Here Are Some Simple Ways To Alter The Time On Your Armitron Clock.

Armitron is a popular name in digital sports watches, and their products can help you keep track of your workouts and progress toward your goals. The watches have many useful functions, for which they are well-known.

Contrarily, the time does not automatically adjust when you purchase a new Arminton watch. The correct time and date must be entered by yourself. You'll need to remember to set your Arminton watch's time again when you visit a new time zone.

As a result, knowing how to set the time on an Arminton watch is crucial. Changing the time on an analog or digital Arminton watch is described in detail below. Please begin.

To Set Your Armitron Watch's Time: Electonic Showcase

If your Arminton watch has a digital display, you can adjust the time as follows:

First, Locate the Controls

Arminton's watch has some unfamiliar buttons, so he should learn what they do before attempting to adjust the time. Because adjusting the time can be tricky if you don't know where the knobs are.

Your watch features four different buttons. A pair of buttons can be found on each side.

  • You can access the "Reset" feature by pressing the top-left A button.
  • For the "Mode" menu, press the bottom-left button (B).
  • For "Start/Stop" (ST/STP), press the button in the upper right corner (D).
  • To activate the light, press the bottom right button (C).

You can now easily adjust your watch's time because you know where the buttons are.

2nd Step: Reset Button Press and Hold

In order to avoid dropping the Toggle Off (A) until the next time your watch alarm goes off The first step in adjusting the time on your watch is indicated by a beep.

Three of the four displays on the watch will start blinking. Now is the time to set your alarm.

The third stage entails adjusting the settings by way of the Mode button.

Mode (Left Button B) accesses the time, date, and day settings.  

By pressing the Mode Button, you can alter the watch face that is displayed in rapid succession. Here you can adjust the time by the hour, minute, day, and month.  

Always keep your finger on the Change the mode button until the point where the value must be altered

If you press this button, the results will not change. Simply moving on to "setting the numbers" is all this means.

Method 4: Set the Time by Pressing the ST/STP (Buttom D)

You can adjust the time by using the "ST/STP" switch (D).

Repeatedly pressing the button will add 11 more minutes until the hour reaches 12, at which point it will reset to 1.

Repeatedly pressing the "Mode" button (B) will bring up the time-setting menu. The hour hand will eventually stop flashing, and the minute hand will be ready to be set.

5. Set the Minutes Using ST/STP (Button D)

To add more minutes to the clock, press the "ST/STP" button (D) in the upper right.  

For every time the button is pressed, one additional minute is added. Once the time is set properly, press the "Reset" button (A) on the top left of the watch.

Once you hit "Reset," all your edits and data will be permanently stored.

Here's How to Set Your Armitron Watch's Clock: Traditional Timepiece

If you're using an analog watch, here's how to adjust the time on an Arminton:

First, take the crown out of the watch and set the date.

You can set the date on your Armitron watch by pulling out the crown on the side and turning it until you hear a click.  

If you have a watch but don't know where the crown is, look at the left or right side of the dial. Taking the time to fully retract the crown until you hear a click will help.

If it clicks twice, put it back in, and then carefully remove it. If the date doesn't show up on your watch, that just means you'll have to pull the crown out once to set the time, not every day. In that case, you can disregard the following instruction.

Step 2: Modify the Weekday

If the date and day can be seen on your analog watch, you can adjust the date and time by pulling the crown twice. When the crown is pulled in, you should hear two clicks.  

For manual stopping if there is no display, turn the crown clockwise.

Move on to Step 3: Rotate The Crown To Set The Time.

The crown is turned until the hands point to the correct time when setting the weekday, date, and time. To restart the watch, simply push the crown back into its housing.

Stage 4: Crown Pushing

The time is adjusted by pulling the crown back and pressing it into place. When you are finished making tweaks, press the crown in. Well, that's it then.

Instructions for Setting Up Multiple Time Zones on an Armitron Watch

It is necessary to adjust your watch's time when visiting a different time zone. Alternatively, your Armitron watch can be programmed to display the time in multiple zones.

Here is a detailed guide on how to set your watch to show multiple time zones:

  • Pressing the button twice will switch to the second time zone. “Mode”  button
  • This is the time to press the “Reset”  button The hour icon will begin blinking after that.
  • Then, click the “ST/STP”  a time-zone switch that can be pressed
  • Enter the “Mode”  button once you've set the time to the proper hour  
  • The minutes' icon will begin blinking after that, indicating that you can now adjust the minutes.
  • Tap the  “ST/STP”  minute-setting toggle
  • To end the minutes, please press the “Reset”  dial to adjust the time
  • To get back to your default time zone, just press the “Mode”  button

Setting Up a Clock That Displays 24 Hours

A dual 12- and 24-hour time display are standard on every Armitron watch. This timekeeping system, which uses a 24-hour cycle, is commonly referred to as A Military Calendar the USA

By default, an Armitron watch displays time in a 12-hour format; however, switching to a 24-hour format is as simple as following these instructions:

  • In a nutshell, you need to press and “Reset”  until the watch beeps, etc.
  • Currently, you must activate the “ST/STP”  button The left-hand time display will no longer use the "AM" and "PM" icons.
  • Get the button down on the “Reset”  button
It's strongly advised that you don't press the buttons too hard. To use, gently press the buttons. Similarly, you shouldn't keep pressing the same buttons over and over again, as this could render them inoperable.


All right, that settles it. To put it simply, it was a matter of altering the time. Time adjustments on Armitron analog and digital watches should now be a breeze.

Plus, you can now customize your Armitron watch to display the time in multiple cities or countries. The watch's time display can also be adjusted.

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