Using Your TIMEX Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio


TIMEX FM Clock Radio with Dual Alarm

The Contents of the Box Box

An Overview of Controls Control Overview



Backup power source

While the power is out, your new Timex Clock will keep ticking along with your programmed alarm thanks to its built-in battery backup system. Locate the battery tab at the bottom of the device and pull it out. The backup battery needs to be replaced when the Low Backup Battery Icon appears on the screen. Battery

  1. If you don't want to lose your settings, make sure the unit is plugged into the wall while you swap out the battery.
  2. Access the backup battery compartment by unscrewing the door from the bottom of the device using a Phillips screwdriver.
  3. It's time to swap out that dead battery for a new CR-2032; just make sure the positive (+) side is facing up when you do.
  4. Put in a new battery compartment door. Make sure the screw isn't tightened too much.

Concern for Products

  • Display front protection film is attached. Simply peel it off to get rid of it.
  • Set the device down on a flat surface out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • When placing your unit on natural wood or a lacquered finish, take precautions. Put a cloth or something else soft and protective between it and the furniture.
  • The surface of the unit can be damaged by using harsh cleaning agents like benzene, thinner, or similar materials.

Set Up Setup

Hooking Up to the Power Grid:
To power the device, plug the included AC adapter into the DC jack on the back, then into a live wall outlet.

Determining When to Start

  1. Time can be set by pressing and holding the Time Set button. Time 1
  2. To change the time by an hour, repeatedly press and release the minus (-) button. Time 2 To change the minute, repeatedly press and release the Plus Button ().
    When the time is set to PM, the PM indicator will illuminate on the screen. A no-AM-indicator
  3. To save your time and effort, just hit the Set Time button. Time 3

Methods of Alarm Clock Use

  1. Keep either the Alarm One OR Alarm Two buttons depressed. This applies to all alarms, as they are all set in the same way. Alarm 1
  2. To set a new time, press and hold the minus (-) button until it takes effect. Alarm 2 To make minute adjustments, press and hold the Plus Button (). To confirm the alarm time, press either the Alarm 1 or Alarm 2 buttons.

    When the time is set to PM, the PM indicator will illuminate on the screen. There is no evidence of AM.

  3. To choose between the alarm buzzer and radio, press and hold the minus (-) button, or press and hold the plus (+) button. The display will indicate your choice by lighting up the or icon.
    Choose your alarm by pressing the corresponding button. Alarm 3

Sleep Mode

  1. To activate FM radio, press the Power/Alarm Reset button.
  2. To choose a different station, press and hold the minus (-) button or the plus () button on your remote. (Hold down the button to cycle through the channels in rapid succession. )
  3. To set the sleep timer for ten, eighty, or no minutes, press the Sleep Mode Button repeatedly.

Energy Recharge Without Wires


  • Phones with the Qi standard (and even some plastic cases up to 3 mm in thickness)
  • To charge your AirPods wirelessly, you can get a charging case.
    • To use the wireless charging pad, position your Qi-enabled device so that its back is facing up. Wireless charging


To charge your phone, you must first remove any metal or magnetic cases. Do not put your phone or any other metal object on a charger that has magnetic stripes. This object or this unit could be damaged if you proceed. Smartphones with a Qi charging pad and a metallic appearance will charge normally.

You can see how much power is being drawn from your wireless charger by looking at the indicator light. Wireless charging 2

  • Intense green light indicates that the device is charging.
  • If the amber charging light is flashing rapidly, your device is not being charged correctly. Modify tool for repositioning
  • When the amber light on your device stays solid, your battery is at full capacity.

Even after an iOS device has been fully charged, its LED indicator may continue to glow green. While AirPods are charging, the LED indicator may show either a steady green or a flashing amber.

USB Ports for Recharging Electronics

In addition, there is a USB charging port on the device's rear for your convenience. USB port

When powering electronics,...

  • You can use the unit by plugging the standard end of a USB cable (not provided) into the port on the back.
  • Join the other end to your gadget's charging port.
    (Before trying to charge anything, check that the unit is plugged into a functional outlet.) )

Presets and FM Radio FM radio

  • To activate FM radio, press the Power/Alarm Reset button.
  • To change the radio station, press the minus (-) or plus (+) button and hold it down. (Hold down the button to cycle through the channels in rapid-fire fashion) )

For optimal signal pickup, make sure the antenna is fully extended.

Instructions for Changing the Station Presets on an FM Radio

These are the steps to save up to ten different FM stations as presets:

  1. In order to activate FM radio, press the Power/Alarm Reset button.
  2. To change the radio station, press and hold the minus (-) button or the plus () button. (Hold down the button to cycle through the channels in rapid-fire fashion. )
  3. In order to use the Time Set/FM Presets button, press and hold it for a few seconds. The screen will flash rapidly.
  4. To select a default setting from P01–P10, press and hold the Minus Button (-) or Plus Button (), respectively.
  5. To reaffirm the previously set time and radio station, press the Time Set/FM Presets button.
  6. To set up more than 10 default stations, simply repeat steps 2-5.
    To access your saved FM radio stations, press the Time Set/FM Presets button repeatedly while listening to an FM radio.


  1. The device will not turn on.
    There is no power to the outlet, the outlet is not switched on, or the unit is unplugged. Ensure that the wall switch and the AC plug are working.
  2. The alarm does not sound.
    The alarm wasn't set, the wrong time of day was selected, etc. Verify that alarms are set properly.
  3. Faulty unit suddenly turns "Off" a Perhaps there was a sudden influx of electricity, or the AC plug may have been accidentally yanked.

    b A wall switch that regulates the AC outlet could be disabled. Inspect the wall's AC plug or toggle switch.


Pay close attention to all safety notices and directions, and keep this document for future reference.

  1. Water should not be used near this product, and a dry cloth should be used for cleaning.
  2. Do not obstruct airflow in any way. Use the manufacturer's instructions for installation.
  3. Radiators, heat registers, stoves, and other heat-emitting appliances (including amplifiers) should be kept at least three feet away from the location where you plan to use this product.
  4. Use only the accessories and add-ons that the maker recommends.
  5. To prevent damage from lightning, unplug this device before a storm or whenever it won't be used for an extended period of time.
  6. In the event of damage, have the product serviced by trained professionals.
    • The plug is broken.
    • The enclosure has been damaged due to objects falling into or liquid spilling into it.
    • The device was left out in the rain. The device has been dropped or its housing has been broken.
    • There has been a drastic shift in the unit's performance, or it no longer functions normally.
  7. This item must not be used near any open flame, such as a candle.
  8. Concerns about battery disposal's impact on the environment should be emphasized.
  9. This item can be used in both hot and mild environments.
  10. Do not leave this product in damp areas because doing so increases the risk of fire or electric shock.
  11. Batteries should not be thrown away with regular trash or burned.
  12. When the power adapter's mains plug is used as the disconnect device, it must be easily accessible.


  • Please keep the battery away from your mouth, it could cause chemical burns. Coin or button cell batteries are included with this item. When swallowed, a coin or button cell battery can cause severe internal burns in as little as two hours, which can be fatal.
  • Always keep children away from batteries, both new and old. Don't use the product and put it out of reach of children if the battery compartment won't close properly. In the event that batteries are suspected to have been ingested or inserted into any body cavity, prompt medical attention is required. ”
  • WARNING: EXPLOSION HAZARD FROM USING THE WRONG KIND OF BATTERY Use the appropriate procedures for discarding old batteries.

Files from the FCC

The maximum allowable exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation from this equipment is well below the FCC's guidelines for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment satisfies the requirements of Part 15 of the FCC Rules, with the two caveats that are outlined below:

  1. No harmful interference from this device is expected.
  2. This apparatus is required to operate in the presence of any and all interference, even if that interference could lead to the device's malfunctioning.

Caution: the user's authority to operate the equipment could be revoked if he or she makes changes or modifications to the unit without first obtaining approval from the party responsible for compliance.

In accordance with Part 15 of the FCC Rules, this equipment has been tested and found to be within Class B digital device limits.

The purpose of these restrictions is to offer adequate safety for a home installation against potentially disruptive interference. Radio frequency energy is emitted, absorbed, and transmitted by this device; if not installed and used properly, it can disrupt nearby radio communications.

But there's no assurance that interference won't happen in a specific setup. To find out if this device interferes with radio or TV reception, simply turn it on and off. If it does, the user is urged to take one or more of the following actions:

  • Adjust the position of the receiving antenna.
  • Widen the gap between the apparatus and the receiver.
  • Put the device into a socket on a different circuit than the one the receiver is plugged into.
  • If you need assistance, contact the shop where you purchased the device or a qualified radio/TV technician.

You need at least 20cm of clearance between the radiator and your body when using this machine.

IC Proclamation

The IC RSS-102 radiation exposure limits for an uncontrolled environment are met by this equipment. The device's transmitter(s) and/or receiver(s) are licence-exempt RSS(s) that meet the standards set by Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada.

The following are the prerequisites for operation:

  1. Interference from this device is not permitted.
  2. All interference, even that which could result in the device's malfunction, must be tolerated by this apparatus.

The device satisfies the ISEDC's standards for radio frequency (RF) exposure, and users in Canada can find more details about that standard and how it is implemented.

For proper installation and operation, keep at least 20 cm of clearance between the radiator and your body when using this equipment. In the event that the user makes adjustments or modifications to the equipment without first obtaining approval from the entity responsible for compliance, the user's permission to use the device could be revoked.

Specifics of a Limited 90-Day Warranty

Among the many SDI Technologies Inc. brands is Timex Audio Products. (henceforth SDI) guarantees that your product will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for ninety (90) days after the date of purchase, provided that you use it as intended and in accordance with the terms of the warranty.

In the event that this product malfunctions, it should be taken back to the place of purchase for an exchange or refund. If this doesn't fix it and further service is needed because of a defect or malfunction within the warranty period, SDI will do whatever it takes to make things right, for free. The decision will be finalized after the product has been sent to the authorized Factory Service Center for inspection of the defect or malfunction.

Visit for maintenance needs. You can get more details at com/support. In order to receive warranty service, you must provide proof of purchase.
Rejection of Guarantees

Please keep in mind that this warranty will only hold if the product is used for its intended function. Not only does it not include

  1. products that have been modified or repaired by unauthorized persons; products that have been damaged by negligence or willful actions, misuse, or accident;
  2. cabinets with cracks or units ruined by heat;
  3. destruction of iPods, CDs, or tapes;
  4. shipping fees to and from the Factory Service Center for this product

This warranty is limited to the United States and is not transferable to subsequent owners of the product. You agree that neither SDI nor any of its subsidiaries, divisions, divisions, subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, contractors, resellers, officers, directors, shareholders, members, or agents will be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, or punitive damages. (These prohibitions may not apply to you, as some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion of consequential damages. You are entitled to the protections set forth in this warranty, as well as other rights that may vary from state to state. With the exchange of funds (money order, cashier's check, or credit card), you legally bind yourself to acknowledge and abide by the aforementioned disclaimer of warranty regarding your SDI product.

2020 SDI Technologies, Inc. In other words, no reproduction without written permission.

Questions See for more information.

Timex is a U.S. and internationally registered trademark of Timex Corporation.



Instructions for adjusting the timepiece

To change the time by the hour, press and hold the Clock Set button for a few seconds. Then, to change the time, hit the "Hour" button. Set the minutes in the same manner. When you're done setting the time, press and hold the Clock Set button.

Just how do I program the alarm?

To set the alarm time, press and hold the Set Alarm button until a beep sounds, then press the Hour button. You'll need to do the same thing to adjust the minutes. Release the Alarm Button after setting the alarm.

In what ways can I silence or pause an alarm?

To turn off an alarm, press any button on the device other than the Snooze or Light buttons. If the Snooze/Light Button is pressed within five minutes of an alarm going off, the alarm will be silenced. If you press any button on your alarm clock within five minutes of it going off, other than Snooze/Light, the alarm will stop. After five minutes, if you have not pressed the Snooze/Light button to silence the alarm, you can turn it off by pressing any other button.

If I need to alter my alarm time, how do I do it?

First, set the alarm time by pressing and holding the Set Alarm button until the alarm beeps, then pressing the Hour button. Minutes can be set in the same way. Once you've finished setting your alarm, press and hold the Alarm Set Button.

When using a Timex tw500, how do you deactivate the alarm?

To set off an alarm that hasn't already gone off, press the button once (for Alarm 1 or Alarm 2) and then press it again, quickly. To turn it back on, you'll have to do the same thing you just did to turn it off.

Where can I find the instructions for resetting my Timex?

To access your apps, simply touch the screen on your watch. For the settings, swipe to the left. Simply swipe down and tap the Reset to Factory Settings option. Code = last 4 digits of IMEI, enter to confirm YES

When an alarm goes off for no reason, what could it be?

Having an unreliable power supply is another common reason for false alarms. A door or window sensor will go off if it detects a disconnect between itself and its counterpart, which can happen if a door or window is left unlocked or a window is open. Shaking a door or window that isn't securely fastened can cause an alarm to go off.

Every few minutes, my alarm goes off and I have no idea why.

A smoke alarm will "chirp" about once per minute when its battery is low, signaling that it needs to be replaced. The only thing that will chirp is the device that has a low battery. All the other connected alarms should be off.

Explain the operation of a radio-controlled clock.

Inside of a radio-controlled clock is a radio that picks up a signal from wherever an atomic clock is housed. Signals for U.S. radio-controlled clocks come from NIST Radio Station WWVB near Fort Collins, Colorado.

My radio-controlled clock is malfunctioning; what gives?

Make sure the power is on and functioning properly. Get a new battery and set your clock back to zero. Be patient as it may take several minutes for the clock to acquire the MSF radio signal. Attempt a Clock Spin

When and how do you use radio buttons?

Selecting a single option from a group using radio buttons. If you want the user to be able to compare all of the available choices at once, use radio buttons instead of checkboxes for optional sets that are mutually exclusive. Use a spinner instead of displaying all available options side by side if it's not absolutely necessary to do so.

TIMEX FM Clock Radio with Dual Alarm

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