Instruction Manual for TIMEX Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio


FM Clock Radio with Dual Alarm by TIMEX

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Explanation of the Controls Control Overview



Backup power source

A battery backup system is integrated into your new Timex Clock, so the time and alarm settings will remain accurate even if there is a brief power outage. The battery pull tab is located on the bottom of the device; pull it out. The backup battery needs to be replaced when the Low Backup Battery Icon appears on the screen. Battery

  1. Make sure the device is still plugged into the wall outlet when you swap out the battery.
  2. You can access the backup battery compartment by unscrewing the door from the bottom of the device with a Phillips screwdriver.
  3. Take out the dead battery and put in a new CR-2032 one, but this time with the'' side facing up.
  4. Switch out the battery door Care must be taken not to overtighten the screw.

Safety of Products

  • The screen's front is covered with a protective film. Peeling it off is the only way to get rid of it.
  • Location: On a flat surface, out of direct sunlight and away from any other sources of extreme heat.
  • If your furniture is made of natural wood or has a lacquered finish, take precautions before placing your unit there. Put a cloth or something else soft and protective between it and the furniture.
  • The surface of the unit can be damaged by using harsher cleaning agents like benzene, thinner, or similar materials.

Set Up Setup

Hooking Up to the Power Grid:
Plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet and the DC jack on the device's back.

Timing the Event

  1. Hold down the Timer Set button Time 1
  2. To change the time by an hour, repeatedly press the minus (-) button and release it. Time 2 To change the minute, repeatedly press and release the Plus Button ().
    When the time is set to PM, the PM indicator will illuminate on the screen. It's not the AM time yet
  3. For final confirmation, hit the "Set Time" button. Time 3

Alarm Clocks and Their Use

  1. Put in either the Alarm 1 OR Alarm 2 button and hold it down. The same procedure applies to all of the alarms. Alarm 1
  2. To set a new time, press and hold the minus (-) button until it takes effect. Alarm 2 To make minute adjustments, press and release the Plus Button as necessary. Confirm the alarm time by pressing Alarm 1 or Alarm 2

    When the time is set to PM, the PM indicator will illuminate on the screen. A no-AM-indicator

  3. To choose between the alarm buzzer and the radio, press and hold the minus (-) button, or press and hold the plus (+) button. When you make a choice, the screen will indicate that with the illumination of the or icon.
    To verify, please press either Alarm 1 or Alarm 2 Alarm 3

Sleep Mode

  1. To activate the FM radio, simply press the Power/Alarm Reset button.
  2. To change the radio station, press and hold the minus (-) button until you find one you like, or press and hold the plus (+) button until you find one you like. (Hold the button down to cycle through the channels quickly. )
  3. Simply set the sleep timer from 10–90 minutes by pressing the Sleep Mode Button repeatedly, or turn it off altogether.

Inductive charging


  • Phones with the Qi standard (and up to a 3mm plastic case)
  • A wireless charging case for Apple's AirPods
    • Position your Qi-enabled device on the wireless charging pad with the bottom facing up, as shown below. Wireless charging


When charging your phone, remove any metal or magnetic cases. Do not put your phone or any other metal object on a charger that has magnetic stripes. If you do that, you risk breaking the item or this machine. Phones with a metallic sheen that are Qi compatible will charge normally.

To see where you stand with wireless charging, check the indicator light. Wireless charging 2

  • A constant green light indicates that the device is charging.
  • An improper charge is signaled by a rapidly blinking amber light. Adjustment Tool
  • Once the amber light on your device stays solid, you know it's fully charged.

If your iOS device is fully charged, the LED indicator may continue to glow green even after you plug it in. While charging, the AirPods' LED light may show either a steady green or a pulsating amber.

USB Port for Recharging Electronics

The unit also has a USB port on the back for charging your electronic devices. USB port

To power up electronics:

  • Plug the standard end of a USB cable (not provided) into the device's rear USB port.
  • You can plug the other end into your device's charging port.
    (Before trying to charge anything, check that the unit is plugged into a functional outlet.) )

Presets and FM Radio FM radio

  • Just hit the Power/Reset button to activate the FM radio.
  • To change radio stations, press and hold either the minus (-) or plus () button. (Hold down the button to cycle through the channels quickly. )

It's important to have a fully extended antenna for the best possible signal.


Follow these instructions to save up to ten different FM station settings:

  1. You can activate the FM radio by pressing the Power/Alarm Reset button.
  2. To change the radio station, press the minus (-) or plus (+) button and hold it down. In order to quickly switch channels, press and hold the button. )
  3. For the Time Set/FM Presets, press and hold the button. The screen will flash rapidly.
  4. To select a default setting from P01–P10, press and hold the Minus Button (-) or Plus Button (), respectively.
  5. To confirm the selected FM station, press the Time Set/FM Presets button once more.
  6. You can set up to 10 different stations in advance by repeating steps 2-5.
    Repeatedly pressing the Time Set/FM Presets Button while listening to FM radio will bring up your previously programmed stations.


  1. No power is being supplied to the device.
    If there is no power to the outlet or the wall switch is set to "OFF," the unit will not operate. Verify the wall's AC outlet and the main light switch.
  2. No alarm is being generated
    The alarm wasn't set, the wrong time of day was selected, etc. Make sure your alarm is set
  3. The device "Off"s without warning. a There was either a sudden spike in voltage or the AC plug was accidentally unplugged.

    b Power to the AC outlet may be disabled by a wall switch. Try another power source, such as a wall switch or an electrical outlet.


If you need to refer back to these directions at a later time, please do so, and be sure to do so.

  1. Avoid getting this item wet and use a dry cloth to wipe it down.
  2. Do not obstruct airflow in any way. Proceed with the installation as specified by the manufacturer.
  3. Radiators, heat registers, stoves, and other heat-generating appliances (including amplifiers) should be placed at least three feet away from the location where you plan to use this product.
  4. Make sure you're only using the accessories the maker recommends.
  5. Do not leave this device plugged in during a lightning storm or for extended periods of time if you are not using it.
  6. There is damage to the product that necessitates service, and that service must be performed by trained technicians, when:
    • The plug is broken.
    • The enclosure has either been broken into or has had liquids spilled into it.
    • The device was left out in the rain. The device has been dropped or its housing has been broken.
    • There has been a drastic shift in the unit's performance, or it no longer functions normally.
  7. There should be no lit candles or other open flames anywhere near this item at any time.
  8. Battery disposal has environmental consequences that should not be ignored.
  9. Use of this product is recommended in either tropical or moderate climates.
  10. Never leave this product in the rain or damp conditions; doing so increases the risk of fire or electric shock.
  11. Never throw batteries away in the trash or burn them.
  12. Since the power adapter's mains plug serves as the disconnect mechanism, it must always be easily accessible.


  • If swallowed, the battery could cause chemical burns. A button or coin cell battery is included with this product. Within 2 hours of ingestion, the coin/button cell battery can cause severe internal burns and even death.
  • Keep both new and old batteries out of the reach of kids. Stop using the product and keep it out of the reach of children if the battery compartment does not close tightly. Seek emergency medical help if you suspect that batteries have been ingested or inserted into the body in any way. ”
  • WARNING: EXPLOSION HAZARD IF INAPPROPRIATE BATTERY IS USED. Used batteries should be discarded in accordance with the guidelines provided.

Specifics from the FCC

The maximum allowable exposure to RF radiation from this equipment in an uncontrolled environment is well within FCC guidelines. Part 15 of the FCC Rules is met by this device; however, there are still two caveats before it can be used:

  1. Potentially harmful interference from this device is unlikely.
  2. Any interference, even if it disrupts the device's intended function, must be tolerated.

Caution: the user's authority to operate the equipment could be revoked if he or she makes changes or modifications to the unit without first obtaining approval from the party responsible for compliance.

Please be aware that this product has been tested and found to be within the parameters for a Class B digital device as defined by Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

These restrictions are meant to offer adequate safety for a home installation against harmful interference. This device creates, consumes, and emits radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used properly, can interfere with nearby radio communications.

Yet, there's no assurance that interference won't happen in a given setup. If turning the equipment on and off reveals that it is causing harmful interference to radio or television reception, the user is urged to take one or more of the following actions to fix the problem:

  • Shift or reposition the receiving antenna
  • Widen the gap between the apparatus and the receiver.
  • In order to avoid interference, plug the equipment into a different outlet than the one used for the receiver.
  • If you need assistance with your TV or radio, you should contact the manufacturer.

Maintain a distance of at least 20 centimeters (8 inches) from the radiator when installing and using this apparatus.

Proposed Rewrite of the IC Statement

The IC RSS-102 radiation exposure limits for an uncontrolled environment are met by this apparatus. This equipment uses license-free radio frequency transmitters and receivers as defined by the Canadian Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development.

The two prerequisites for operation are as follows:

  1. An interference problem is not expected to arise from this device.
  2. That interference, even if it alters the device's intended function, must be tolerated.

Users in Canada can find information on RF exposure and compliance, as the device satisfies ISEDC standards.

Maintain a distance of at least 20 cm from the radiator when installing and operating this equipment. The user's authorization to operate the equipment could be revoked if he or she makes any adjustments or modifications without the necessary approval from the party responsible for compliance.

Important Information Regarding a Limited 90-Day Warranty

Audio Products by Timex, a Division of SDI Technologies, Inc. (henceforth SDI) guarantees this product will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase, provided the product is used in accordance with the instructions provided by SDI and is subject to normal wear and tear.

If this product stops working properly, you should take it back to the shop from which you bought it. If this doesn't fix the problem and further service is needed because of a defect or malfunction within the warranty period, SDI will do whatever it takes to make things right, for free. Delivery of the product to a Customer Service-approved Factory Service Center is required before a final determination can be made about the validity of the claim.

When maintenance is needed, drop by Visit com/support for more details. Warranty coverage is only valid with a valid sales receipt.
Rejection of Guarantees

Take note that this warranty is only in effect if the product is used for its intended function. To put it simply, it does not include

  1. items that have been altered or repaired without authorization; products that have been damaged by negligence or willful actions, misuse, or accident;
  2. cabinets with cracks or units ruined by heat;
  3. any harm done to a digital media player, CD, or tape;
  4. transportation fees to and from the Factory Service Center for this product

This warranty is limited to the United States of America and is not transferable to subsequent owners of the product. You agree that neither SDI nor any of its subsidiaries, divisions, divisions, subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, contractors, resellers, officers, directors, shareholders, members, or agents will be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, or punitive damages. (These prohibitions may not apply to you, as some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion of consequential damages. You have the rights specified in this warranty and possibly other rights that vary from state to state. Payment in the form of a money order, cashier's check, or credit card constitutes your irrevocable acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the foregoing warranty disclaimer and purchase agreement for your SDI product.

In 2020, SDI Technologies, Inc. This is a protected work.

Questions Please check out

In the United States and/or other countries, "TIMEX" is a registered trademark of Timex Corporation.



How do I adjust the time on my clock?

To set the time, press and hold the "Set Clock" button for a few seconds. To change the time, simply press the "Hour" button. Setting the minutes is done in the same way. When you're done setting the time, press and hold the Clock Set button.

Where is the alarm setting?

To set the alarm time, press and hold the Set Alarm button until a beep is heard, then press the Hour button. In order to adjust the minutes, repeat the process. When you're done setting the alarm, press the button and hold it down.

Is there a way to silence or pause an alarm?

If an alarm goes off and you want to turn it off, don't press the snooze or light buttons—any other button will do. If the Snooze/Light Button is pressed within five minutes of an alarm going off, the alarm will be silenced. A snoozed alarm can be turned off by pressing any button on the alarm clock within five minutes of it sounding, with the exception of the Snooze/Light button. After 5 minutes, if the alarm has not been snoozed, you can turn it off by pressing any button besides Snooze/Light.

In what ways can I modify my alarm?

To set an alarm, press and hold the Set Alarm button until a beep sounds, then press the Hour button. Just keep doing that until the minutes are exactly as you want them. After setting the alarm, press the button and let go.

Do you know how to disable the alarm on a Timex tw500?

If the alarm hasn't gone off, press the button once to set it, and press it again quickly if necessary. That will completely shut it off, and you'll need to reverse those steps to turn it back on.

Where is the Timex reset button?

You can access your apps on your watch by touching the screen. To access the settings, swipe left. Select "Factory Reset" by swiping down. Code = IMEI's final 4 digits; enter, then YES

Why do some alarms go off for no reason

False alarms can also be caused by an unreliable power supply. Doors and windows that aren't securely fastened or that have become loose can trigger door and window sensors. The wind can easily set off an alarm if a door or window is loose.

The alarm keeps going off every few minutes; what gives?

When a smoke alarm's battery life is low, it will "chirp" about once per minute to alert you to the situation. The only thing that will chirp is the device that has a low battery. All the other connected alarms should be off.

Explain the operation of a radio-controlled clock.

The radio inside of a radio-controlled clock picks up a signal from wherever an atomic clock is kept. In the United States, radio-controlled clocks receive their signals from NIST Radio Station WWVB, which is located in the general vicinity of Fort Collins, Colorado.

My radio-controlled clock won't work; what could be wrong?

Verify that all power sources are functioning properly. Put in a new battery and set your clock back to zero. You should wait a few minutes for the clock to pick up the MSF radio signal. I recommend you try turning the clock around.

The proper way to utilize radio buttons

The use of radio buttons simplifies the process of making choices from multiple alternatives. If you think the user needs to see all of the options side by side, use radio buttons instead of checkboxes for optional sets that are mutually exclusive. Avoid displaying all choices side by side unless absolutely necessary by employing a spinner.

Clock radio with dual alarm by TIMEX

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