Here Are the Top 17 Time Management Apps You Should Use

Time management software is likely to be useful if you frequently have to juggle multiple projects, deadlines, and resources. In order to help you and your team stay on track, we evaluated and tested several popular time-management programs.

Determine what works best for you, and increase your output daily.

1. Scoro

Scoro calendar user agenda

Scoro provides comprehensive time management features such as time tracking, billing, work reporting, project and task management, and more.

Important aspects:

  • Maintain a log of working and billable hours and add them to a bill.
  • Invoice reminders, scheduling, and recurring billing can all be automated.
  • Send clients time-based invoices via email.
  • Comprehensive client, project, and task administration
  • Giving accounts of one's activities, sales, expenses, etc.

Scoro's unique selling point is that it integrates three traditionally separate tools—time tracking, project management, and customer relationship management—into a single, streamlined platform for running your entire business.

Pricing begins at $26 per month per user.

Scoro, please come over here.

ActiveCollab 2

ActiveCollab Project Management Software

ActiveCollab streamlines the process of organizing, initiating, and monitoring creative endeavors by combining time billing and project management. As an added bonus, this app has functions that promote effective teamwork and real-time interaction.

Important aspects:

  • Developing Projects involving Multiple People and Time Limits
  • Tasks can be filtered by labels, due dates, and users.
  • Task comments and mentioning of coworkers
  • Planning with a Gantt chart
  • In-Group Scheduling System for Coordination
  • Timesheets and billing

What's cool about Active Collab is that it boosts teamwork and makes work more enjoyable for everyone involved. Users can quickly make their platform their own by choosing a unique theme.

Cost per user starts at $25 per month.

Thirdly, the ProofHub


In addition to being used by notable companies like NASA, Disney, Taco Bell, and many more, ProofHub is also a highly adaptable project management platform. For busy business owners, the prospect of learning and mastering a plethora of separate programs to accomplish the same tasks is daunting.

Key characteristics:

  • Incorporating online proofing software into the feedback-sharing process is a huge time-saver.
  • Allows groups to manage tasks with less strain
  • Use Gantt charts in ProofHub to see how your projects are progressing.
  • You can also download an app for Android and iOS devices.

Costs start at $45 per month

4 - Clarizen

Clarizen Time Management Software

The cloud-based project management software Clarizen was designed with one thing in mind: to help your company succeed.

Key characteristics:

  • Any number of endeavors
  • Procedures, notifications, and workflows that can be set up and executed automatically and repeatedly
  • Conjunction of Societies
  • Monitoring spending and making adjustments to the budget

One of Clarizen's unique selling points is that it allows users to modify predefined workflows to better suit their organization's needs.

Price per user is per month.

5. Harvest

When it comes to tracking time and generating invoices, Harvest is a popular option. Harvest's intuitive design and minimal set of features make keeping track of time and sending invoices a breeze.

The best parts:

  • Generate time-based quotes and bills
  • Simple and accurate timekeeping on your mobile device, Mac, or iOS
  • Timesheets can be synced with your preferred project management software.
  • Obtaining time logs in real time

What's intriguing about Harvest is that it excels at doing just one thing.

Monthly fees start at $12, and each additional user costs $10.

6. Toggl

Toggl Time Management Software

Toggl is a simple tool for keeping track of time that can be connected to a wide variety of PM programs. It's the ideal complement to your current setup, increasing your efficiency all day long.

The best parts:

  • Time can be accurately tracked across an unlimited number of projects and tasks.
  • Accounts of the team's development
  • Keep tabs on how much time you spend working online and away

Toggl's integration with popular project management apps like Trello, Scoro, and Asana is a major selling point.

Starting at .99 per month per user.

Replicon 7

Replicon Time Management Software

When it comes to keeping tabs on employee hours and billing customers for completed projects, Replicon has you covered with its comprehensive suite of features.

Principal Characteristics:

  • Sheets for recording time spent on various activities
  • Different users can be charged different amounts.
  • Controlling costs and sticking to a budget
  • Time-usage analytics

What's cool about Replicon is that it's aimed at helping large companies better manage their employees' time. The app provides a full accounting of working hours.

Costs begin at $20 per month per user.

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Scoro logo

Timecamp is the eighth spot on the list.

Timecamp Time Management Software

Client billing, project profitability, and employee payroll can all benefit from Timecamp's time tracking features.

The best parts:

  • Automatic recording of billable and nonbillable hours
  • Fugitive from Integrated Payments
  • Financial and time budgeting
  • Exciting and informative reporting
  • Software for mobile devices and computers

What's interesting about Timecamp is that it streamlines not only the billing process but also income calculation based on time worked.

Pricing starts at per user, per month, for groups of five or more users on the free Solo plan.

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9th Billing System: Bill4Time

Bill4Time Time Management Software

The Bill4Time cloud-based time billing system is feature-rich and convenient. In addition to streamlining billing and facilitating revenue recovery, it also provides remote access for tracking of time and expenses.

Most notably, it has the following exceptional qualities:

  • Time spent on non-billable tasks can also be monitored.
  • Compile reports on your work by the day, week, and month.
  • Platform for communicating with clients
  • Online invoicing and payment processing
  • Comprehensive reports on finances, projects, etc.

What's unique about Bill4time is that it generates a wealth of reports on your team's efficiency and the project's financial success.

Starting at $30/month ($10/user/month),

Nutcache, No. 10

Nutcache Project Management Software

Nutcache has everything you need to manage your projects, from time tracking to invoicing. It's designed for smaller teams that bill their clients by the project and want a more efficient way to manage their time.

The best parts:

  • The Billing and Timekeeping Process
  • Cost control
  • Connecting efforts and results to customers

Nutcache's appealing feature is its straightforward interface, which makes it a great choice for fostering teamwork.

Pricing starts at per user, per month for larger teams and more features, and is free for up to 20 users with limited access.

Eleventhly, Hubstaff

Hubstaff Time Management Software

Hubstaff aids in monitoring both working hours and free time for your entire team. It's a good choice for businesses that want to monitor employee attendance as well as activity (rather than just task completion time).

The best parts:

  • The use of screenshots to record work time spent
  • The process of billing customers for services rendered
  • Indicating how much time each member of the team has spent on various activities
  • Sending individualized reports to clients via email
  • Compensation of laborers according to their actual hours worked

Here's the cool part: Hubstaff not only keeps tabs on how much time employees spend working, but also on how much time they spend using specific websites and desktop programs. You'll be able to track the time your team spends on specific tasks and view reports on their productivity.

Start at $49/month for up to 10 users.

Frowning, or Freckles

Freckle Time Management software

Freckle's goal is to streamline the time tracking process to the point where your team will look forward to it.

Key characteristics:

  • Monitoring the clock
  • Timesheets and billing procedures
  • Tracking of time spent in a graphical interface
  • Sorting people into groups and producing statistical reports
  • Mac timer, iPhone timer, and mobile web timer

The unique feature of Freckle is that it employs tags to keep tabs on projects and help users distinguish between billable and non-billable activities. Because of this, entering time worked is a breeze.

Starting at $49/month for up to 5 users

Work together

Teamwork Project Management Software

As a team, you can estimate how long a task will take and then compare the actual time spent to your estimate. You'll soon be able to predict how much time each task will take with great precision.

Some highlights include:

  • Task duration forecasting and monitoring
  • Time-based billing and invoicing
  • The ability to generate exportable time reports
  • Mobile timekeeping

Even though Teamwork's invoicing functionality isn't as robust as that of competing products, it's still a useful tool because it can be easily integrated with your preferred billing solution (QuickBooks, Harvest, Xero, etc.).

Plans start at $24/month

Read on for some management strategies that incorporate teamwork.

14. Bric

Bric time management software

Analytics are at the heart of Bric, a time billing software. They forecast outcomes that help with budgeting, hiring, and tracking how people are spending their time.

Most notably, it has the following exceptional qualities:

  • Timekeeping settings configuration
  • Pricing & Responsibilities of Users
  • Information on Use

The unique selling point of Bric is that in addition to its extensive time billing features, it also has a set of project planning and management features.

User subscriptions are per month.

15. Avaza

Avaza Time Management Software

The Avaza time tracker allows you to set a timer on your phone, stop it on your tablet, and always know how long you've spent working on a specific project.

Best of all, it has:

  • Mobile timekeeping
  • Billing time entries
  • Approval of Time Sheets
  • Methods for Monitoring Expenditures

What makes Avaza unique is that it provides a suite of automation and project management tools in addition to its core time tracking and billing functionality.

Free for up to 5 projects, /month thereafter 95 people in larger groups

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16. Asana

Asana Time Management Software

Asana is a web-based application that enables teams to organize their work without resorting to email.

The best parts:

  • Distribute responsibilities by dividing up your work.
  • Make use of projects to create plans and schedules for your work.
  • Examine the team's progress and review their milestones.
  • Find out when progress has been made on projects
  • Make use of project dashboards in order to see the big picture

Features that make Asana stand out include its intuitive interface and clean design. It's worth a look if your team is small and your projects aren't too complicated.

Premium plans start at per month and are free up to 15 people. Thirty-three users per month

Continue reading to find out what would happen if businesses treated time as carefully as they do money.

17. Trello

Trello Project Management Software

Trello is well-known for its "cardboard-like" dashboard, which makes it ideal for managing quick and frequent tasks.

The best parts:

  • Organization of tasks on a piece of cardboard
  • Make as many to-do lists as you like
  • Exchange of pictures and data
  • Prioritizing and date-ordering lists
  • Conversation and teamwork

Trello is the most visual way for teams to collaborate on any project, and it's used by organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500.

Prices range from free for non-commercial use to for commercial use. $0 / month / user for commercial use

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Scoro logo

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