Setting the Day, Date, and Time: A Guide for Citizen Watches

If you wish to establish the day, date, and time on your newly acquired timepiece from Citizen, I am pleased to inform you that the procedure is quite straightforward.

I will provide you with the most precise method, which is applicable to the majority of Citizen watches, including the renowned Citizen Eco-Drive watches, as well as any Citizen watch equipped with a day or date function.

Please bear in mind that not all watches are identical, but this process can be replicated on most watches featuring a day and date calendar.

Overview: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Adjust the Day and Date on a Citizen Watch

To begin, it is important to avoid adjusting the day or date on a watch with a calendar function between the hours of 9:00 PM and 4:30 AM as such actions can lead to detrimental effects on the movement of the watch.

Now, let us delve into the procedure for changing the date. Firstly, you will need to locate and pull out the crown situated on the side of the watch case.

It is imperative to note that the crown on a timepiece with a calendar has two positions (chronograph watches may feature three positions), and you should only pull it out to the first position. You will feel a distinct click when the crown is in the first position.

From here, you may rotate the crown away from you in order to modify the day of the week, and towards you to alter the date.

In order to set the AM and PM time accurately, it is necessary to adjust the day wheel to the day that precedes the current one. For example, if it is currently Friday, you should adjust it to Thursday. This same procedure should be followed for the date as well. If it is the 28th, it should be adjusted to the 27th.

How to Modify the Time on a Citizen Watch

Once you have completed the aforementioned steps, you will need to wait until the seconds hand aligns with the 12 o'clock mark before pulling the crown out again to the second position, also known as the furthest crown position.

At this point, the seconds hand should come to a halt, allowing you to freely adjust the hour and minute hands by rotating the crown.

Now, because you have set the calendar back by one day, you can proceed to move the hour and minute hands forward until the date changes to the current one.

As the date transitions, you will be alerted that you are presently in the AM time phase. If you desire an afternoon time, you can advance the hour hand past 12 in order to reach the PM time.

Once you have successfully set the desired time, you can synchronize your watch with a reliable clock by gently pressing the crown in as the minutes change.

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How to change the time on a Citizen watch

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