.

The best road trip route from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore is across I-90, with detours into the Badlands and across the landscape around Mount Rushmore.

Following the scenic route and taking the short sightseeing detour will be worth traveling the extra miles for as this route will take you through some of South Dakota's most beautiful landscapes, its famous prairies, grasslands, and historic museums.

If you're stuck on time, the more direct route will save you more than an hour of driving, but with less to see. From Minneapolis, it will follow I-90 until Rapid City and then head straight to Mount Rushmore, giving you fewer attractions to visit and explore.

To leave Minneapolis, follow I-35W and take Exit 9B to merge onto I-494. Take Exit 10A and use the right two lanes to merge onto US-169. This route will take you past Mankato and into the Minneopa State Park.

After seeing the bison at Minneopa, join MN-60 W, and follow this direction until you join I-90 near Worthington. Crossing from Minnesota to South Dakota, you will pass through Sioux Falls and Chamberlain.

Continue following I-90 until you reach Exit 110 for SD-240. This semi-circular highway will take you through the heart of the incredible Badlands National Park and then back up to the interstate.

Follow SD-240 after your visit and rejoin I-90 when Highway 240 ends at the town of Wall. Continue driving on the interstate until you reach Rapid City.

From Rapid City, it's possible to take Route 16 directly to Keystone and Mount Rushmore, where you'll pass through Bear Country. However, we suggest following the more scenic route to the south to take in some of South Dakota's best landscapes and attractions.

When you reach Rapid City, take SD-79 South, where you'll drive through rolling Dakotan prairies. Turn onto SD-36 and follow until you reach US-16A, which will take you through Custer State Park's rugged landscape and beautiful rivers.

When you reach the city of Custer, turn right onto US-385. Driving in this direction, you will pass by Crazy Horse Memorial and the Indian Museum of North America.

Follow US-385 until you reach SD-244, which will take you the last stretch to Mount Rushmore.

Custer State Park combines rugged landscape with beautiful rivers and is an idyllic spot for a short stop.

Jess Kraft/

Best places to stay between Minneapolis and Mount Rushmore

With so much to see on your road trip from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore, we recommend breaking up your journey over at least four days, in which case you will need some places to stay the night. Luckily for you, there are plenty of great spots along the way to rest and relax.

You can combine these overnight stays with some local sightseeing – you'll find our favorite things to do further down in this article.

Marvel at nature in Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls is located about four hours from Minneapolis, and it's a great stop to rest and unwind during the first leg of your trip. When it comes to top-notch comfort and prime location, ClubHouse Hotel Sioux Falls is an excellent option to stay overnight.

Located right on the banks of the gorgeous Big Sioux River, this hotel boasts spectacular stone décor and wonderful views over the city's gorgeous country club beyond the river. The hotel is also perfectly located to explore the city of Sioux Falls.

The stunning waterfall park in Sioux Falls is just one of the lovely places to visit in this city.

Paul Brady Photography/

Sioux Falls is named after its beautiful waterfalls located in Falls Park, which is only about 10 minutes' drive from the hotel. You can enjoy different views of the falls from the many different viewing platforms and a five-story observation tower or take a stroll in this historic park.

If the beautiful views of the falls inspire you to go on a water adventure of your own, the hotel has a water park where you can enjoy a water drop and a dip, as well as a fabulous pool and a romantic hot tub.

Located nearby, you will find several parks to admire the flora and fauna of the area. Sertoma Park is one of the closest parks to the hotel and is the home to a beautiful Butterfly House & Aquarium. After your visit, you can grab an energizing meal at the hotel's chic restaurant.

Explore culture and history in Chamberlain

If you're looking for a way to break up the journey across I-90 and discover some hidden gems, stopping in Chamberlain is a great option. Located on the scenic Missouri River, this city has a lot to offer with its landmarks and museums.

The famous Dignity Statue is just a short drive from Chamberlain and depicts courage, perseverance and wisdom.


Here, you can rest and unwind before the action-packed leg of your road trip. Howard Johnson by Wyndham in the nearby town of Oacoma is a great base for your adventure in this area and offers a more reasonable price than hotels in Rapid City.

With its location just off I-90, this hotel has easy access to all the major attractions in Chamberlain. The famous 50 feet tall Dignity Statue, depicts an Indigenous woman and is about a short drive away, offering majestic views of the Missouri River below.

Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center is another must-visit that is nearby, where you can interactively learn about the Native American way of life, both in the past and the present. You can also visit the South Dakota Hall of Fame if your energy levels allow.

After a day of excursions and museum-hopping, you can unwind in the welcoming indoor pool or the hot tub in the hotel before you head to bed. Don't forget to enjoy the grab-and-go breakfast offered before you set off for your trip!

Relax under a canopy of stars near Mount Rushmore

There are undoubtedly many accommodation options near Mount Rushmore but staying at K Bar S Lodge Ascend Hotel Collection is a terrific way to make this already memorable journey the road trip of a lifetime!

Located in the heart of the Norbeck Wildlife Preserve, this hotel has rooms that reflect the comfortable lodge atmosphere and boasts beautiful views of Mount Rushmore. You can even enjoy the scenery sitting under a canopy of stars on the hotel's fantastic wooden deck.

One of the most famous landmarks in the world, you will find the iconic Mount Rushmore National Memorial only 5 minutes away from the hotel. Seeing the faces of four of America's greatest presidents carved in stone alone is worth taking this road trip for!

Custer State Park is about half an hour away from the hotel and this impressive park encompasses 71,000 acres in the Black Hills with opportunities for camping, hiking, biking, swimming, and fishing. You can also observe the abundant wildlife here and peaceful nature trails.

There is so much to see and do in the area, you could even consider adding an extra night or two to your stay. It is good to keep in mind that the famous Crazy Horse Memorial and The Indian Museum of North America are less than an hour away from the hotel.

One of the most famous landmarks in the world, Mount Rushmore an iconic and perfect end to a great road trip.

Jess Kraft/

Things to see on a road trip from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore

  1. Minneopa State Park, Mankato - A wonderful park to drive through, home to the Minneopa Falls and the American bison.
  2. Falls Park, Sioux Falls - Home to the Sioux River Falls, this park makes for a relaxing afternoon walk to escape the city.
  3. Sertoma Park, Sioux Falls -This park features a large picnic pavilion and the Butterfly House & Aquarium.
  4. Lake Herman State Park, Madison - A one hour detour from Sioux Falls, with beautiful trails and lakes for kayaking or swimming.
  5. Dignity Statue, Chamberlain -Impressive 50 feet statue of an Indigenous woman, overlooking the Missouri River.
  6. Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Centre, Chamberlain - A thought-provoking collection of cultural and artistic history from the Native American Lakota tribe.
  7. Badlands National Park, South Dakota - Stunning buttes and pinnacles, endless prairies, and home to the Oglala Sioux tribe.
  8. Wall Drug, Wall - Stop by this famous roadside attraction and tourist stop for kitschy attractions.
  9. Bear Country USA, Rapid City - A two-mile drive through rolling meadows, where you can catch sight of bears and other animals.
  10. Custer State Park, Custer - 71,000 acres of grasslands and rugged mountains. 1,500 bison find their home here, as well as coyotes, elk, and cougars.
  11. Crazy Horse Memorial, Crazy Horse - A contender to Mount Rushmore which depicts Crazy Horse, the former leader of the Oglala Lakota people.
  12. The Indian Museum of North America, Crazy Horse - Sharing its site with the Crazy Horse Memorial, this museum is an interesting site to learn more about Indigenous and Lakota culture.
  13. Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota - A slight detour from Custer State Park where you can see rolling prairies and experience cave tours.
  14. Cosmos Mystery Area, Rapid City - Take a tour of this mystery house where the laws of nature seem to disappear, and you can stand on walls.
  15. Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone - This legendary colossal sculpture carved into Mount Rushmore depicts the faces of four of America's greatest presidents.
  16. Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota and Wyoming - Situated in two states, this forest covers 1,2 million acres of natural beauty and is the home to several stunning parks, including Custer State Park.
  17. Rush Mountain Adventure Park, Keystone - This amusement park is the home to the famous Rushmore Cave and offers fun adventures for both adults and children.
A beautiful waterfall at Minneopa State Park, a wonderful park for a walk or drive through.


Best time to go on a road trip from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore

The best time of year for this road trip would be in the months of September, October, and May. These months will have milder weather, with temperatures fluctuating between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as better driving conditions and fewer crowds.

As expected, Mount Rushmore gets very busy during the summer months. If you don't mind the crowds, these months could be an option for you. However, local accommodation will be more expensive in summer and the temperature can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are visiting in September or October, make sure to observe the Buffalo Roundup and Arts Festival in Custer State Park as this might be your only chance to see a herd of approximately 1,300 buffalo.

This route is less suited to traveling in the winter months, as some roads and parks such as Custer State Park will have reduced facilities and access due to weather conditions, with the temperatures dropping to around 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Badlands National Park closes during periods of heavy rain or snow. Nonetheless, the winter months could be better for fans of skiing, as you could take a detour to Deadwood's terrific slopes.

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Dmitry Bivol defeats Canelo Álvarez in major upset to retain light ...

08-05-2022 · Dmitry Bivol has beaten Canelo Álvarez in a major upset to retain the WBA light heavyweight title. All three ringside judges handed down scores of 115-113. It’s the second …


That’s all for tonight. Thanks for following along and be sure to check out Donald McRae’s full report here.

“Unbelievable,” says Eddie Hearn, who promotes both men. “We talked going into this fight about how good Dmitry Bivol is, how tough this fight way, and it was a punch-perfect performance. He had to box exactly the way he boxed to win that fight. The judges had it right for me. He won the fight. Did Canelo look a little bit flat? Did he look tired? I think it was the brilliance of Dmitry Bivol. You saw his arms after the fight. He caught nearly everything on the glove. His defense was outstanding, his feet were great. He was aggressive enough in the fight to win the rounds. A big, big shock, but tonight belongs to Dmitry Bivol.”

He adds: “Like [Bivol] said, it felt like he was there as a stepping stone to Gennady Golovkin. And he was! For the career plans of Canelo Álvarez. But right now, what a night for him. Dreamed of this night, got the opportunity and becomes a true great tonight beating the pound-or-pound number one.”

“You have to accept it, it’s boxing,” Álvarez says through a translator. “He’s a great champion. Sometimes in boxing, you win. Sometimes you lose. Not making excuses. I lost today and he won.”

He adds: “He’s a really good fighter. He’s a fighter that comes in and comes out. I also felt his power. I think it was good fight. I felt like I maybe did enough to win the fight but that’s boxing.”

Before leaving the ring, Álvarez says he will exercise his rematch clause.

“Of course I [want a rematch],” he said. “This doesn’t end like this.”

Bivol is then asked about the prospect of a rematch.

“No problem,” Bivol says, switching over to a translator. “I took this fight because I just wanted to get the opportunity and I appreciate this opportunity. I didn’t fight for anything except getting the fight. I’m ready for the rematch, I just want to make sure that I can be treated like the champion now.”

“I proved myself today,” Bivol says during his in-ring interview. “I’m sorry I broke your plans with Gennady Golovkin, maybe. Thank you Canelo and his team. He’s a great champion and I respect him. I respect all his team.”

Why did he believe that he could pull off this upset?

“If you don’t believe in yourself, what do you do? You’ll achieve nothing,” Bivol says. “I believed. My team believed me. And you all should believe in yourself to achieve what you want.”

Bivol said that he felt Canelo’s power from the first round ... only pointing to his arms, which blocked so many of the Mexican’s power shots.

“He beat my arm up, but not my head, which is better. He has good speed, good power.”

Dmitry Bivol has beaten Canelo Álvarez in a major upset to retain the WBA light heavyweight title. All three ringside judges handed down scores of 115-113. It’s the second defeat of Álvarez’s career and the first since 2013.

Round 12

Another clear round for Bivol, who is landing the cleaner and harder shots. Álvarez never had an answer for Bivol’s jab. Canelo has faced 18 different world champions. The only person to officially beat him is Floyd Mayweather. That list is about to double.

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 9-10 Bivol (Álvarez 111-117 Bivol)

Round 11

Bivol is getting outboxed and outfought. Álvarez at one point lifts Bivol high into the air during a clinch. He’s clearly frustrated. Bivol is taking Canelo’s best offering and walking right through them. Bivol is landing the cleaner and harder shots like he’s done most of the night. Biggest round of the night for the champion.

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 9-10 Bivol (Álvarez 102-107 Bivol)

Round 10

Another round for Bivol. He’s in complete control. Álvarez needs a knockout.

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 9-10 Bivol (Álvarez 93-97 Bivol)

Round 9

A nice comeback round for Álvarez. He traps Bivol along the ropes and lets his hands go, landing a lot of shots. But he’s emptied a lot of the tank doing it while Bivol, who took all those shots well, was able to reserve a bit for the championship rounds.

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 10-9 Bivol (Álvarez 84-87 Bivol)

Round 8

Álvarez is in trouble. Bivol is bullying the smaller man around the ring and Álvarez is moving in reverse, missing lots of punches while he goes. Bivol lands a big right hand and Álvarez reels backwards into the ropes. Álvarez’s output is way down. Bivol is fighting the perfect fight, landing all of the clean punches. Álvarez looks frustrated and exhausted. An easy Bivol round.

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 9-10 Bivol (Álvarez 74-78 Bivol)

Round 7

Bivol continues to stymie Canelo with his size, movement and rhythm. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Álvarez face this kind of adversity. Bivol is beating Álvarez to the punch using that ramrod jab as the foundation of everything and Álvarez appears to be out of ideas.

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 10-9 Bivol (Álvarez 65-68 Bivol)

Round 6

Bivol is fighting an excellent fight. He’s keeping Canelo at bay with deft footwork, ring intelligence and sheer size, not making the mistakes that Canelo lives to exploit. But his output has gone down in this round and Álvarez has done just enough to take the sixth, mostly with his defense. According to Compubox’s punch statistics, he’s landed 71 of 316 punches (24%), compared to 40 of 248 for Canelo (16%).

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 10-9 Bivol (Álvarez 56-58 Bivol)

Round 5

Álvarez continues to press the action, but can’t sustain an attack. Bivol’s left eye starting to show a bit of damage. Bivol then catches Álvarez along the ropes and unloads seven or eight punches, landing about half of them. Álvarez lies against the ropes and waves his opponent back in telling him to throw more, but the emotionless Bivol does take the bait. A clear Bivol round.

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 9-10 Bivol (Álvarez 46-49 Bivol)

Round 4

Bivol continues to find success jabbing from a distance. He’s using his length to his advantage but not afraid to step into the pocket and throw to the body to set up combinations upstairs. Canelo’s face has been reddened by Bivol’s steady output to the head. Álvarez has been ratcheting up the pressure but a lot of his blows have been blocked or parried by the bigger man. Canelo lands with a spicy right uppercut in the final seconds but it’s not enough to swing the round. Álvarez is in a fight tonight!

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 9-10 Bivol (Álvarez 37-39 Bivol)

Round 3

Bivol lands a thudding right hand to the body, setting up a combination upstairs. Bivol is really letting his hands go and Canelo is responding in kind. Bivol is getting the better of the exchanges, for now. More jabs and straight rights in combination from Bivol, whose hand speed seems to be troubling Álvarez. Canelo is more than holding his own, doing good body work. Another close but clear round to Bivol.

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 9-10 Bivol (Álvarez 28-29 Bivol)

Round 2

Álvarez lands a couple of powerful shots around Bivol’s tight guard. He catches Bivol’s chin with another hook. Bivol has picked up the pace now and he’s throwing more punches in combination but they’re not landing clean. Canelo lands a flush uppercut but Bivol takes it well. Easy round for Álvarez.

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 10-9 Bivol (Álvarez 19-19 Bivol)

Round 1

There’s the bell and the fighters meet in the center of the ring and begin circling one another. Canelo in a tight guard but throwing more in the early going. But Bivol looks comfortable in there and is scoring quite a bit with his jab. Canelo lands a hook to the body but Bivol answers with a combination. Canelo misses with an uppercut near the end of the round but the crowd explodes as if it connected. Close but clear round for the champion.

Guardian’s unofficial score: Álvarez 9-10 Bivol (Álvarez 9-10 Bivol)

The fighters are in the ring. The introductions have been made. The fighters have been given their final instructions and the seconds are out. We’ll pick it up with round-by-round coverage from here!

The fighters are making their entrances to the ring. Bivol is first despite being the champion. Then it’s Álvarez, who is accompanied by a full mariachi band with dancers in traditional dress. They’re playing Europe’s The Final Countdown before segueing into México Lindo y Querido, the Vicente Fernández standard that’s become his calling card.

Hello and welcome to Las Vegas for tonight’s showdown between Canelo Álvarez and Dmitry Bivol. Álvarez, the sport’s biggest star and the consensus pound-for-pound No 1, is moving back up to the heaviest weight of his career to face the unbeaten Bivol, who holds the WBA’s version of the title at 175lbs.

“I like this kind of challenge, because I want to make history,” Álvarez said this week. “This kind of challenge is going to put me at the top in the history of boxing. I feel alive when I have this kind of challenge. I respect the boxing skill of Dmitry Bivol, but it is my time. I feel like I’m in my prime. I enjoy this kind of moment.”

Cleveland’s Montana Love has just won a unanimous decision over Mexico’s Gabriel Valenzuela in their 12-round super lightweight bout, the final undercard fight of the night. Next up: the main event. Álvarez and Bivol are due to make their ringwalks in a little under a half hour. Plenty more to come between now and then.

Montana Love v Gabriel Valenzuela
Montana Love, left, exchanges punches with Gabriel Valenzuela during their 12-round super lightweight fight on Saturday. Photograph: Al Bello/Getty Images

Bryan will be here shortly. In the meantime here’s Donald McRae’s lookahead to Saturday’s fight.

What time is the 2022 Pro Bowl on today?

06-02-2022 · What time is the Pro Bowl? Channel: ESPN, ABC; Start time: 3 PM ET; Live stream: ESPN App; Sling; Hulu + Live TV; fuboTV; YouTube TV; NFL Mobile App; What to expect from today’s Pro Bowl? The NFL announced this week that there will be no kickoffs in the 2022 Pro Bowl. Instead, the NFL will implement the “spot and choose” method for the conference’s …


With an action-packed postseason of 14 teams being parsed down to just two, the NFL takes a two-week pause in between Conference Championship Weekend and the Super Bowl. In the meantime, fans get to watch the best from each conference go head to head in the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl. So what time is the Pro Bowl today? Keep reading below for the start time, channel, and live stream options for the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl.

What time is the Pro Bowl?

  • Channel: ESPN, ABC
  • Start time: 3 PM ET
  • Live stream:
    • ESPN App
    • Sling
    • Hulu Live TV
    • fuboTV
    • YouTube TV
    • NFL Mobile App

What to expect from today’s Pro Bowl?

The NFL announced this week that there will be no kickoffs in the 2022 Pro Bowl. Instead, the NFL will implement the “spot and choose” method for the conference’s all-star teams at the coin toss.

The new ideology plays out as follows: Instead of winning a coin toss to receive or defer, the coin toss winner will choose between spotting the ball anywhere on the field with direction or choosing between playing offense or defense. However, no matter what the coin toss winner chooses to pick, the team spotting the ball must do so before there’s a determination of who is playing offense and defense.

Recent rule tweaks are coming around for a second time

The NFL will also continue with two previous rule changes made before the 2020 Pro Bowl. Most notably, an intriguing change to procedures following a successful field goal or extra-point attempt. With no kickoffs following the completed try, the “kicking team” has the option of either giving the “receiving team” the ball back at their 25-yard line in a change of possession.

Conversely, the “kicking team” has the option of attempting a fourth-and-15 from their own 25-yard line. A successful conversion and they maintain possession, fail to gain 15 yards, and their opponent takes over at the dead-ball spot. The NFL will have the clock start on the refs signal following an incomplete pass outside of the first half’s final two minutes and the second half’s final five minutes in the 2022 Pro Bowl.

Spider-Man 3 runtime: How long is Spider-Man: No Way Home?

09-12-2021 · In addition, that is much longer than the two Holland-led movies that came before Spider-Man: No Way Home. Spider-Man: Homecoming was 133 minutes, and its sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home came in ...


Spider-man hanging on in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is definitely gearing up to be the biggest film of 2021, but how long is the 27th MCU feature?

The multiverse will absolutely be a major factor in Spider-Man: No Way Home and fans are extremely excited to see the villains from the other franchise take on Holland’s webhead in what will most assuredly be one of the biggest Spidey movies the world has ever seen. Pre-ticket sales are already soaring, and the anticipation to see the entire affair on December 17, 2021, has risen to an all-time high.

Fans everywhere can’t wait to see the MCU Peter Parker return to action and how his world has been abruptly turned upside down ever since his secret identity was revealed in the movie Far From Home.

So far, the stage has been magnificently set for an epic showdown between Spider-Man and villains from other franchises who have made their way to that reality thanks to the botched Doctor Strange spell that fractured the multiverse.

The Amazing Spider-Man villains that took on Andrew Garfield’s version of the character, Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Rhys Ifans’ The Lizard, will be in the mix. In addition, Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus, Thomas Haden Church’s The Sandman, and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin will also return to the big screen, not having been featured since the time when Tobey Maguire suited up as the friendly neighborhood wallcrawler.

What is Spider-Man: No Way Home’s official runtime?

The inquiry on the minds of numerous fans is how long will the Sony Marvel movie be when it is finally released in theaters. The answer is simple. According to Collider, Spider-Man: No Way Home has a runtime of 2 hours and 30 minutes, one of the longest motion pictures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That length is less than Avengers: Endgame, which was 3 hours and 2 minutes long, and Eternals, which ended up being 2 hours and 37 minutes in length. It is, however, less than Avengers: Infinity War by a minute as the mega Marvel mashup had a hefty run time of 2 hours and 29 minutes.

In addition, that is much longer than the two Holland-led movies that came before Spider-Man: No Way Home. Spider-Man: Homecoming was 133 minutes, and its sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home came in at 129 minutes.

Make sure to keep following Bam Smack Pow for more updates and info about Spider-Man: No Way Home as they come out.

THIS is how to talk to someone at the IRS today [2022]

04-04-2022 · Visit the Local IRS Office. Of course, you can go to your local IRS office and speak to an IRS representative. The IRS has Taxpayer Assistance Center offices everywhere. All states have such offices. But you must remember to book an appointment first. You cannot just go to your local IRS office unexpectedly. Call the IRS at 844-545-5640 and ...


If you pay taxes, you may end up in the situation of having to talk to someone at the IRS, but having a very difficult time getting to speak to a human. You may be wondering whether you should call, go there physically or write a letter to the IRS regarding your question or issue. But things can quickly become frustrating as you cannot get a human on the phone, and you have no idea what to do next.

Well, if you want to find out how to talk to someone at the IRS, this article can help you figure out the best way to do it.

How to Contact an IRS Agent Directly

When you’re having a hard time finding an IRS agent to talk to, you should follow a certain procedure to eventually connect to the IRS customer service. You must go through several steps, but fortunately, the IRS system makes it possible to use this method – for now.

Over time, the system may be updated by the IRS – therefore, the way you can speak with an agent directly may change too. For now, here is the one thing you can do to talk to a real person from the IRS:

  1. Call the IRS. Their telephone number is 1-800-829-1040. Bear in mind that the phone number can be called from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM.
  2. You will have to choose your preferred language as the automated system will ask you to do this.
  3. After your language has been chosen, pick option 2 for “Personal Income Tax”.
  4. Select 1 for “form, tax history, or payment”.
  5. Press 3 for every other question.
  6. Press 2 for all other questions.
  7. You will then be required to offer your Social Security number. However, do not start entering it just yet.
  8. You will be asked for the Social Security number twice. Therefore, don’t answer. You will be prompted by another menu.
  9. In the menu you get, select 2 for individual tax questions.
  10. Next, press 4 for every other question. You will finally be allowed by the system to talk to an IRS agent directly.

Other Ways to Reach a Live Person at the IRS

There are a few other ways to talk to an IRS agent directly if you don’t want to take the steps described above. Try one of the following methods instead:

Visit the Local IRS Office

Of course, you can go to your local IRS office and speak to an IRS representative. The IRS has Taxpayer Assistance Center offices everywhere. All states have such offices.

But you must remember to book an appointment first. You cannot just go to your local IRS office unexpectedly. Call the IRS at 844-545-5640 and make an appointment early on.

Call Your Taxpayer Advocate Service Center

It’s also possible to call the local Taxpayer Advocate Service center. This center is an IRS independent organization that helps people who are dealing with certain problems that they cannot solve alone.

There is at least one Taxpayer Advocate Service Center in every single state. You should also know that the centers report to the National Taxpayer Advocate Service and they are independent of the IRS office in the area.

Other IRS Phone Numbers

The main IRS number is the go-to option for most people who need to ask questions or report potential issues with their taxes. But while this is the case, there are some numbers that may allow you to connect with an IRS representative much faster.

The other numbers available are categorized based on the problems people might have. This way, you can talk to someone who can help you in a certain scenario. The numbers can be found on the official IRS website, so make sure to check there before calling an IRS number. Look whether the number you are calling matches the problem you are calling for.

Reasons You Might Need to Contact the IRS

So, why would you call the IRS, to begin with? Could you simply call them to ask “What is a tax refund?” when you are new to filing taxes? Well, the IRS can be contacted if you need to ask any questions or get any problems solved. But there are also situations when you shouldn’t contact them by phone.

You can call the IRS if you:

  • Want to request more time as you are about to miss a certain deadline the IRS has set. You may need to pay off your tax balance, for instance, or to respond to a certain notice, and you cannot do it on time.
  • You got an IRS notice (in this case, you should always call the number you see on the notice).
  • Need the amount you have to pay off for tax purposes.
  • “Where’s My Refund?” states you should call the IRS.
  • You want to find out the status of a specific IRS action.
  • You have questions regarding your IRS payment plan.
  • Lost, received an incorrect Form 1099-R or Form W-2, or never received these forms.
  • You have to confirm that the IRS got your payment.

You shouldn’t call the IRS in these situations:

  • To complain about taxes or any tax-related problem
  • You have requests for transcripts (an exception applies if you call 800-908-9946)
  • You have any tax law questions
  • You need certain IRS forms

How to Prepare for Your Call to the IRS

You must prepare before calling the IRS. Depending on why you are calling, you should make sure that you have all the necessary information. Basically, the IRS representative will ask you certain things in order to verify your identity. They will continue the phone call afterward.

Other than that, some information may be necessary to find a solution to the problem you have.

Here is some information you need to prepare before calling the IRS:

  • The tax return from last year
  • Your filing status (single, married and filing jointly, married and filing separately or head of household)
  • Your Social Security cards, as well as the birthdates of the individuals involved
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number if you do not have a Social Security card
  • Letters or notices that you got from the IRS
  • A tax return copy

Best Times to Call the IRS

It’s crucial to call the IRS at the right times. They work from 7 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Friday. You should call during these hours.

But the best time to call is early in the morning, so get your information ready and call.

Read More

Final Thoughts

Talking to someone at the IRS can be a challenge if you don’t know how to reach a real human. It is not impossible, though. Before calling, you should make sure that you have all the information ready so you can confirm your identity.

Call the IRS once you have everything in order and make sure that you are calling the right number. There are different numbers that can be used to solve specific issues, so check the IRS website for the right number.

Then, follow the steps in this article and you should be able to talk to a representative.

Need a Loan? Get One in 3 Simple Steps

If you are considering applying for a personal loan, just follow these 3 simple steps.


Apply online for the loan amount you need. Submit the required documentation and provide your best possible application. Stronger applications get better loan offers.


If your application meets the eligibility criteria, the lender will contact you with regard to your application. Provide any additional information if required. Soon you’ll have your loan offer. Some lenders send a promissory note with your loan offer. Sign and return that note if you wish to accept the loan offer.


The loan then gets disbursed into your U.S. bank account within a reasonable number of days (some lenders will be as quick as 2-3 business days). Now you need to set up your repayment method. You can choose an autopay method online to help you pay on time every month.


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How long is Spider-Man: No Way Home? Runtime explored

17-11-2021 · More recently, MCU Scoops on Twitter suggested that the movie is going to be a staggering three hours and twenty-two minutes long, which seems a lot less likely. That would make it the longest MCU ...


For many, the attitude will be “I don’t care if it’s eight hours, I’m still going to want more.”

It’s not exactly unheard of for a blockbuster to hit the three-hour mark, and the MCU has certainly delivered some epics in recent years.

However, not all Marvel movies have been as long as, say, Avengers: Endgame.

For example, audiences don’t particularly expect to walk into a Spider-Man movie and it be three hours long. However, with the reveal of the second trailer for No Way Home, it’s perhaps hard to imagine how the writers fit everything in any other way.

This third solo vehicle for Tom Holland’s Spidey is undoubtedly the most anticipated movie event of the year and the promotional material has teased endless possibilities thanks to the Multiverse.

Villains from the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield eras have been confirmed to appear and fans are holding out hope that the two will don the suit once again themselves.

With so much going on, it’s worth asking… how long is Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Image from Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer 2.

How long is the Spider-Man: No Way Home runtime?

Although there has been no official confirmation, there is reason to believe that No Way home has a runtime of 159 minutes.

At two hours and 39 minutes, this would make it the longest Spider-Man movie to date. As noted by Gamesradar, this runtime has been listed by the Brazilian cinema chain Ingresso.

Despite no concrete word, this does sound perfectly plausible. After all, Homecoming ran for two hours and 13 minutes while Far From Home clocked in at two hours 10.

Considering No Way Home is juggling more than both of these two installments combined, it’s not exactly a stretch to imagine the extra half hour being warranted.

More recently, MCU Scoops on Twitter suggested that the movie is going to be a staggering three hours and twenty-two minutes long, which seems a lot less likely. That would make it the longest MCU movie to date.

Sure, blockbusters can be fairly lengthy at times, but they’re very, very rarely that long.

Spider-Man: No Way Home | Official Trailer

“It’s three generations coming together”

As we touched upon earlier, fans remain adamant that Andrew and Tobey will reprise their roles from the different eras of Spider-Man on screen.

However, While in conversation with Gamesradar, Tom Holland continued to assert that they won’t be appearing:

“People don’t believe me when I say that [Maguire and Garfield] are not coming back. But people are going to have to believe me at some point. It means a lot to me. The first time you see Doc and the rest of the characters that come back, it’s so exciting – and it’s such a huge moment in cinematic history.”

He added: “It’s three generations coming together.”

Whatever you say Tom, whatever you say.

This content could not be loaded

but seriously, set those alarms for c̶y̶b̶e̶r̶ spider-monday (november 29) to get tix! 🎟️ 🎟️ 🎟️

— Spider-Man: No Way Home (@SpiderManMovie) November 17, 2021

Either way…

Speaking of the cast, either way, audiences will still be in for a treat without Andrew and Tobey.

Check out who’s already set to stun in No Way Home:

  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Zendaya as MJ
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange
  • Jon Favreau as Harold “Happy” Hogan
  • Marisa Tomei as May Parker: Parker’s aunt
  • J. B. Smoove as Julius Dell: Parker’s teacher
  • Benedict Wong as Wong
  • Alfred Molina as Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus
  • Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon / Electro
  • Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn / Green Goblin
  • Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko / Sandman
  • Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors / Lizard

Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives in theaters on Friday, December 17th 2021.

In other news, What happened to Goose and how did he die in the original Top Gun?

IRS Phone Numbers: How To Speak To A Human At The IRS ...

07-03-2022 · Call the IRS telephone number at 1-800-829-1040. This line is open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM local time. The automated system will ask you to …


We’ve all been there–you need to speak with someone at the IRS about a tax issue, and you’re having a hard time getting an actual human being on the phone. It’s frustrating. We want to help you avoid this annoyance and get your tax solutions quickly. Whether you’re calling the stimulus check phone number or the general IRS phone number, you need a live person.

New: Expensivity ranks the best online tax prep and filing services of 2022

This guide helps you navigate the different communication channels within the IRS. Soon, you will be speaking to the correct IRS representative for your situation.

Why You Would Need to Call the IRS

According to the IRS, the IRS website should be your first resource for help and information because of the sheer volume of calls. The IRS will not address the following issues on the phone:

  • You have questions about tax law
  • You have transcript requests (unless you call 800-908-9946)
  • You need IRS forms
  • You want to check your refund status, but it’s been less than 21 days since you filed
  • You have complaints about your taxes or tax-related issues

You may want to call the IRS and speak with an actual person if:

  • You received a notice from the IRS (ALWAYS call the number on the notice)
  • You will miss a deadline set by the IRS and need to request more time. For example, extensions for paying off your tax balance, to send more information, or to respond to a notice from the IRS.
  • “Where’s My Refund?” says you need to call
  • You require the amount you need to pay off for tax purposes
  • You have questions about your IRS payment plan (installment agreement)
  • You want to know the status of any IRS action (like a penalty abatement request)
  • You need to confirm that the IRS received your payment
  • You lost, never received, or received an incorrect Form W-2 and/or Form 1099-R

Prepare Yourself

Before you call, make sure you have all of the information that you need. The agent will ask you for some key pieces of information to verify your identity and continue the phone call. They may also need some information on you to help them find a solution. This information includes:

  • Social Security cards and birthdates for all people involved
  • If you don’t have a Social Security card, your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Filing status (whether you’re single, the head of household, married and filing jointly or married and filing separately)
  • Last year’s tax return to verify your identity
  • A copy of the tax return in question
  • Any letters or notices you received from the IRS

How Can You Speak Directly With An Agent at the IRS?

Here is our secret, multi-step route to getting transferred to an agent within the IRS customer service line. Please note that the IRS may update their system, and this sequence could change accordingly. Remember that this is only one solution out of many for speaking with an actual person at the IRS.

  • Call the IRS telephone number at 1-800-829-1040. This line is open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM local time.
  • The automated system will ask you to select your preferred language.
  • Once you’ve set your language, choose option 2 for “Personal Income Tax” instead.
  • Press 1 for “form, tax history, or payment.”
  • Press 3 for all other questions.
  • Press 2 for all other questions.
  • The system will ask you to enter your Social Security number. Make sure you do not enter any numbers at this time.
  • The system will ask you twice, so make sure not to answer. Another menu will prompt you.
  • Press 2 within this menu for individual tax questions.
  • Press 4 for all other questions: the system should finally transfer you to a representative.

Other Ways to Reach a Real Person at the IRS

Visit Your Local IRS Office

The IRS runs local Taxpayer Assistance Center offices in every state. You can’t just show up at a local IRS office any time, but you must make an appointment ahead of time. That IRS number is 844-545-5640.

Give Your Local Taxpayer Advocate Service Center a Call

The Taxpayer Advocate Service is an independent organization within the IRS that helps people with tax problems that they can’t fix by themselves. Every state has at least one Taxpayer Advocate Service center. These centers are independent of the local IRS office and report to the National Taxpayer Advocate Service.

Other IRS Phone Numbers

While you can always call the main IRS number, lesser-known IRS phone numbers could help you get assistance faster. Here’s a list of other IRS phone numbers, categorized by your status or concern, to help you reach the right people who can assist you with your specific situation.

Employment Status

  • Self-employed taxpayers: 800-829-4933

Fraud and Disaster

  • Victims of disaster: 866-562-5227
  • Victims of identity and refund theft (receive a new IP PIN): 800-908-4490
  • Report scams and phishing, confirm the legitimacy of IRS agent: 800-366-4484

Residency or Special Tax Status

  • Taxpayers who live overseas: 267-941-1000
  • Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number application status: 737-800-5511

Refunds, Payments, and Balances

  • Questions about balances: 800-829-0922; 800-829-7650; 800-829-3903
  • Check status of a tax refund: 800-829-1954
  • Check status of a tax refund on hold: 866-897-3315
  • Make a payment using Electronic Federal Tax Payment System: 800-555-4477; 800-244-4829 (Spanish)
  • Verify, pay off, or resolve a tax lien: 800-913-6050
  • Confirm which debts will offset your tax refund: 800-304-3107 (866-297-0517 TTY/TDD)

Types of Taxes

  • Estate and gift tax concerns: 866-699-4083
  • Questions about excise tax: 866-699-4096

Tax Return Issues

  • Check status of an amended tax return: 866-464-2050
  • Report wrong income on a substitute return: 866-681-4271
  • Check if bankruptcy affects your tax debt: 800-973-0424
  • Relief as an Innocent Spouse: 866-681-4271
  • Taxpayer Advocate Service: 877-777-4778
  • International Taxpayer Advocate, English: 787-522-8601
  • International Taxpayer Advocate, Spanish: 787-522-8600

Documents and Transcripts

  • Lost ITIN documents: 800-908-9982
  • Order a tax transcript: 800-908-9946

Accessibility and Local Services

  • For the hearing impaired (TTY/TDD): 800-829-4059
  • Schedule an appointment with a local IRS office: 844-545-5640
  • Request paper tax forms: 800-829-3676
  • Find a free tax clinic close to you: 800-906-9887; 888-227-7669

For Tax Professionals

  • Tax preparers and tax professionals: 800-829-8374
  • Tax preparers and tax professionals with e-filing questions: 866-255-0654
  • Tax practitioner priority service: 866-860-4259
  • Tax professionals overseas: 512-416-7750; 267-941-1000

Corporations, Nonprofits, and Government Entities

  • Corporate taxpayers, partnerships, and nonprofits: 866-255-0654
  • Nonprofits with tax law or filing questions: 877-829-5500
  • Government and tax-exempt entities: 877-829-5500


  • International businesses that want an Employer Identification Number (EIN): 267-941-1099
  • Domestic employers looking for e-filing tech support: 866-455-7438
  • International employers looking for e-filing tech support: 304-263-8700

Looking for the Stimulus Check Phone Number at the IRS?

There are some great options for finding out information about your stimulus check instead of calling the IRS phone line. The IRS’s purpose-built stimulus check website is an excellent and informative resource if you need to know where your stimulus check is, find out if you’re eligible for one, or check how much you should receive.

The IRS has also created an app called Get My Payment that everyone can use to monitor their stimulus check status. You enter some personal information and can find out whether the government has sent your check. If the government has sent your check, you can even use something called the USPS Informed Delivery tool to obtain notifications regarding your payment’s transit status.

In case you’re wondering, you can call the IRS for help with your stimulus check payments. A representative may be able to answer questions that the IRS website cannot answer. If your question is very specific or the provided online resources can’t help you resolve your issue, there is a phone number you can call for help.

Before calling the phone line, the IRS wants everyone to consult its frequently asked questions page on its website and the Get My Payment tool for information. If these resources can’t answer your questions, you will be able to call the IRS Economic Impact Payment line at 800-919-9835.

Remember that an automated recording will try to help you before you’re connected with an actual representative, so make sure to have your questions and basic personal information ready for identity confirmation.

Previously, the IRS phone lines were simply not equipped to handle the enormous amount of inquiries created by the stimulus check programs. The IRS has added thousands of phone representatives to answer common questions about Economic Impact Payments, which is the official term for the ,200 recovery checks provided by the CARES Act.

This is excellent news for any and every American concerned about their stimulus checks, no matter the reason. While millions of payments have successfully gone out so far, there have been many complaints.

Online reports of stimulus checks issued in wrong amounts and with dependents missing are common. Others have reported their checks going to the wrong bank accounts or even benefiting deceased taxpayers.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Runtime Revealed As Third Longest ...

04-12-2021 · The movie, like many others released during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, saw a change in release date. The MCU itself was affected , but 2021 has certainly been providing a …


After much speculation about it, the runtime for Spider-Man: No Way Home has been revealed, making it the third longest MCU movie to date.

The runtime for Spider-Man: No Way Home has been revealed, and the movie will be clocking in as one of the longest MCU movies to date. The third entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man film series is preparing to be one of the (if not the) biggest films of the year, as well as the biggest out of any movie released during the pandemic era. The movie has been surrounded by hype ever since it was revealed that villains from other Spider-Man movies will be appearing, as well as Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange. The movie, like many others released during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, saw a change in release date. The MCU itself was affected, but 2021 has certainly been providing a plethora of content for fans.

No Way Home will follow the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The previous movie ended with Peter Parker's (Tom Holland) identity getting revealed to the public by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) after his (presumable) death. No Way Home will see Peter struggling with this and seeking out Doctor Strange so he can cast a spell to make everyone forget. This goes awry and brings in the multiverse villains. There are also rumors that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will be reprising their roles as Spider-Man from their respective film franchises. Charlie Cox's Daredevil is also rumored to appear, making this movie a huge culmination of previous Marvel properties. The movie also stars Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Jamie Foxx, Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, and Marisa Tomei.

Now, the runtime for No Way Home has been revealed. Collider reports that a trusted source has revealed that the runtime will be 2 hours and 30 minutes. This will make the movie the third longest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only behind the recently released Eternals and 2019's Avengers: Endgame, which was the longest. There has been a lot of speculation about it recently, so it was inevitable that it would be revealed soon since the movie is fast approaching.

It makes sense that the movie is going to be so long with how complex No Way Home is shaping up to be. There will be many new (to the MCU) characters to introduce, which is turning the film into a major event like an Avengers movie. There is a massive amount of hype for the movie because of the legacy characters, so the creative team will want to deliver on that front. Additionally, this is the end of the first MCU Spider-Man trilogy, so the film needs to tie up any loose ends set up in the previous entries. While Peter Parker will appear in other MCU movies in the future, the storyline that has been crafted from the previous two films and his other appearances will have to wrap up while also setting up what comes next.

This lengthy runtime is sure to please MCU fans. Some of the longest MCU movies, most notably Avengers, have been some of the highest-rated entries, so hopefully, this means that Spider-Man: No Way Home will also deliver. Audiences will have to see if the long runtime is worth it when the movie releases later this month.

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Source: Collider

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