Dates, times, pick orders, TV channels, and latest mock drafts for the NFL Draft of 2022.

The NFL Draft was supposed to take place in Sin City two years ago. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL had to reschedule the draft and hold it virtually from commissioner Roger Goodell's basement. But now is Vegas' time to shine, as the NFL Draft 2022 will be held in "Sin City." While

The NFL Draft was supposed to take place in Sin City two years ago. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL had to reschedule the draft and hold it virtually from commissioner Roger Goodell's basement.

But now is Vegas' time to shine, as the NFL Draft 2022 will be held in "Sin City." While this year's draft lacks the high-profile quarterbacks that the previous two years' drafts featured, it should still be a fascinating event.

To begin, we have no idea who will be the No. No.1 All-Time in 2018 The Jaguars have a number of options with the first pick, and while Aidan Hutchinson is the current favorite, he may not end up with the team. There could be a lot of trading going on in the first round because eight teams have multiple picks.

In typical fashion, the NFL Draft will stretch over three days. This event will wrap up the month of April and conclude the NFL offseason's six weeks of player movement.

All the information you need to know about the 2022 NFL Draft is included below, including where and when to watch it live, the order of all 262 picks, a big board of the top 150 prospects, SN's latest mock draft, and much more.

TSN Draft Central for the NFL
Top 150 big board, live draft tracking, and 7-round mock draft

The date of the 2022 NFL Draft.

  • To be held on: Thursday, April 28 (Round 1), Friday, April 29 (Rounds 2-3), Saturday, April 30 (Rounds 4-7)
  • Time of beginning: 8 p m This Thursday at 7 p.m. m CT (Thursday) | 12:00 PM CT (Saturday)
  • Networks on TV: ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network
  • Access the game live with the ESPN or NFL app, fuboTV, or DAZN (in Canada).

There will be a total of seven rounds in the 2022 NFL Draft, starting with Round 1 on April 28 and continuing through Rounds 2 and 3 on April 29 and Rounds 4 through 7 on April 30.

The 2022 NFL Draft will feature 262 selections. At this time in the draft order, the Jaguars have the first overall pick and the 49ers have the last.

Additionally, fuboTV is offering a free trial so you can watch the 2022 NFL Draft.

When does the NFL draft begin?

When the 2022 NFL Draft gets underway that year, it'll be at 8 p m The draft's first round will air at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 28. There will be a 10-minute clock for the first round of picks, though most teams won't use the full time.

On Friday, the event is set to start at 7 p.m., an hour earlier than usual. m ET The second and third rounds of the draft will be held on the following day. The second round selection period for each team is seven minutes, while the third round selection period is five minutes.

More than half of the draft's picks will be made on the final day, Saturday. After a 12-hour break, the draft will pick back up. m Starting at 2:00 a.m. ET with the start of the fourth round After each team has had five minutes to make its choice in Rounds 4-6, that time will drop to four minutes in Round 7. On the last day of the draft, teams rarely use the full timer, so there may be a string of picks in a short amount of time.

Day Rounds Start time Today is Thursday, April 28. Round 1 8 p m ET Day of the week: Friday, April 29 Rounds 2-3 7 p m ET April 30th, Saturday Rounds 4-7 Noon ET

NEW: The worst pick each team made in the NFL Draft

Plans for airing the NFL Draft

The National Football League Draft will once again be shown on a number of channels. The draft will be broadcast live on ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network, giving fans multiple viewing options.

You can watch the draft on ESPN and the NFL app, regardless of whether you have cable or satellite.

Round Day Start time Television stations Round 1 April 28th, Thursday 8 p m ET Channels like ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network Rounds 2-3 April 29th, Friday 7 p m ET The ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network Rounds 4-7 Weekend of April 30 Noon ET To name a few: ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network

While in Canada, the NFL Draft will be broadcast live on TSN. TSN will broadcast the first round of the draft, while its sister network TSN4 will cover rounds two and three.

Tips for watching the NFL Draft Online

  • Streaming in real time S Apps like ESPN and NFL Mobile and fuboTV
  • DAZN Live Streaming Service, Canada

The 2022 NFL Draft can be watched live via a number of different methods. Those who have cable or satellite service can watch the game on the ESPN or NFL apps. Those without cable access can watch ESPN and NFL Network coverage on fuboTV during their free weeklong trial.

DAZN, which includes NFL Network coverage as part of its streaming package, will provide the live stream for Canadian fans.

FURTHERMORE: fuboTV is offering a free week of service during the NFL Draft.

Schedule of the 2022 NFL Draft

The Jaguars have the first overall pick in the NFL Draft for the second year in a row. With a 3-14 record, the Jaguars finished last in the NFL and will have the first overall pick, ahead of the Lions (No. (2), the state of Texas (No. No. 3 and No. 4)

It gets a little out of hand after the first six picks. In 2022, eight teams will have two first-round selections while the other eight will have none. Therefore, the Bears, Broncos, Browns, Dolphins, Colts, Raiders, 49ers, and Rams will all enter the draft without a first-round pick, while the Lions, Texans, Jets, Giants, Eagles, Saints, Packers, and Chiefs are all scheduled to pick twice in the first round.

The 2022 NFL Draft features a total of 262 picks (including compensatory picks). Two teams, the Jaguars and the Chiefs, have 12 selections in this year's draft. Of all 32 teams in this year's draft, only the Raiders and Dolphins have fewer selections available than their competitors do (five each).

Here is how the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft will play out.

Round Pick Team 1 1 Jaguars of Jacksonville 1 2 Lions of Detroit 1 3 Texans of Houston 1 4 For the New York Jets 1 5 NFL team from New York 1 6 Panthers of Carolina 1 7 Big Blue (originating in Chicago) 1 8 Those pesky Falcons from Atlanta 1 9 Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks. 1 10 Visiting New York with the Seahawks, the Jets. 1 11 Leaders in Washington 1 12 The Minnesota Vikings 1 13 Texas Oilers (from Cleveland) 1 14 Ravens of Baltimore 1 15 (Returning) Philadelphia Eagles 1 16 Team: New Orleans Saints (arriving from Philadelphia by way of Indianapolis) 1 17 The Chargers of Los Angeles 1 18 The New Orleans Saints' division rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles 1 19 The Philadelphia Eagles' N.O. Saints. 1 20 To the Steel City! 1 21 American football team from New England 1 22 Las Vegas's Green Bay Packers 1 23 A.C.C.: Arizona Cardinals 1 24 Cowboys of Dallas 1 25 Referring to the NFL team known as the Buffalo Bills 1 26 Titans of Tennessee 1 27 That team from Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers 1 28 Packers of Green Bay 1 29 A team from Kansas City, Missouri (via San Francisco and Miami). 1 30 The Chiefs of Kansas City 1 31 Those pesky Bengals from Cincinnati 1 32 The Lions of Detroit (via LAR)

(The most up-to-date schedule for Rounds 2–7 is available here.)

NFL Mock Draft 2022

The incredibly busy free agency period in the NFL has altered predispositions for the upcoming 2022 draft. Since many teams now have multiple first-round picks as a result of the trades involving Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Tyreek Hill, and Davante Adams, the first round has changed dramatically.

This year's top five picks are especially open to interpretation, as it is still unknown what Jacksonville will do with the No. No.1 Pick All-Around Below are Vinnie Iyer's projected first-through-fifth-round picks in SN's seven-round 2022 mock draft.

  • Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE, Michigan, Jacksonville Jaguars (1-13)

The Jaguars, led by new defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell (formerly of the Buccaneers), have been set on selecting the best available defensive player for some time. They have been establishing Hutchinson as the linchpin due to his tenacity, explosiveness, and even dominance.

  • No. 2 Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame, Detroit Lions (3-13-1).

The Lions appear to be prioritizing defensive impact, with Brad Holmes, Dan Campbell, and Aaron Glenn's starting positions potentially coming down to edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux or Georgia's adaptable 3-4 hybrid playmaker Travon Walker. Because he has made and will continue to make so many defensive plays, Hamilton is the sure bet in this situation. passing plays and help with cleanup like an extra linebacker when needed the run

  • Evan Neal, OT, Alabama, Houston Texans (4-13)

Neal will provide a dominant right side for Davis Mills or whoever the Texans' starting quarterback is in 2022. The team will keep Laremy Tunsil at left tackle. Neal has the potential to turn a huge weakness (the team's lack of a second tackle) into a huge strength.

  • 4 New York Jets (4-13): Oregon Ducks edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux

To coach Robert Saleh, having Thibodeaux as his explosive cornerstone pass-rusher would be like having Nick Bosa powering his defense in San Francisco, so the Jets should be overjoyed if he falls to them here. It makes a lot of sense to do this as the high first-round follow-up to quarterback Zach Wilson.

  • #5 New York Giants (4-13): Ickey Ekwonu, OT/G, NC State

They were the Giants, as predicted. Right tackle Nate Solder's massive contract was cut, and here is the team's direct replacement for him opposite Andrew Thomas: center Jon Feliciano and right guard Matt Glowinski. New general manager Joe Schoen has been tasked with doing a great job of upgrading the offensive line for new coach Brian Daboll. In a Free Market Ekwonu is more deserving of a starting role than his fellow rookie Matt Gono, who is better suited for a role as a versatile reserve.

Possible Participants in the 2022 NFL Draft

It's always fascinating to observe how the first few picks of each draft fall, as it's unusual for them to coincide with any single dominant board. Each team's draft strategy, whether it be based on needs or wants, will result in a unique big board structure. Taking the best player available is another factor that can change the order of the top 10 picks in any draft.

Topping the 2021 consensus rankings, Trevor Lawrence He was the No. 1 player on almost all boards, and the first pick overall. It's unlikely to happen again until 2022, as there is a wide range of opinion on the top prospects in this year's draft.

Here are the top ten 2022 NFL Draft prospects, as ranked by SN's Vinnie Iyer.

  1. Michigan's EDGE Aidan Hutchinson
  2. Irish safety Kyle Hamilton
  3. Ickey Ekwonu, Occupational Therapist at North Carolina State
  4. Auburn University Occupational Therapist Evan Neal
  5. Oregon State University EDGE Alumnus Kayvon Thibodeaux
  6. Junior Derek Stingley , CB, LSU
  7. Attainable Georgia EDGE Travon Walker
  8. Representing Cincinnati as a cornerback is Sauce Gardner
  9. Florida State's Jermaine Johnson II plays on the edge.
  10. The Ole Miss Bulldogs' OT, Charles Cross

Here is SN's big board, a comprehensive ranking of the draft's top 150 prospects.

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