50 Motivating Sayings about Time Management that Will Change Your Life

This time management quote by jazz great Miles Davis was probably not written with your schedule in mind. But he nailed a reality that we often overlook in the midst of our hectic schedules.

The number of hours in a day is the same for you as it is for everyone else: 24 Even so, some people appear to be better at making the most of that time than others. All of this boils down to how you decide to allocate your time and focus your efforts.

Here are some wise words on time management from some of history's most successful people, to help you make the most of each day.

While you're here... Research shows that only 10% of people truly feel "in control" of their daily time allocation.

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What is measured is what is managed." ”

This is especially true if you want to maximize the value of your time. Some wise words on how to best allocate your time:

Time management quotes Chinese proverb

"He who carries a thread that will guide him through the labyrinth of the most busy life plans the transactions of that day and follows that plan" ”

He was known as Victor Hugo.

It's not a lack of time that's the issue, but rather a lack of focus. A day consists of twenty-four hours for everyone. ”

Zig Ziglar

As Socrates once said, "The most effective way to live reasonably is to make a plan of one's day in the morning and to examine the results obtained in the evening. ”

Plot: Alexis Carrel

The passage of time is of little concern to the average person, but it is a major motivator for people with exceptional talent. ”

Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer

Time passes quickly, which is bad news. You're the captain now, which is good news.

Author: Michael Altshuler Benjamin Franklin once said, "Success comes to those who are prepared." For Twitter:

Uses for these in making daily plans

We all have the same number of hours in the day, as the famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once put it. The foundation of effective time management is mastering these tools and learning to use them effectively.

If you want to know where your time is going (and where it is being wasted), keeping track of it is the first step. Then, take heed of the advice of Carrel and Hugo, who argued for the importance of daily rituals like planning, reviewing, and goal-setting.

Priorities in time management: quotes

Making decisions is the essence of time management. To schedule time for meetings or prioritize your work? When deciding whether to get up early or sleep in, which is preferable?

Here are some wise words on time management and prioritization:

Time management quotes thoreau

Time is fleeting, so you have to use it quickly. It's like a river that flows quickly but won't last forever. ”

On the Brevity of Life, by Seneca

Although we are all aware that our financial resources are limited, many of us spend them as if they were unlimited. ”

This is Shane Parrish, and I'm the n

What you do with your time is entirely up to you." It can be used to either make progress or put out fires. You decide Not deciding means other people will make the call for you. ”

This is Tony Morgan.

Waste time, and you waste life; learn to manage your time well, and you will learn to control your life. ”

Prof. Alan Lakein

When and how to use them for more effective prioritization

These quotations serve as a constant reminder that life is short. Our time is valuable, and we risk losing it if we don't actively prioritize its use and guard against waste.

Keep in mind the importance of prioritizing, making an "avoid at all costs" list, and reintroducing the word "no" into your vocabulary to help you focus on what really needs to get done.

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Procrastination-Beating Time Management Quotes

Though we may be aware of the necessary steps to take, we often put them off until a more convenient time. And while we all procrastinate from time to time, here's how some of the world's most productive artists deal with it:

Time management quotes Stephen King

A lot of people's busiest day of the week is Wednesday. ”


Procrastination, as the saying goes, is "the art of keeping up with yesterday and avoiding today." ”

Wayne Dyer

You can put things off, but time won't ”

Famous for: Being the Man Who Invented the Franklin

"What's on the agenda and when" A plan and a timetable are necessary for success. ”

A. Peter Turla

Forget about the value of life, if you dare to waste even an hour of it. ”

To paraphrase Charles Darwin Chris Guillebeau: "If you didn't begin last year, start today." For Twitter:

In what ways might you employ these in your struggle against procrastination?

In most cases, procrastination isn't a function of poor time management skills so much as it is an expression of deeper emotional issues. Once again, admitting that you have a problem is the first step in finding a solution.

Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father, is wise when he says that time keeps moving forward (even if you don't acknowledge it). Finally, acknowledge that, as Chris Guillebeau put it, starting now is the best thing you can do, even if you have procrastinated.

Finally, take a cue from best-selling author Stephen King and "just start." Science has shown that if you promise yourself you'll work on a task for just five minutes, you're more likely to overcome the psychological barrier that's keeping you from getting started.

Focusing on what is important while managing time quotes

My guess is that concentration isn't a problem if you don't struggle with procrastination or planning.

Daydreaming, distraction, and lapses in concentration affect even the most focused among us. But if you want to make the most of your time, you have to concentrate intently when it matters most.

Following are quotations that capture the essence of maintaining focus throughout the day:

Time management quotes Peter Drucker

When your imagination is blurry, it's hard to rely on what you see. ”

Mark Twain

You really can have it all." Certainly not all at once ”

Winfrey, Oprah

"Self-discipline consists essentially in choosing to deal with the important rather than the pressing." ”

A. Barry Werner

Take what is helpful, leave what isn't, and add what is uniquely you." ”

Bruce Lee

When you eliminate mental clutter, you'll be astounded by the increase in your free time and productivity. ”

Dr. Brittany Burgunder

A wise man once said, "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." ”

Einstein, Albert

Understand that right this second you are creating something new. Right now, you're shaping the future. That's the way it actually is. ”

Paddison, Sara

The steps you can take to regain concentration

According to Einstein, your full attention is required for crucial tasks. Take the advice of Werner and Drucker and prioritize accordingly.

Your next step should be to accept the reality that you probably only have four to five hours a day in which you can give 100% to your work. If something is truly "useless," as Lee puts it, then it's time to get rid of it or hand it off to someone else.

Motivational sayings about time management and increased output

Managing one's time effectively means prioritizing tasks so that more is accomplished in less time. Understanding the most effective methods of getting work done is just as important as deciding when you will get it done.

Some ideas are as follows:

Time management quotes Paul J Meyer

If it took me six hours to chop down a tree, the first four would be spent honing my axe. ”

Lincoln, Abraham

Forget what the date says In a year, you'll only use up the days you actually plan to. While one man only gets a week's worth of value out of a year, another gets a full year's worth of value out of a week. ”

Richards, Charles

As the saying goes, "The key is not to spend time, but to invest it." ”

Stephen R Covey

If you're never in a rush, you'll find time for everything. ”

Novelist Mikhail Bulgakov If you're in a boat that keeps leaking, Buffett advises that you focus on finding a new boat rather than trying to fix the current one. For Twitter:

The methods by which you may increase your output with their aid

Meyer, who established the Success Motivation Institute, argued that productivity is not an automatic phenomenon. To increase productivity, you should focus on doing the following instead:

In other words, you need to learn to focus on the activities that yield the greatest returns, eliminate any potential distractions, and arrange your daily schedule accordingly.

Quotes about multitasking, time management, and the like

When faced with multiple tasks at once, multitasking is always enticing. However, research (and these quotes) show that multitasking is impossible if you value effective time management.

Time management quotes Alexander Graham Bell

It's impossible to be effective at both tasks at once. ”

Syrus Publius

Taking on one task at a time will save you time in the long run. ”


To get the most out of your time, you need to zero in on what matters most and give that your full attention. ”

Former General Motors CEO Lee Iacocca

Remember the old adage, "Never repeat a mistake." Take your time and think things through so you can make the right choice the first time around and avoid having to deal with the same problem twice. ” 

Bill Gates

You can multitask, but your performance on either task will suffer. ”

Keller, Gary Be like a postage stamp and just do one thing until you succeed. – Josh Billings. To Tweet:

To stop multitasking, you can use these

It is clear from these three quotations that no one is giving their full effort to any one of the activities. It is more important to focus solely on one task before moving onto the next if we want real results and to spend our time wisely.

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Quotes about time management that focus on improving decision-making

Time management, as we've mentioned before, is all about choosing wisely. However, it's helpful to be reminded of this fact on occasion. Here are some thought-provoking quotations about the weight of your time-use decisions:

Time management quotes Bruce Lee

To paraphrase Confucius: "There is always enough time, if one uses it well." ”

German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I live for strict time constraints. I enjoy listening to the swooshing sound they make as they pass. ”

D. A. Stevenson

What you do now determines your future, not what you'll do tomorrow. ”


"What really counts is how we use our time in the present." How you spend your time is a product of your upbringing and habits; if you're unhappy with either, you can alter them. ”

The Replay, by Marcia Wieder

In what ways can you use this information to make wiser decisions about how you spend your time?

Lee's words sum it all up: As Adam suggests, you shouldn't worry too much about when things need to be done and instead focus on making the most of the time you have. If you choose to spend your time doing the things you enjoy, as von Goethe advises, then there will always be enough time for you to do them.

Some wise words on the subject of time management and sleep

Last but not least, while time management appears to be all about getting more done, remember to schedule in some downtime every day.

Taking time away from work is essential for mental and physical rejuvenation. In doing so, we guarantee that the next time we're working, we'll be doing so at 100% efficiency.

Time management quotes Ovid

The future is great because it's delivered one day at a time. ”

Lincoln, Abraham

Maintain set work and leisure times; fill your days with enriching activities; and show that you appreciate the value of time by using it wisely. ”

Alcott, Louisa May Time spent doing something you enjoy is not time wasted, as stated by Bertrand Russell. For Twitter:

How to use them to decide what needs to be done while you're taking a break

It's easy to overlook the significance of downtime in our culture of constant consumption. Remember that not everything can or should be managed in your effort to better manage your time.

The day after tomorrow, as Honest Abe used to say. It's impossible to squander vacation time if it's spent doing something you love.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. We may not be able to stop it, but we can make the most of the time we have.

In times when you feel unmotivated, confused, and at a loss for what to do next, these time management quotes may serve as a source of inspiration and guidance.

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