An Inspiring Collection of 101 Quotations about Time's Most Valuable Resource

Time is everything, and it is priceless. No doubt you have heard this before, but it bears repeating. Consider the situation, excluding the possibility of regaining your lost fortune or notoriety. The time is gone forever once it's gone. Use this time wisely to improve your standard of living and accomplish meaningful goals. If you treat today with enough reverence, tomorrow will bring you great success. So, to learn a great deal more about time, we have compiled wise quotes and sayings about time along with pictures.

Time is of the Essence: Quotes and Sayings


When put to good use, no experience is ever wasted. Auguste Rodin.


The Catch-22 is that "you think you have time," which is the root of all your problems. A quote from the Buddha:


Time, as they say, has a wonderful way of revealing to us what is truly important. Quote from: Margaret Peters


Understand that right this second you are creating something new. You are currently shaping your future. And that's the truth A. Paddison, Sara


Don't keep track of time, just do what needs to be done. Keep going - Sam Levenson

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If you don't respect yourself, you won't respect your time. Nothing will get done with your time until you start treating it as valuable. ” – M Scott Peck


The only thing any of us can truly call our own is time; even a pauper can count that as his possession. In the words of Baltasar Gracian,


You can put it off, but time won't. - Benjamin Franklin


All of our best times pass by quickly. to paraphrase Virgil


There is no such thing as 'finding time' for anything. You have to create the time you need. - Charles Buxton

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The time we spend together in the moments we cherish the most goes by quickly. -- Virgil


It has been said, "How we spend our time tells the story of who we are." ," - Jonathan Estrin


"If you waste your money, all you lose is money; if you waste your time, you lose a chunk of your life." Quote by Michael LeBoeuf:


Like sand through an hourglass, time passes and is lost forever. ," - Robin S. S. Sharma


Money can't buy you the time you have." More money can be made, but more time cannot be bought. - Jim Rohn

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Avoid squandering what little time you have trying to live someone else's life. The late Steve Jobs


Time is the stuff of which your life is comprised, so use it wisely if you value it. Says Bruce Lee:


Time is more valuable than money, so choose carefully how you spend it. - Anon.


Everyone, no matter what he does or who he is, travels through time at the rate of sixty minutes per hour. ” – C S Lewis


“Yesterday was a memory. We are still waiting for tomorrow. Just today is all we have. Shall we? Mother Theresa

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Time alters everything except that part of ourselves that is perpetually surprised by transformation. Thomas Hardy


What you truly feel for someone will eventually be revealed by time. Unidentified source


Time is the only true commodity. Time is something that cannot be recovered. ”


It's true that "time moves slowly for the patient." Super quick for the faint of heart Extremely lengthy for the celebrants But love knows no bounds of time. Shakespeare, William


That which costs nothing monetarily is time. You can't have it, but it's yours to use. It's not yours to keep, but it is yours to spend. It's gone forever once it's gone. The late Harvey MacKay

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Because it cannot be refunded, every second must be used deliberately. " - Anonymous


Nothing can be long enough to be with you, but let's start with forever. ”


Don't waste time. There is never a convenient time. According to Napoleon Hill:


"The price of time wasted is more time lost." to quote Mason Cooley:


The time is always right to do what is right, so we must use it wisely. -- Nelson Mandela

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Time is both a classroom and a furnace in which we gain knowledge and experience. Delmore Schwartz.


One of my favorite quotes is, "Time is like the wind; it carries away the light and leaves behind the heavy. To paraphrase Dominico Cieri Estrada:


To paraphrase Confucius: "Time is the wisest counselor of all." Says Pericles:


One of the most common sayings is, "Procrastination is the thief of time." E. Young


"There is nothing more valuable than our time, and that is the people we share it with." Quote from: Leo Christopher

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Money is the currency of your life; time is its value." It's the only one in your pocket, and you get to decide how it's spent. Watch out that it doesn't get spent without your knowledge. Carl Sandburg


Rather than relying on brute force or emotional commitment, you should rely on patience and time. Quote from: Jean de La Fontaine


"Time goes forward, but memory goes backward." quote by William Gibson


Both time and health are invaluable resources that are often taken for granted until they are gone. - Denis Waitley


When you give someone your time, you're essentially giving them a piece of yourself that can never be reclaimed. -- Anon.

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Lose your grip on time even once, and you may never get it back. quote by Anthony Doerr


Nothing is more destructive than lost time. According to Michelangelo,


In other words, "time is a gift, given to you, given to give you the time you need, the time you need to have the time of your life." -- Norton Juster


It has been said, "A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." Darwin, Charles R.


Therefore, one can either waste time and their lives or learn to control their time and their destiny. Author: Alan Lakein

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As the saying goes, "time flies over us, but its shadow lingers." ", by Nathaniel Hawthorne


Don't waste your time trying to change a brick wall into a door by pounding on it. Chanel, Coco


Emotional wounds can't be healed with time; instead, you must master the art of letting go. ” – Roy T Bennett


Are we running out of time? On the other hand, perhaps we just need to learn to manage our time better. Johnson, Kerry


"The average person just thinks about how to pass the time," The best among us consider how to put it to use. A. Schopenhauer

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"The real problem is not a lack of time, but rather a lack of focus," the author writes. quote by Zig Ziglar


Those who are merely average consider how they might pass the time, while those who are truly exceptional consider how they might put that time to good use. Schopenhauer, Arthur


"Twenty years ago was the ideal time to plant a tree. Present is the second-best time. " - Ancient Chinese saying


Most people would rather spend their time and energy avoiding problems than actually solving them. To paraphrase Henry Ford:


There is no such thing as a bad time because this is the only time we have." - Art Buchwald

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Sadly, time does indeed pass quickly. You're the captain now, which is good news. By Michael Altshuler


It's not possible to wait for the right moment Forgetting the fear of falling is sometimes necessary. Quote: "


An old proverb goes something like this: "Today someone is enjoying the shade of a tree that was planted many years ago." quote from Warren Buffett


Time is like a gusty breeze; it always blows something new our way, but who can fathom its piercing breath, its enigma, and its intricate construction? quote from Paracelsus


Whatever the case may be, "now" is all we've got. Quote from: Art Buchwald


Everyone experiences time the same way, but everyone experiences time differently. ," - Yasunari Kawabata


Stop worrying about things you have no control over and aren't going to improve. A quote from Robert Greene:


They say that time is the only constant, but in reality, the only constant is change. Warhol, Andy.


Remember, the clock never stops ticking. A lot of the time you don't hear it, but other times you do. Levithan, David.


The saying goes, "You can change your life by changing your 24 hours." Quote from: Eric Thomas

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A person who appreciates the value of his own time will also appreciate the time of those around him. According to Sunday Adelaja


Our claims that we fritter away time are demonstrably false. Our efforts go to waste. quote by Alice Bloch


Don't bother with seeking retribution. Everyone gets their own karma in the end, including those who hurt you. ..." - Unknown


"Time teaches us the value of life, and life teaches us how to use time wisely," ”


There is no time like the present Put your attention where it counts the most Priorities shift over time, so you must adapt. " - Roy T Bennett

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You can't buy back even a single second of time, not even for millions of gold coins. - Author Unknown


There is also the concept of "It is too late," so refrain from saying things like "there is still time" or "maybe next time."


It's preferable to arrive three hours early than one minute late, as the saying goes. The Bard himself said it best:


"A man's time is more valuable than any other possession he can spend." ”


We humans make time. When someone says, "I don't have time," they might as well be saying, "I don't want to." Lao Tzu.

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Do what makes you glad to be alive, and do it often. ”


When the time comes, do the right thing. ”


What is timeless within you recognizes the timeless nature of life. And realizes that the past is nothing but a memory, and the future is nothing but a dream. Kahlil Gibran


"If you put in the time and effort and have the right frame of mind, I believe anything is possible." Quote by Roger Clemens:


Like a river, time flows by. You can never put your hand in the same stream twice because the flow that has gone by will never come back. Take pleasure in each and every day. ”

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Stop wasting your breath trying to explain things to people; they will only take in what they want to hear. Paulo Coelho


The saying goes, "You can either run with the day or the day can run with you." Jim Rohn.


"Amateurs wait around for ideas while the rest of us get to work." King, Stephen.


You never know which side time will be on. What it turns into is totally up to you, your objectives, and your resolve to make the most of every available second. - Zig Ziglar


"Don't squander precious energy on hostility, remorse, anxiety, or resentment." Having a negative outlook on life is a waste of time. ” – Roy T Bennett

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To get the most out of your time, you shouldn't just pass it around. ”


If you don't respect your own time, no one else will. Please stop giving away all your hard work and talent. Put a price on your expertise and charge for it. Author: Kim Garst


"Instead of worrying in advance, let's think and plan in advance. Churchill's words:


If you watch the minutes, the hours will take care of themselves. Chesterfield, Lord


Progress is made as time passes. And so, go ahead and do it (whatever it is). Do it now Do not delay Quote from: Robert De Niro

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In other words, time isn't the most important factor. Simply put, it's all there is. quotes Miles Davis:


Time spent doing something you enjoy is never wasted. To paraphrase Bertrand Russell:


What we covet most is time, but we waste it the most. -- William Penn


Someone once said, "They say time heals all wounds. "I disagree. There is still pain. Time heals mental wounds by covering them with scar tissue and numbing the pain in an effort to preserve sanity. But it remains forever quotes from Rose Kennedy


Take care of the now, and the years will take care of themselves Maria Edgeworth

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"Once you learn to control your time, you'll realize that most people grossly exaggerate their ability to accomplish in a year and grossly underestimate their ability to accomplish in a decade." In the words of Tony Robbins:


Once the time is gone, it is gone forever." Like money, time can be spent only once and cannot be retrieved once it has been spent. quote by Napoleon Hill


Your new life begins today. Abbie Hoffman.


Don't forget that the tomorrow you feared yesterday is today. To paraphrase Dale Carnegie:


The greatest educators are experience and time." We learn the value of time from living, and the utility of life from passing it. ”

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And all at once you realize it's time to begin anew, and to put your faith in the power of fresh starts. quote by Meister Eckhart

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