In iOS, how to create and adjust bedtime routines

With the release of iOS 14, Apple included a new feature in the Health app called "Sleep Schedules." The function itself is not particularly difficult. If you want to get eight hours of sleep every night, for example, you should plan your sleep and wake times accordingly.

You could, of course, use the Clock app to set a single or recurring alarm. A sleep schedule is preferable because it allows you to establish a clear objective and facilitates the automation of a regular sleep routine. Set sleep reminders and have the Sleep Focus mode start up automatically when it's time for bed. If you set a sleep goal and track your progress with the Apple Watch or another sleep app, you can receive alerts when you reach and surpass that goal.

You are not restricted to a single time of day in which you must sleep. If your work, class, or fitness routine in the morning varies from day to day, this could be a useful tool. Creating your first schedule is necessary before creating additional ones. As a means to accomplish this:

Set your routine by dragging the bed and alarm clock icons on the slider. Model: Apple

  • Invoke the Health software.
  • Use the "Browse" button in the lower right corner.
  • To enter sleep mode, go to Settings > Sleep. A "Set Up Sleep" window should appear. Select the green Get Going button. (If this option is not visible, continue to the next section.) )
  • Determine the minimum and maximum amounts of time you intend to spend sleeping every night. Press the Next button when prompted.
  • Start by deciding which days of the week you want your schedule to be in effect. Set your desired sleep and wake times by dragging the appropriate sliders. The Bed and Clock icons can be dragged to achieve this.
  • In order to activate the Wake Up alarm, the switch must be activated. The Alarm, Sound, and Touch settings, as well as the Snooze button, can all be found directly beneath the main On/Off switch. Unlike other alarms in the Clock app, a sleep schedule alarm does not allow you to choose a song.
  • Tap Next After that, you can choose to ignore the suggestion to activate Sleep Focus mode. The iPhone's Settings menu has a dedicated section for this called "Focus," and it can be activated whenever you like.

After the first schedule has been created, you can add as many additional schedules as you like. In order to establish supplementary sleeping patterns:

  • The first three steps have been outlined above.
  • Click the link that says "Your Schedule" Select All Available Times and Functions
  • Below the heading "Full Schedule," select "Add Schedule."
  • You can set the schedule to go into effect on specific days.
  • Adjust your sleep and wake schedule by dragging the sliders. Simply move the Bed and Clock icons together to achieve this.
  • Turn on the Alarm switch if you need to activate an alarm. Sounds and haptics, as well as sleep mode, can all be adjusted here.
  • To add something, select the plus sign in the upper right.

Adapting one's sleeping habits to one's lifestyle

Within the Health app's Sleep settings, there are a number of additional personalization options. Using the menus at Health > Sleep > Full Schedule & Options > Additional Details > Wind Down, you can, for instance, designate a time for winding down before bed. You can adjust the length of time between 15 minutes and three hours before bedtime that serves as your "Wind Down window." When that happens, your phone's Sleep Focus mode will activate automatically. To disable this feature, navigate to "Health" > "Sleep" > "Full Schedule" > "Use Schedule for Sleep Focus. )

One of the new Focus modes introduced by Apple in iOS 15 is Sleep Focus. It's located in your iPhone's Settings > Focus. With Sleep Focus turned on, you can customize your home screen and lock screen, as well as decide which apps and contacts can reach you. When iOS 16 is released later this fall, you'll be able to do more than just bookmark apps and websites; you'll be able to directly link to a particular page on the Lock Screen or Home (If you can't wait, here's how to get the public beta of iOS 16: )

You can change your Sleep Goal and other options within Full Schedule & Options. Selecting the "Track Time in Bed with iPhone," "Sleep Reminders," and "Sleep Results" options in the "Additional Details" section.

  • The iPhone app Track Time in Bed uses the times you pick up and use your phone while you're sleeping to draw conclusions about your sleeping habits.
  • It alerts you when it's time to start winding down, or when it's time for bed, with the Sleep Reminders app.
  • When you set your sleep goals in the Health app and enable Sleep Results, the app will alert you when you reach or surpass them. Either use the Apple Watch's built-in sleep tracking features or connect the information from another sleep tracking device or app.

Altering Bedtime Routines

The Clock app also allows users to make adjustments to their daily sleep routines. Photographed by: Victoria Song / The Verge

There are a number of ways to adjust your sleep schedule if you find that the one you initially set up no longer works for you. Here are a few methods:

  • Navigate to Full Schedule & Options in the Sleep menu of the Health app. A list of your schedules will appear under the Full Schedule heading. A blue Edit link should appear under each. Use it to make adjustments to your plans.
  • In addition, you can make a short-term change. Under the Sleep tab in the Health app, tap on Your Schedule. Your Next obligations should be displayed at the top. To make a quick and temporary adjustment that will only affect the upcoming Wake Up alarm, tap the blue Edit link.
  • Use the Alarm button in the Clock app. The Bed icon should be near the Sleep | Wake Up alarm at the top of your screen. Choose an alternate option by clicking the corresponding button on the right. Adjust the slider's bed and alarm times as needed, then press the "Done" button in the upper right. Choose between temporary schedule adjustments and immediate alarm adjustments when prompted.
  • To access the Sleep app on the Apple Watch, tap the turquoise icon depicting a white bed. Tap the Next schedule on the displayed schedule to make changes to the next alarm only. When making long-term changes to a schedule, select the Full Schedule option. Here you can make changes to an existing schedule or add a new one by selecting the corresponding button. Scroll all the way down to change your Wind Down or Sleep Goal.
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