50 Quotes About Not Wasting Time That Will Motivate You to Get the Most Out of Each Moment

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These don't waste my time sayings will help you appreciate your time more, avoid wasting it, and motivate you to avoid letting others waste it, too.

The vast majority of us feel we need more of it, are frustrated that we must conserve what little there is, and know that we must not let any of it go to waste.

However, many of us struggle with both thinking this way and actually making good use of our time.

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Why should I bother reading "don't waste my time" sayings?

Idle pursuits include which ones, exactly? In many cases, people have different ideas about what constitutes a waste of time.

Spending time doing anything other than working toward your goals is considered a waste of time by some.

Some may argue that doing something just because you enjoy it is not a waste of time, regardless of whether or not it helps you achieve your goals.  

Now, let's talk about the time wasters that we fool ourselves into thinking we enjoy.

Primarily, this is due to the rise of social media.

Despite how much time you spend on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, ask yourself if you're truly happy doing so.

Or do you compare your life to other people's out of habit?

It's pointless to evaluate your own path against that of another.

In other words, your life is yours to live and shape as you see fit.

Yes, it's wonderful to find motivation in the achievements of others, but dwelling on your own lack of success is not a productive use of your time.

Better use your time to hone your if you really care about where you end up.

  • skills
  • network
  • opportunities

They needn't be perfect or even close to it.  

If you want to learn the true value of time, read through these "don't waste my time" quotations.

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Stop wasting my time, Instagram-worthy sayings

Use one of the following quotations to accompany your photo on Instagram. If you could only choose one quote, which one would it be?

You should invest your time instead of wasting it. — Anonymous

don't waste my time quotes about don’t waste your time, invest it

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Two: "Time is energy," ... " — Unknown

Don’t waste my time quotes that are perfect for Instagram

Have a look at our piece on quotations about time, too.

Thirdly, "I am wasting my time if I do not waste time." Richardson, James

don't waste my time quotes about time

4. "Get away from the people who are bringing you down. ... " — Unknown

don't waste my time quotes about people

(5) "Don't worry about things you can't change. — Anonymous

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don't waste my time quotes for change

6. "Don't waste your time trying to be someone else. — Steve Jobs

don't waste my time quotes about life

Don't bother me, I'm not a fool or an easy mark." 7. I'm going to have to disagree with Laura Schlessinger on this one.

don't waste my time quotes and saying

Instead of wasting time trying to get people to listen to you, you should focus on more productive endeavors. A Quote From: "

More don't waste my time quotes

9. "Never do again that which caused you to waste some of your valuable time." — Anonymous

Wise don't waste my time quotes

10. "I used to be obsessed with my appearance, but now I realize that it's pointless." Diets are a waste of time, and I refuse to participate in them. Drink four pints one night and then get back on track the next. Quote from Sophie Ellis-Bextor:

don't waste my time quotes about healthy

Stop quoting me about how precious time is.

There is no way to create more time. Apply the advice of the below quotations to fully appreciate the present moment.

11. 'You're wasting your time trying to prove yourself to people. — Anonymous

Don’t waste my time quotes that prove how valuable time is

Time is too precious, limited, and irretrievable to be wasted." Murdock, Mike

don't waste my time quotes on valuable, and irreplaceable

Time is the stuff of which a life is made, so don't waste it if you value it. Bruce Lee

don't waste my time quotes of love

No amount of time is ever enough to accomplish everything you set out to do. — Unknown

Relatable don't waste my time quotes

15. "Don't give your time to someone who doesn't appreciate it. — Unknown

Short don't waste my time quotes

16 "Time is more valuable than diamond; once it's gone, it's gone forever; make the most of it while you can." — Anonymous

Funny don't waste my time quotes

17. "The most important question to keep asking is, Are you focusing your time and energy on the right things?" As time is the only resource you have Randall Pausch

Wise and inspirational don't waste my time quotes

18 "Remember that time is precious and fleeting; use it wisely rather than squander it on trivial pursuits." Unknown Author

Favorite don't waste my time quotes

Nineteen. "Time is the most valuable asset on Earth, a depreciating asset, don't waste another moment of life where you are not at your full potential making the most of the time you have in life." A quote from Greg Plitt:

Amazing don't waste my time quotes

Don't let the date fool you" (20). When comparing the value of a year to a week, one man gets much less value than the other. Quote by Anthony Charles Richards:

don't waste my time quotes about calendar

Stop quoting celebrities and wasting my time.

Some famous people have spoken out about the significance of not wasting time, and their words are included below. Do you see your favorite star below?

To paraphrase a famous quote, number 21: "I didn't waste my time on things I didn't love." To paraphrase Patti Smith:

Don’t waste my time quotes from celebrities

22. "I'm going in the wrong direction." Most of the time, I'm just wasting it. Syd Barrett

don't waste my time quotes about waste my time

Don't bother trying to get inside my head; it's a waste of your time." There is utter emptiness. Shatner, William. "

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Random don't waste my time quotes

24. "If you don't have any talent, you shouldn't be up here." Stop wasting my time, please. A quote from Elaine Stritch:

don't waste my time quotes to motivate you

I'd rather be home with my kids than wasting time at work," I said at the age of 25. I quote: "Cindy Crawford

Top don't waste my time quotes

As for number 26, "I don't want no lies, I don't watch TV," I refuse to read magazines because they are a waste of time. Quote: ""

To paraphrase a famous movie quote: I'm not unfeeling, but I don't enjoy wasting time with things like -- life is too short. quote by Anthony Hopkins

At the age of 28, "I don't trust valets, waiters, or anybody I quit wasting time trying to identify the source of media leaks. (Nicole Richie)

29. "I'd feel like I was wasting my time if I focused on just one thing at a time." For instance, if I limited myself to novel writing, I would feel like a phony and a con artist. To paraphrase Peter Ackroyd:

30. "Please, don't stress out so much about the appearance of your skin or your weight. Grow the things you create and touch in the world. A quote from Meryl Streep:

Quotes that remind us not to waste our time

You can find motivation from this compilation of quotes to help you make the most of your time. What do you think? Did any of the below quotes inspire you to make a change?

Countdown: 31. "I like this place and could willingly waste time in it." — William Shakespeare

Don't let the opinions of others drown out your own," (Proverbs 32:6). quote by Steve Jobs

Stop debating what constitutes a good man; it's a waste of time," 33. Be one According to Marcus Aurelius:

If something bad is going to happen, then it will, and I'm not going to waste my time worrying about it." -- Christopher Paolini

35. "I came into this world to make a difference, and if I am not doing that, then I am wasting my time." Quote from: Utah Phillips

Don't bother explaining things to people because they'll only listen to what they want to hear. --Paulo Coelho

37. “Don’t waste your time on things that only hurt you, and remember to forget those who forgot you. To paraphrase: " — Unknown

Avoid wasting time trying to be perfect and instead focus on doing excellent work. To paraphrase Laurence Olivier:

Don't waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are set on misinterpreting you," (Proverbs 39:9). To quote LeCrae:

40. "If you have an opportunity to improve the lives of those who come after you and you don't take it, you have wasted your time on this Earth." The great Roberto Clemente

Time-wasting: the real story, as told by quotes

Some people value the time that others consider to be wasted. Your thoughts on the following quotations are welcome.

You did not waste the time you had so much fun wasting." ," - John Lennon

Time is the one thing we covet above all others, but we waste it terribly." — William Penn

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43. "Time is something that is made." A lack of time is always an excuse for laziness. '" — Laozi

I won't waste your time, and I hope you won't waste mine." - 44. Quote from: Terrell Owens

45. “When I think about the past, it’s usually to regret This moment is all that exists, and it will never end. ” — W This is a work by Somerset Maugham

46. "Just because I am a computer scientist does not mean that I have to waste my time in front of a screen." Edsger Dijkstra.

47. "Men who act now beat men who will act today and men who will act tomorrow." Amit Kalantri

Sayings, 48. “Your reality is yours Put an end to wishing your life was different while spending your time observing the lives of others while doing nothing to improve your own -- Steve Harvey

The purpose of a man's life, not his existence, is to live. I refuse to squander my time trying to make it last longer. Quote by Jack London:

In the 50th place, "Don't say you don't have enough time Day-to-day, you have the same number of hours that Helen Keller, Louis Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein had. ” — H Young Jackson Brown

The Most Frequent Time-Wasters

In addition to social media, then, the majority of us waste our time on a few other activities.

The fear of being judged negatively by others ranks high.

Someone else's opinion of how you should live your life is irrelevant.

What really matters is discovering satisfaction, meaning, and value in your actions.

In fact, worrying is rarely a productive activity.

It will negatively impact your health in both mental and physical ways, including anxiety and gastrointestinal issues.

Doing things like research and planning can help you worry less.

On the other hand, there are some things that are out of your hands and that you can worry about for hours on end without any result.

What a pointless waste of feelings and energy.  

The time and energy we put into unhealthy relationships is often wasted.

Cut ties with a partner, friend, or family member who is mistreating you if they can't or won't treat you right.

It's a waste to put effort into something that isn't satisfying your needs.

Do you believe you will have more time in your day if you put the advice from the "don't waste my time" quotes into practice?

Feel free to discuss this with your friends and fellow readers in the section below, and don't forget to share the impact quitting those behaviors has had on your life.

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