Time Zone Conversion and Date Modification on the iPad!

How do I manually change the time on my iPad? How do I change my time settings? Why is the time wrong on my new iPad? are some of the questions addressed in this article's table of contents.

How to Change Time on iPad

As long as they are linked to the internet, most of our computers are capable of keeping accurate time on their own. Connecting to servers, our portable electronic devices receive precise time down to the second. If the time and date on your iPad are incorrect, do you know how to change time on iPad? That's why you can count on us (not to alter the time on your iPad, but to instruct you on how to effect such a change). ) Read on

To change the time on your iPad, go to the Menu > Settings > General > Date and Time as shown below. Toggle "Set Automatically" on and off here. The option to manually set the time will appear after the toggle switch is tapped. To change the time, just tap on it and a scroll bar will appear. Altering your city can also be done by tapping the time zone. Which answers the question, "How do I adjust the time on my iPad?"

IPad Clock Settings

Knowing how to set the iPad's time (or saving this article for later reference) is a handy hack. Because it can be useful in a few specific contexts In most cases, the iPad will sync with Apple's servers, where it will receive accurate time based on your location, and then display that time on the tablet.

OK, but what if you're on the road? When visiting a new city, you may discover that the time on your iPad has been reset. Manually updating the system while you continue to work is preferable to waiting for it to update automatically when you connect to the internet. And if something goes wrong and the time is completely off, you may need to manually adjust it.

You may also want to change the time on your iPad if you're flying to a different time zone and want to make sure it's in sync with your destination once you arrive. Needed if including time stamps in work files or creating a presentation with time-sensitive data.  

If you don't use an iPad for work but do use a laptop, you might be interested in reading a comparison we wrote of tablets and laptops.

You can manually set the time on your iPad in a couple of different ways: by entering the exact time down to the minute, or by selecting a time zone and letting the time and date load automatically. Both approaches are detailed below.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPad after turning it on.
  2. Go to General > Date & Time in Settings.
Apple iPad Date and Time Settings Modifying the Time and Date on an iPad
  1. There are several options available here, including a 24-hour time switch (which, when activated, causes the clock to display the time in 24-hour format), an "Automatically" setting (which, when toggled on, sets the time to the current time zone), and a "Set Manually" setting. which has been deactivated and is not selectable Moreover, you can show the date and time in your status bar by toggling the appropriate switches.
Apple iPad Date and Time Settings 24 hour time How to Set a 24-Hour Clock on an iPad
  1. First, let's talk about how the Set Automatically option tells your iPad to check the internet for the most up-to-date time information and then automatically synchronize the time on your device.
  2. You should see the current time and date appear in blue once the switch is turned off.
  3. You can change the time and date by tapping the respective buttons.
  4. It will bring up a calendar with a timer at the bottom.
  5. You can change the date by tapping the date. If you tap the clock at the bottom, a scroll wheel will appear from which you can select the time you'd like your iPad to display.  
Apple iPad Set Date and Time Adjust the Time and Date on Your Apple iPad
  1. Time can be adjusted in hours, minutes, and AM/PM format.
  2. Instead of manually setting the time, let's skip ahead to step 5 and adjust based on the time zone. After you've activated the switch, you'll find the time zone option is now a selectable radio button. So, feel free to tap it.
  3. A search bar appears, allowing you to look up the name of the city you're currently in (or the city whose time you'd like to use on your iPad).  
  4. The only thing left to do is pick a city. Your watch's time will be adjusted mechanically.

And that's how you adjust the iPad's time. If you set the wrong time in the morning or afternoon, it could throw off any alarms, reminders, or other notifications you have scheduled for that day.

This video will show you how to do it if you need visual guidance:

Regularly Asked Questions

Can you walk me through the steps to alter the iPad's time manually?

The iPad's time can be adjusted in the Settings app by selecting General and then Date and Time. You'll notice that the option to "Set Automatically" has been activated here. For the option to manually adjust the time and date, tap the corresponding toggle switch. By simply tapping the date or time, a scroll bar will appear. In the future, you will be able to schedule your own time

Where can I find instructions on adjusting the time?

Go to the iPad's Settings menu, then General, and then Date & Time to change the time. The clock settings include the option to switch between 12- and 24-hour time formats, the display of the date and AM/PM in the status bar, and the display of the current date. The 'Set Automatically' option can be toggled for manual time setting as well. When you toggle it off, the time and date will display below, and you can use the touchscreen on your iPad to make the necessary changes.

My new iPad's clock is always wrong; what gives?

It's possible that your iPad isn't able to get an accurate time sync from Apple's servers. If this happens, try restarting your iPad and seeing if there are any available software updates. As an additional precaution, you should enable the "Check Automatically" option in Settings > General > Date & Time on your iPad so that it will automatically set the time.


We expect the above article was helpful in explaining how to adjust iPad's time. It's really easy, as is typical with Apple products, but it could have been more so if the user knew they had to tap "Set Automatically" to access the date and time controls. Be sure to leave us a message if you have any further questions about the same topic on your iPad.

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