How to Use Your Koretrak Watch

Koretrak Watch

Timepiece by Koretrak

Here's an update on blood pressure monitors: according to the comments here on the site, Koretrak apparently no longer offers this feature. Possible explanations for this include the fact that non-cuff methods of measuring blood pressure are notoriously unreliable.  


Please read these instructions carefully to avoid injury and to prolong the life of your KoreTrak:

  1. Keep KoreTrak away from any harsh elements, including chemicals, drops, and heat.
  2. Do not use any alcohol-based cleaners on your KoreTrak.
  3. KoreTrak should not be taken apart or the battery removed.
  4. KoreTrak's wristband should be loosened if it causes any discomfort.
  5. This is not a tool for making medical diagnoses or providing treatment.

Please be advised that this product is not intended for children. Horny kids, stay away!

While the mechanism used by KonsTrak is innovative, it is not without flaws that could lead to false readings from the sensors in certain conditions. Physical attributes, skin perfusion, permanent or temporary changes to your skin, the nt of the device, and the nature and intensity of the action being performed are just some of the variables that can affect the device's performance. If the readings from the sensor don't seem right, try moving the device around on your wrist and making sure nothing (like hair, noise, or a tattoo) is blocking the readout from your wrist.


  • With KoreTrak, you can get a reading of your vitals (heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation) in just 20 seconds.
  • KoreTrak should be worn on the left wrist for maximum effectiveness.
  • KoreTrak should be cleaned with a damp cloth once weekly or after use in the gym to keep it looking its best.



  1. Keep KoreTrak strapped to the outside of your wrist.
  2. Fasten the buckle once you've adjusted the wrist strap so that it provides a snug but comfortable fit around your wrist.
  3. Simply unfasten the pin buckle and slip off the wrist band.



  1. Charging connector is accessed by twisting and pulling off the bottom wristband (see diagram 1). The USB metal contacts are visible on the connector side, which is located under the KoreTrak and is labeled "USB" with an arrow pointing to it (see diagram 2).
  2. Connect the charging cable to a USB port on your computer or a USB wall charger. If you're using an external power source, it needs to be at least 5V.
  3. KoreTrak may be positioned incorrectly if it does not charge after being connected. When you're done, plug KoreTrak back in, flip it over, and plug in the USB cable again. KoreTrak will begin vibrating and charging when it is properly connected.
  4. Charge KoreTrak for 2 hours, or until the home screen indicates that the battery is full.
  5. Connect the bands again by sliding the ends of the wrist straps onto the ends of the KoreTrak.
  6. If you want to hear and feel a click, you need to press down firmly. An arrow and the letters "USB" indicate the location of the USB connector on the back of your KoreTrak. Referring to diagram 2, ensure that the KoreTrak USB connector contacts are properly inserted into the USB pod of your computer or USB adapter. If your slim KoreTrak sperm does not glow when you plug it in, the battery might be dead. If you plug it in for at least 5 minutes, the display should come back on. Contact customer support if KoreTrak still won't turn on or charge after trying these. Dongle-free recharging


  • Scan one of the below OR codes to be directed to the KoreTrak App's download page, or search "DayBand" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to find it.
  • IOS 8-compatible devices only. In addition to version 0, Android 4 is also compatible with More than the age of 4


The first time you use your KoreTrak, you'll have to manually pair it with your phone. After that, whenever your device is in range, a connection will be made automatically. Before syncing with your phone, the KoreTrak can store your data offline for up to 7 days.


  1. Pull up the DAYBAND app on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the KoreTrak app's Device page and tap "Bind Bracelet" while holding the tracker up to your phone.
  3. For Bluetooth, select the name "KoreTrak." 4 Successfully connected.



  • You can activate KoreTrak by holding down the bottom function button for a few seconds.
  • To quickly switch between apps, simply press and hold the function button. Select an application or leave it with a long press of the function button.


Shows your current speed, distance, and other kinetic data Three seconds of holding the home button will cycle through the available layouts.



Keeps track of how far you've traveled



Keeps track of how far you've traveled



Logs the energy you've expended.



Provides a reading of your heart rate in beats per minute.



Checks your systolic and diastolic pressure



Finds out how much oxygen is in your blood



Checks how well you do in certain workouts The app can be accessed with a long press, and the various sports it supports can be flipped through with shorter presses. Simply pressing the button again for a longer duration will initiate or cancel the action.



Checks the phone for new text messages Hold for a few seconds to launch the app; tap and drag for quick navigation through messages Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangout, Skype, WeChat, QQ, and Line can all be used for alerts.


Capability Expansion

Integration with preferences and other apps A long press will bring up the menu, and a quick press will let you flip through the options.



Lists the Bluetooth release number



Finds your phone when you can't find it Keep pressing for an audible and vibrational alert on your mobile device.



Controls the luminosity of the screen With a long press, you can cycle through the screen's brightness settings.



Kills KoreTrak Power off with a long press



Clears all data from KoreTrak and returns it to its original configuration. Keep holding the button down to reset.



Documents past events To begin timing, press for two seconds; to stop, press for one. Repeatedly long-pressing the button will start the timer over.



  • Any time you get a call or text, KoreTrak will notify you with a vibration. You can enable this feature by going to the "Device" section of the app and entering the following information: o Have KoreTrak vibrate whenever you get a call. Pressing the function button for an extended period of time will end the call.
  • Message (e g WeChat, QQ, Line, Weibo, Weibo, Weibo, Weibo, Weibo, Weibo, Line, QQ, and ) Notify must be linked in the "App" section • The app is the only place you can set an alarm.
  • The timer on Stand Up Reminder can be set anywhere from 30 to 180 minutes, in 5-minute intervals.
  • Integrating KoreTrak with the Apple Health App is possible.
  • When you activate this function, your KoreTrak will vibrate.
  • In order to take a picture with your smartphone, simply shake your wrist.
  • When you raise your hand, the screen on your KoreTrak will automatically illuminate.
  • Adjust the distance units in the settings menu by selecting "Device" > "General"
  • Indicator Offtime — Settable to 5, 10, or 15 seconds
  • Track your heart rate automatically once an hour if you like.
  • With Do Not Disturb, you can silence KoreTrak's vibrations, lights, and push notifications for a specified amount of time.
  • Change the 24-hour time by selecting "General" in the app's settings menu.
  • Protective Feature: When you are too far from your KoreTrak device, you will receive a phone call. (If your Bluetooth is turned off, you won't be able to use this feature. )


Selecting MORE and then cycling through until you reach the languages allows you to alter the language settings without removing the band from your wrist. While your KoreTrak is connected to your mobile device, select "Device" > "General" to modify the language preferences.



KoreTrak, wristband, and manual are all included in the package.
Display Size: 1 Inch 08in
Dimensions of the Band: 245 x 18 x 11 mm 5mm
In this case, the Bluetooth version is 4. 0
Isolation Pressure Sixty-Seven (IP67)
Lithium Polymer Batteries
120 mAh Battery Capacity.
Time Required to Charge: 1 5 — 2 hours

European Union Directives 2014/53/EU are met by this product.

recycle Bin This item is not permitted to be thrown away with regular trash when it has reached the end of its useful life, but rather must be taken to a designated recycling center for electronics. Depending on the label, the materials may be recycled. By giving previously used items a second life through recycling or creative repurposing, you help keep our planet habitable. Inquire with the local government as to the location of the proper landfill. Possible future changes


Why aren't my incoming text messages displaying?

Your KoreTrak Pro will notify you with a vibration whenever you receive a call or text message. You'll have to configure this feature in the app's 'Device' settings menu in order to put it to use.

Clip holder for koretrak pro?

We're still trying to get the KoreTrak Pro's other accessories made available. However, you can now buy replacement bands.

The origin of the product

Boxed up in China

The kore trak pro watch that I wear. I have lost both the charger and the manual; can you tell me where I can get a replacement?

Taking off the band's side reveals a USB port; connect your watch there for power.

Does the watch allow for reading of electronic messages?

Your paired smartphone's text messages will be received by the device. Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangout, Skype, WeChat, QQ, and Line are all supported by the alert system for instant messaging. It is not possible to read emails directly from the watch face.

In what smallest wrist circumference does the Koretrak band fit?

Band size is adjustable to fit wrists with a circumference between 4 and Between 5 and 8 Inches

Why doesn't my phone have a blood pressure icon?

As we work to enhance the functionality of the product, we have disabled the blood pressure feature in the most recent firmware update.  

Unfortunately, I do not own a smart phone and therefore do not carry one. Is it okay if I use this gadget?

You can use the device even if you don't connect it to a smartphone, but you won't be able to take advantage of all of the features available through the app.

Will the koretrak pro leak?

The KoreTrak Pro is rated IP67, making it resistant to sweat and water. No, you shouldn't take a swim or a shower while wearing it.

Do any stores sell protective film for electronic screens?

Screen protectors are optional and can be removed from the original packaging or left in place.

My band is too small; do you sell larger ones?

The KoreTrak band comes in a single size that should be suitable for most people and fits securely yet comfortably. Fits wrist circumferences ranging from 4" to 8.2". 5 to 8 inches



Download the Koretrak Watch User's Guide

Download the Koretrak Watch User's Guide in Dutch here.

Download the German language version of the Koretrak Watch instruction manual here:

Access the European Union version of the Koretrak watch user manual here.

Download the Koretrak Watch User's Guide in French (FR)

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