13 Top Time Management Programs and Services for the Year 2023

Smarter work can be accomplished through better time management. While it may seem counterproductive at first, learning effective time management skills is crucial for the future success of any organization.  

Successful people are masters of time management, and they can switch between tasks with ease. Focus and determination lead to efficient time management. We have compiled a list of the best time management apps to assist you in managing your time effectively and working more efficiently.  

In 2023, what will the top time management apps be?

1. ClickUp

Web, Mac/Windows/iOS/Android mobile app

ClickUp is a robust productivity tool that enables users from all walks of life and all types of businesses to better manage their time, streamline their operations, and collaborate in one central location. Stay on track, achieve your objectives, and keep tabs on every project update with the help of ClickUp, a flexible and feature-rich project management solution suitable for anyone working alone, in a small group, or on a large team.

ClickUp's time tracking and task estimation features can help you get more done in less time no matter where you are in the world. You can even view your tasks in one of more than 15 different ways, with due dates that you can adjust with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Whatever your preferred method of organizing projects, ClickUp is compatible with more than a thousand other time tracking programs, meaning you can start saving time right away. All of these time-management tools are also available to you at no cost, forever.

ClickUp is built to help you schedule your time the way you want to by providing you with simple task creation, a novel hierarchical workflow, and a plethora of time-saving tools.

Top qualities:

  • Multiple perspectives to choose from, including: Calendar, Timeline, Gantt, and Workload
  • Native, worldwide Time Tracking that can log time spent on any activity, across any platform.  
  • Predictions of how long it will take to complete each phase of your project
  • Timesheets can be sorted, filtered, and formatted to your specifications.
  • There are more than a hundred ways to program your way through mundane updates, comments, and more.
  • Time tracking made easy with this robust Chrome add-on

Opinions of Purchasers:

"ClickUp has been an absolute godsend for me in terms of keeping track of everything that's going on in my life." It's far more feature-rich than rivals like Asana and Trello. Their task tool is highly customizable thanks to the availability of many useful widgets and connectors. It really helps to boost productivity. "- Capterra


  • Unlimited tasks and users, 100 MB of storage, and more are all included in the forever-free plan.
  • Storage, Integrations, Dashboards, Agile Reporting, and More, All Unlimited ($5/month/member)
  • Unlimited teams, Google SSO, custom exporting, advanced public sharing, advanced automations, and more are all part of the Business plan ($12/month/user).
  • Subtasks in multiple Lists, user-defined roles and permissions, expanded automations and an expanded API all come standard in the Business Plus plan ($19/month/user).

ClickUp is a free service that doesn't require a credit card.

2. Todoist

Web, iPhone, and iPad compatible.  

Todoist is a fantastic checklist app that will assist you in setting priorities and managing your time effectively. Todoist is a popular app that has helped millions of people improve their time management and productivity.  

Top qualities:

  • Streamlines your processes and aids in task management.
  • Adjust your work views to better fit your workflow and preferred methods of doing things.
  • Organizes work efficiently, allowing you to focus on what's most important.  

With a wide variety of clients for Android, the web, Windows, and Mac, "Todoist is really quick and has great shortcuts." Source: Capterra


  • Starter package at no cost
  • Plus plan: US$3 per month per person
  • US$5 per month per member of an organization's team

3. 3.RescueTime1

Android, Chrome Extension, and Desktop Apps for iOS and Mac

Time management relies heavily on avoiding pointless web surfing. You can track how much time you spend on various apps and websites with the help of RescueTime, a productivity reporting tool. RescueTime's reporting features make it a useful tool for keeping tabs on how much time you spend on non-essential websites and determining where you can make cuts. If you're looking for an app to help you get more done in less time, look no further than RescueTime.  

Highest Quality:

  • Tracks and reports your web habits  
  • The "Productivity Pulse" metric simplifies time management.  

"I was able to better organize my day's activities and prioritize my tasks with its assistance." I finally realized how I was spending most of my time thanks to Rescue Time. Source: Capterra


  • Free for 14 days
  • per month for a full year $50 per month, or $12 for a single month 00/month

4. Method of Using Toggl

Media: HTML5, iOS, and Android

The checklist app Toggl Plan is fantastic for managing tasks and improving time management strategies. Toggl is a time tracking app trusted by over 4,000 companies worldwide, including Spotify, Netflix, Airbnb, and Stripe, among others. Toggl allows you to create new tasks, then give them due dates, estimated daily work time, notes, and a checkbox checklist. Time is conserved and efficiency is increased.   

Favorite aspects:

  • Make simple and straightforward plans for your projects.  
  • Makes use of a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface  

"Faultless timekeeping (our most valuable asset) project management overview and Toggle provides us with data that guides our decisions about how to best invest in the expansion of our company. "- Capterra


  • 14 days free of charge
  • Costs are per month per user on the team plan.
  • Price of the business plan: $13 35/user/month

5. Planner by Google

Online, as well as iOS and Android apps

Planning out your days, weeks, and months with Google Calendar is a breeze. With Google Calendar, you can see your entire week at a glance, including all of your appointments, projects, and more. If you use Google Calendar, you can sync it with ClickUp to get a more complete picture of your day.

Top qualities:

  • Start each workday with an email that will help you organize your day's activities.  
  • Allows for a streamlined connection between any and all productivity apps  
  • Aids in keeping track of appointments and unfinished work.

The best calendar application available" I've been using it frequently for a wide variety of projects, and it's fantastic for teamwork. A Word on Software"


  • Free
  • Plus - Only /month
  • Business - Designed to meet specific requirements

6. The Focused Work Timer

App Store for Macintosh

Our screen-dependent generation has a hard time focusing and getting things done on time. Be Focused is a fantastic time management tool because it segments your work into manageable chunks and provides regular breaks. Be Focussed is a useful tool for maintaining drive and concentration so that you can get more done in less time.  

Best Parts:

  • You can create new tasks, schedule your own breaks, and monitor your progress over the course of a day, week, or any other period you specify.
  • You can customize the timer settings for each individual task.
  • Make report generation more efficient and quick by making adjustments

"This is the best app ever. To take a break, I use this app as a reminder. I scheduled four 20-minute sessions separated by 5-minute breaks, with a longer 15-minute break afterward. Every time I take a break, I get up and walk around. This app solves the problem of losing track of time. The fact that it records my every action throughout the day makes it easy to evaluate my efficiency. Simply Download the App


7. Freedom

Platforms: iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and OS X

Users can use Freedom to disconnect from the web for up to eight hours at a time. This app is ideal for those who want to concentrate on something other than their phones. More than a million people rely on Freedom every day to help them stay motivated and productive. Freedom allows its users to more effectively control their schedules and avoid unwanted interruptions.  

Best Parts:

  • You can disable as many time-wasting sites as you like, from Facebook to ESPN.
  • Don't let things like email and games distract you.
  • Freedom allows for an unlimited number of devices to be used during a single session.

Almost everything about this app has won me over. I appreciate that they support virtually every popular browser and have thought of every possible scenario when it comes to network issues in various browsers. I also appreciate that every major operating system and device is supported. ” - G2


  • per month 99/month
  • Yearly: $2 42/month
  • Permanently: $129/month

8. Don't Forget the Milk!

IOS, Android, Web, and BlackBerry

Try out Remember The Milk if you're not great at keeping track of your to-dos. Remember The Milk is a web-based time-management application that was initially released in 2004. In both online and offline settings, it facilitates task management for its users. More than 6 million people worldwide rely on San Francisco-based Remember The Milk to help them get things done.

Highest Quality:

  • The Google Assistant is compatible with Remember The Milk.
  • Your Remember The Milk information can be imported and exported in JSON format.
  • Remember The Milk supports syncing with both Google Drive and Dropbox.

The app fulfills my expectations, so my experience has been positive. It aids me in keeping track of deadlines and completing tasks. To paraphrase Capterra:


9. ZenDay

Android-based format.

By dynamically merging calendars and tasks from various sources into a single centralized timeline, ZenDay enhances Time Management in a way that few other project management and productivity apps can. When it comes to organizing and keeping track of your projects, workflows, and other responsibilities, ZenDay is an indispensable tool. ZenDay is a replacement for all of your other phone's productivity apps.  

Best Parts:

  • Implements a novel method of integration in which tasks are displayed in a three-dimensional time-line.  
  • Get your schedules in sync
  • Your work can now flow with the clock thanks to dynamic scheduling.


  • Downloadable content starts at $2 90 – $19 $0.00 each

10. Habitica

Online and mobile apps for iOS and Android

More than four million people have benefited from using Habitica's task management features. Habitica is a web-based app for task management, productivity, and habit formation that takes the form of a role-playing game and uses incentives and consequences to encourage its users to stick to their routines.  

Favorite aspects:

  • Gain incentives for your efforts.
  • Provides a robust support system to keep you inspired and motivated
  • Keep yourself in check by keeping a record of your progress toward your objectives.

Wow, what a fantastic app this is; chatting with other users and completing entertaining quests are two of my favorite features. It's not only entertaining and imaginative, but also has a fantastic community. - Google Play


11. 11.Focusmate1

Web-based, Android Chrome, iOS Safari (iPhone, iPad).  

Focusmate, as the name suggests, is an activity best done with a partner. Focusmate is a group of people who take action together to accomplish goals. You can improve your time management and productivity by using Focusmate.  

Best Parts:

  • Uses remote teamwork to increase output  
  • When you want to get things done is entirely up to you.
  • You can collaborate in peace with your Focusmate for 50 minutes at a time.

"I like that it provides a means of accountability without the necessity of locating a personal study or work partner." A little bit of talking to people from all walks of life happens here, even though it's not a social hour. " - G2.com


  • Three sessions a week, 50 minutes each, are provided at no cost.  
  • Turbo, available for $5 per month, grants access to unlimited sessions.

12. 12.Noisili1

IOS, Android, and PC/Mac versions available.

Distractions from the environment may be to blame for poor time management. You should try Noisli if distracting noises account for a significant portion of your day. The app works to block out any outside noises, allowing you to concentrate better. To combat distracting noise and maximize efficiency, use Noisli as a personal assistant.  

Highest Quality:

  • Create the ideal working atmosphere by blending various sounds.
  • Select a Playlist with predetermined settings.  
  • Provides crisp, lifelike audio.

Have relied on this for quite some time. That Noisli had a mobile app came as a pleasant surprise. I appreciate the freedom to choose my own soundtrack. The timer gives me peace of mind that my phone won't die because I forgot to pause the music. " - Google Play


  • Free 
  • $10/month 
  • $24 per month (business groups).

13. Purposeful Exploration

Chrome extension for web-based access.

Mindful Browsing, created by Steven Skoczen, prevents users from engaging in mindless web surfing. When you're in the middle of some mindless browsing, Mindful Browsing will gracefully interrupt you so that you can get back to work. If you often find yourself mindlessly surfing the web and wasting time, then you need Mindful Browsing.  

Best Parts:

  • Alternatives for incorporating self-care prompts
  • Nudges and reminders to get you back on track with your work.

"This is a fantastic addition. Before you get sucked back into your old routines, it makes you gently wonder if what you're doing is the best use of your time. Strongly suggested. Store for Chrome


Work Smarter With These Time Management App Guidelines

If increasing your own productivity or having a productive week is your thing, try using a daily checklist tool or a focus app to get more done in less time.

If you're looking for a smarter way to manage your time, consider these factors:

  • Does it help people focus more?
  • Does it facilitate more efficient work practices?
  • Do you feel like you're getting more done?
  • Enjoy the UX so far?
  • Is it suitable for your technological setup?
  • Can it work with your current suite of productivity software?
  • Is it within your price range?

If you want to find the best time management app, you should try as many as possible before committing to one.  

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