Methods for monitoring and controlling screen time on an Android device

Addiction to smartphones has become a problem in modern society. It's easy to get sucked into mindless smartphone activities like Instagram scrolling, email checking, and Slack message reading without even realizing it. Knowing how much time per day is spent staring at a screen, such as a smartphone, is crucial for this reason.

How many hours a day do you think you spend looking at your phone's screen? Your screen time is probably higher than you think. The time wasted checking for new emails, texts, and Slack messages can add up quickly. However, you need not worry about missing any critical alerts or messages. A high-quality smartwatch can help reduce stress and tide you over until you're ready to totally disconnect.

Checking your Android device's screen time

If you have an Android phone with the Digital Wellbeing feature, tracking your screen time is simple.

  1. Slide out the app tray.
  2. Select the Preferences menu from your mobile device's app.
  3. Choose Options for Children's Safety and Digital Well-Being


Your app usage is broken down and displayed in a pie chart under the heading "Digital Wellbeing." Tap the pie chart to open the screen time dashboard and see a more in-depth analysis of your app usage. Read through your screen time logs to learn more about how you use your phone.

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If you want to monitor your screen time on the go, you can do so by adding a widget to your Android's homescreen. The widget is compatible with Android 9 and later versions.

  1. To access the long press menu, select an empty area of the home screen.
  2. Insert Gadgets
  3. The widget for your digital health is here.
  4. The widget's three different sizes each show a different amount of data. Pick a size that's just right for you.

Instructions for adding the Digital Health icon to your home screen

Accessing screen time in Digital Wellbeing is simple and quick, requiring neither the Settings menu nor the widget. If you'd rather launch the app from the app drawer, you can do so by enabling the corresponding setting.

  1. View the app list
  2. Select the Preferences menu from your mobile device.
  3. Choose Options for Children's Safety and Digital Well-Being
  4. Select the drop-down menu and check the box labeled "Show icon in the app list."

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Show Digital Wellbeing on Apps screen can be enabled on Samsung devices by tapping the three-dot overflow menu button in the top-right corner of the Digital Wellbeing page, then tapping Settings.

You can get a snapshot of your daily and weekly screen time on the Digital Wellbeing dashboard, which also details how much time you spend in specific apps. You can use this to see how much time you spend on various activities on your phone, like work and entertainment options like social media and games.

Each time your phone is unlocked and each time you receive a notification are recorded in Digital Wellbeing. If you find that you have an excessive amount of notifications on your Android phone, try the following strategies.

The screen time feature in Digital Wellbeing provides useful context for smartphone use. Three to four hours per day is the typical screen time for a working professional who uses their phone to check email, Slack, and other work-related messaging apps. Anything above this level ought to be the anomaly rather than the rule.

Extensive use of a mobile device can shorten its battery life. The battery life may be to blame when the screen time dashboard shows that you spent hours playing Temple Run 2.

The screen time feature of Digital Wellbeing is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. Screen time can give you an overall picture of how your child uses an Android tablet for school.

You can regain some sanity in your life by making use of the many Digital Wellbeing resources available today. You can do this by installing the Digital Wellbeing app on your Android device.

App timers, which can be set in Digital Wellbeing, help users spend less time on specific apps. You can set a daily usage limit for an app using this function. If you exceed your limit, Digital Wellbeing will prevent you from using that app again until you reset it.

  1. View the app list
  2. Select the Preferences menu from your mobile device.
  3. Toggle on the Family Settings and Digital Health options
  4. Select the Digital Happiness Diagram
  5. To set a time limit for a specific app, tap the clock icon to the right of the app's name.
  6. Set a daily usage limit for the app you want to use. Every night at midnight, the clock starts over.

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A grayed-out icon indicates that the app's time has expired. The app can no longer be used until tomorrow, according to a message that appears when it is opened. Multiple app timers can be set up at once.

When compared to iOS, Android's implementation of Digital Wellbeing's recommended screen time limits is severely lacking. Unlike Android devices, iPhones allow users to set daily limits on screen time. Android users who have already used up their allotted app time for the day cannot extend their session for a further five minutes. App timers are a great tool for limiting your child's use of entertainment apps.

If you find yourself getting sidetracked by social media app notifications while trying to get work done on email, Slack, or other apps, try switching to Focus mode. Put social media and email notifications on hold until you get home from work. Create a Focus setting for this purpose.

  1. Slide out the app tray.
  2. Accessed by selecting the "Settings" icon.
  3. Toggle on the Family Settings and Digital Health options
  4. Down the menu, select Focus mode.
  5. Pick out the apps that are a distraction and disable them.
  6. Select Timetable

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  7. You can set the Focus mode to activate on specific days and times.
  8. Click the "Set" button.


Scheduled activation of "Focus Mode" prevents distractions by turning off notifications from specific apps.

Google's Digital Wellbeing suite includes a helpful bedtime mode. This setting is automatically activated right before bedtime. Multiple system settings are adjusted automatically to prevent disruptions to your sleep. Disabling notifications by activating Do Not Disturb, viewing the screen in grayscale to ease eye strain, and reducing screen brightness are all good places to start. Bedtime mode on Pixel 7 devices includes snore and cough detection.

  1. Click the "Settings" button.
  2. Select "Digital Health and Family Settings"
  3. Select "Bedtime mode" from the "Disconnect" menu.
  4. Make sure the "Do Not Disturb while Sleeping" switch is in the "On" position.
  5. Tap Next

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  6. Schedule the automatic activation of "Bedtime Mode." You can also schedule Bedtime to begin automatically after 9 p.m. each night when your phone is charged. m
  7. Allow Bedtime mode access to your phone's location, calendar, and other app data.

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  8. Allow the Pixel 7 app to use your microphone if you want to use the cough and snore detection feature.


After a few weeks of using Bedtime mode, you will receive an overview of your screen time as well as cough and snore data.

Use Android's Digital Wellbeing features to curb excessive smartphone and social media use. Utilize features like Focus mode and app timers to maintain a healthy work-life equilibrium. Another great feature is the ability to put your phone into "bedtime mode," which will prevent it from disturbing your sleep.

You can do wonders for your emotional health by establishing a digital wellness routine. To truly disconnect from the web, set up Zen mode on your OnePlus phone.

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