Here Are Eight Simple Steps to Alter the Time on Your Pioneer Stereo System

how to change the clock on a pioneer radio

In the automotive audio industry, Pioneer Electronics is a household name. To this point, they have released a plethora of different car radios.

Their automobile radios all feature integral timepieces. There will be times when they give you the wrong time, unfortunately. You might have to adjust the time if that happens.

Changing the time on a Pioneer radio can be tricky for the uninitiated. But that is not to say you can't handle it on your own. To adjust the radio's time, you need only turn on the car and use the volume controls. Learn the right method by following the steps outlined in this article.

How Do I Set the Time on My Pioneer Stereo?

It's obviously dangerous to fiddle with a phone or watch while behind the wheel. That's why digital clock features are standard on most Pioneer radios. Because of this, you won't need to rely on an analog clock while driving.

Obviously, if the time on your Pioneer radio is wrong, it is of no use to you. Therefore, you must guarantee its flawless operation at all times.

That your Pioneer stereo's clock is wrong is so what.

Changing the time on a Pioneer car radio is surprisingly simple, even for the uninitiated. You will, of course, require a detailed and precise instruction manual, such as the one provided in the following section.

Tutorial: Adjusting the Time on Your Pioneer Car Stereo


If you're not familiar with the way the clock on a Pioneer radio operates, setting the time on it can be a hassle. That's why we made this manual -- to help you out. If you're already familiar with the procedure, it could take you just a few minutes. And now, for the meat of the matter

Initiate the car's engine as Step 1.

Car batteries are required for the radio to work. Let's get this party started by getting your car going. There's also the option of leaving the key in the "accessory" position.

Stage 2: Mute the radio

Switch off the stereo system. The stereo can be turned off by pressing and holding the source button for a few seconds, at which point the clock will remain on the screen.

Be aware that the source button toggles between the various settings.

Third, while holding the button, turn the volume to the right.

Then, depress and hold the minus (-) volume button. Typically, a volume control looks like a small knob.

Keep pressing the play button until the word "Menu" appears on the radio screen. Next, turn the dial to the right until the word "System" appears.

Fourth, adjust the volume and (if desired) the time display.

The "Clock Set" option is accessible via the volume button. ”

Turn the knob to the left until "12H/24H" appears to toggle between 12- and 24-hour time.

The screen will show the selected clock style. You can change the clock face by pressing the volume control.

Action #5: Turn the knob and press it and hold it for a second.

After completing Step 4, you don't need to turn the knob to adjust the time on your Pioneer radio.

It's time to turn the dial while "Clock Set" is still on the screen. The proper technique is to press and release, rather than press and hold.

You can view the time on the display by turning the knob. You'll see an extra AM/PM indicator if the 12-hour clock is selected.

Any time you see the hour or minute digit blinking, it's time for a set adjustment.

Alter the time by six hours

Turn the knob to the desired hour (or minute) and set the time accordingly. Say you're setting the time and the number "10" flashes as you turn the hand. For the number 3, turn the knob to the left. Turn the knob to the right if the time is 12 o'clock.

7. Set the new minute

To fine-tune the time to the minute, click the knob again after setting the hour. The knob must be turned to the right or left until the desired number appears.

The eighth step is to turn on the radio.

When you're done configuring the Pioneer radio's clock, restart the audio system by pressing the source button. Next, verify the accuracy of the timepiece.

If you follow the aforementioned eight steps to set clock on Pioneer car radio, you should have no trouble achieving your goal.


The majority of current Pioneer stereos can benefit from this manual. However, there are some Pioneer radios whose user interface differs slightly from what has been described. However, this is not a major issue because the only changes to those models are cosmetic.

The above instructions need to be modified for use with certain newer Pioneer radios like the MVH-S400BT, FH-S500BT, DEH-4000BT, and others.

  • If you want to skip step 3's holding the volume button, click it instead.
  • In these stereo models, turning the system off is not required.
  • When you press the volume button, a menu will appear.
  • When you see "System," click the volume button to access additional settings. Read this quickly and jump to the section titled "Clock Set." ”
  • When you're finished configuring your Pioneer radio's time, you can go back to its default settings by pressing the back button.

Questions & Answers


I have a Pioneer stereo and I need to know if I can do it myself or if I should call a professional.

You don't have to do that. The time on your Pioneer car stereo is fully adjustable by you. Understandably, your initial impressions will be a bit hazy.

Why might a Pioneer radio's clock stop working?

Your Pioneer's clock can't keep perfect time indefinitely. It may one day give the wrong time unless you specifically prevent it from doing so.

The most common causes of inaccurate clocks are:

  • "Spring forward"
  • The absence of a reliable reference for keeping time

If your car has a built-in GPS system, you won't need to worry about changing the time. If it doesn't, use the above as a guide and make the necessary adjustments.

Why do Pioneer radios have varying interfaces, and what are the implications of this?

Currently, technological advancements are in a state of constant flux. The result is that Pioneer radios have more and more cutting-edge capabilities, as evidenced by their plethora of brand-new settings and controls.

But producers always work to make their products simple to use. That's why it's common to see very few changes between generations of models. Newer models are typically simpler to operate as well.

As a result, our advice will work with both new and old Pioneer radios. Naturally, though, some Pioneer radios may require further tweaking.

To sum up

If you still have the instructions for using your device, I recommend starting there. Even if your Pioneer radio's manual doesn't specifically address setting the time, you can still do so using the above procedures.

The design and layout of Pioneer radios can change. This means that the instructions for adjusting the time on your Pioneer car stereo could vary depending on your model. Though our guide was written with more modern models in mind, it should be fine for most any model out there.

The best way to take apart a Pioneer radio is described in detail here.


My name is Amaro Frank, and I'm the editor and chief writer for Wind Up Radio. Adam is a joy to work with, and I've learned a lot about radio technology and accessories from listening to his stories. For Wind Up Radio, I am primarily responsible for content development and article production related to radio components.

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