How to Use Your Koretrak Watch

Koretrak Watch

Timepiece from the Koretrak Collection

Here's an update on blood pressure monitors: according to the reviews posted here, Koretrak no longer includes them in their product. Reasoning behind this is probably linked to the fact that taking a blood pressure reading without a full cuff is quite challenging.  


Please read these instructions thoroughly before using your KoreTrak to avoid injury and to preserve the integrity of your device.

  1. Keep KoreTrak away from any harsh elements, including chemicals, drops, and heat.
  2. Cleaning KoreTrak with alcohol-based products is not recommended.
  3. KoreTrak should not be taken apart or the battery removed.
  4. KoreTrak's wristband should be loosened if it causes any discomfort.
  5. Not for use in making medical diagnoses or prescribing treatment.

Keep in mind that this gadget is not intended for children. Horny kids, stay out!

Even though KonsTrak's mechanism is state-of-the-art, there are limitations to the technology that could lead to erroneous sensor readings in certain applications. Skin perfusion, permanent or temporary changes to your skin, the nt of the device, the type and intensity of the motion or activity being accomplished, and other factors are all examples of such conditions. If the sensor seems off, try moving it around on your wrist and making sure there are no obstacles between it and your wrist, like hair or jewelry or ink.


  • If you want to know your heart rate, blood pressure, or blood oxygen levels, all you need is 20 seconds and a KoreTrak.
  • KoreTrak should be worn on the left wrist for maximum effectiveness.
  • KoreTrak should be cleaned with a damp cloth once per week or immediately following use.



  1. Maintain KoreTrak's placement on the wrist's outer side.
  2. Fasten the buckle once you've adjusted the wrist strap so that it provides a snug but comfortable fit around your wrist.
  3. Loosen the pin buckle to take off the band.



  1. If you twist and pull the bottom wristband, you can access the charging connector (see diagram 1). The USB metal contacts are visible on the connector side, which is located under the KoreTrak and labeled "USB" with an arrow pointing to it (see diagram 2).
  2. Connect the USB charging cable to a USB port on your computer or a USB wall charger. Verify that your power supply has a minimum of 5V.
  3. KoreTrak may be positioned incorrectly if it does not charge after being connected. When you're done, plug KoreTrak back in, flip it over, and plug in the USB cable again. Upon a successful connection, KoreTrak will begin vibrating and charging.
  4. Keep KoreTrak plugged in for two hours, or until the home screen says it's fully charged.
  5. When reattaching the bands, place one half of the wrist band onto each end of the KoreTrak.
  6. Keep pressing down until you hear and feel a click. Be aware that the USB connector is located on the back of your KoreTrak, indicated by a USB logo and an arrow. Verify that the KoreTrak's USB connector contacts are firmly seated in the USB pod of your computer or USB adapter (see diagram 2). If your slim KoreTrak sperm does not glow when you plug it in, the battery might be dead. Give it at least five minutes to charge, and the display should be functional again. Contact customer support if KoreTrak still won't turn on or charge after trying these. There's no need to plug in a dongle to charge


  • Scan one of the OR codes below to be directed to the KoreTrak App's download page on iOS or Android, or search "DayBand" in the App Store or Google Play to find it.
  • Needs an iOS 8 compatible gadget. and later; Android 4. Four and up



When first used, the KoreTrak must be manually paired with a smartphone. Once that's done, it'll connect automatically whenever your device is nearby. When used in offline mode, your KoreTrak can record information for up to 7 days before needing to connect to your phone via Bluetooth.


  1. Get the DAYBAND app and load it onto your mobile device.
  2. Keep your phone close to KoreTrak and then head to its Settings > Devices > Bind Bracelet.
  3. Pick the corresponding Bluetooth name "KoreTrak" 4 Finished establishing a connection



  • Pressing the bottom function button for an extended period of time will activate KoreTrak.
  • To quickly switch between applications, press the function button briefly. To enter or leave an app, simply hold down the function button for a while.


Gives you a readout of the current time, date, temperature, and humidity, as well as your speed, distance, and other The home screen can be toggled between several different layouts with a three-second long press.



Keeps track of how far you've traveled



Keeps track of how far you've traveled



It keeps track of the calories you've burned.



Finds out how many times per minute your heart is beating.



Takes your blood pressure


SENSOR THAT Measures Blood Oxygen Levels

Determines the amount of oxygen in your blood



Counts how well you do in targeted workouts To launch the app, hold down the button for a few seconds; once inside, use the arrow keys to switch between the various sports available. Initiate or terminate a process by double-tapping its shortcut.



Examines the text messages that have just come into your phone. App launchs with a long press; message scrolling is done with a short press In terms of instant messaging, you can set up notifications through Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangout, Skype, WeChat, QQ, and Line.


MORE Usefulness

Toggleable settings and app selection To access the menu, long press; to cycle through options, short press.



Version of Bluetooth is displayed.



Aids in tracking down your misplaced smartphone To trigger a vibration on your mobile device, hold the button down for an extended period of time.



Adapts the luminosity of the screen display. The brightness settings can be changed by holding down the screen for a while.



Reverses the effects of KoreTrak Power off with a long press



Clears all data from KoreTrak and returns it to its original configuration. A long press will reset it.



Marks the passage of time To begin timing, press for two seconds; to end, press for one. Repeatedly long-pressing the button will restart the timer.



  • When you get a call or text, KoreTrak will notify you with a vibration. This feature requires configuration in the app under "Device: o When you receive a call, KoreTrak will vibrate To reject a call, hold down the function button for a few seconds.
  • Message (e g Social networking sites and instant messaging applications including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangout, Skype, WeChat, QQ, and Line ) Notification must be linked in the "App" section In order to use the alarm function, you must download the app.
  • The timer on Stand Up Reminder can be set anywhere from 30 to 180 minutes in 5-minute intervals.
  • KoreTrak data can be synced with the Apple Health app.
  • Device — when activated, this function will cause your KoreTrak to vibrate.
  • If your smartphone supports it, you can now take pictures by shaking your wrist to trigger the camera.
  • When you raise your hand, the screen on your KoreTrak will automatically illuminate.
  • Distance Units can be changed in the Settings menu by selecting "Device" > "General."
  • Choose between a 5, 10, or 15 second timeout for your display.
  • Automatic hourly heart rate monitoring is an option.
  • You can set a "Do Not Disturb" period during which KoreTrak will not vibrate, light up, or push any notifications to you.
  • Change the 24-hour time by selecting "General" in the app's settings menu.
  • Protection Feature: When you are too far from your KoreTrak device, you will receive a phone call. (If your Bluetooth is turned off, you won't be able to use this feature. )


Simply select MORE and scroll through until you reach the languages option to make the necessary adjustments to the KoreTrak band's language settings. While your KoreTrak is connected to your mobile device, select 'Device' 'General' to modify the language preferences.



KoreTrak, a wristband, and a manual are all included in this package.
Display Size: 1 Inch 08in
Approximately 245 millimeters in length, 18 millimeters in width, and 11 millimeters in thickness. 5mm
That's the fourth generation of Bluetooth technology. 0
An IP67 rating ensures watertightness.
Lithium Polymer is the battery of choice.
Energy Storage Capacity: 120 mAh
Time Required to Charge: 1 5 — 2 hours

Device satisfies European Union Directives 2014/53/EU

recycle Bin This item cannot be thrown away with regular garbage when its useful life is over; instead, it must be brought to a designated drop-off location for recycling of electrical and electronic waste. According to the labels, the materials can be recycled. By giving previously used items a second life through recycling or creative repurposing, you're helping to ensure the health of our planet. Inquire with the local government as to the location of the proper landfill. Possible future changes


Where can I find instructions on how to make my text messages visible?

When you get a call or text, KoreTrak Pro will vibrate to let you know. You must configure this feature in the App's 'Device' settings in order to make it active.

Is there a koretrak pro clip holder?

More KoreTrak Pro add-ons are in the works. However, new bands can be purchased now in case yours breaks.

The origin of the product

Put the Chinese flag on the box

This kore trak pro watch is mine. I have lost both the charger and the user manual; please advise on how I can obtain a replacement.

To connect your watch to a USB port, simply detach the band from the side.

Can a watch be used to read texts and emails?

Texts from your paired smartphone will automatically appear on the screen. All major messaging platforms (Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, Skype, WeChat, QQ, and Line) are supported by the notifications system. The watch face can't be used to access or read email.

For what smallest wrist size does the Koretrak band work?

The band can be sized to fit wrists with a circumference between 4 and Both 5 and 8 inches

Why doesn't my phone have a blood pressure icon?

In the latest firmware update, we removed the blood pressure feature to focus on improving other aspects of the product's functionality.  

No, I don't have a smartphone on me. May I put this gadget to use?

You can use the device even if you don't connect it to a smartphone, though you won't be able to take advantage of all of the app's features.

Can you swim in the koretrak pro?

With an IP67 rating, the KoreTrak Pro is protected against sweat and water. If you decide to use it in the shower or pool, we advise against doing so.

Can you get a cover for your screen?

Screen protectors are optional and can be removed from the original packaging or left in place.

My current band is too small; do you sell larger sizes?

The KoreTrak band comes in a single size that should be suitable for most people and fits securely yet comfortably. Adjustable sizing allows for a snug fit on wrists with circumferences ranging from 4 the range between 5 and 8 inches



Access the PDF of the Koretrak Watch User's Guide here:

Download the Dutch language version of the Koretrak watch instruction manual here:

Download the Koretrak Watch User Guide in German here.

Watch Koretrak (EU) User Guide (PDF)

Download the Koretrak Watch User's Guide in French (FR)

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