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Jack Reacher and Titans star Alan Ritchson is rounding out what looks to be a rather star studded Fast X cast alongside Jason Momoa and Brie Larson.

While the 10th official Fast and Furious movie is very close to production, it's still adding cast members to the star-studded roster. The latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise already has a star-studded cast, and now it appears it's added Jack Reacher star Alan Ritchson to the rolls.

Ritchson has become an up-and-coming name in Hollywood over the last few years. He's especially been known as someone who can definitely pull off action roles thanks to his turn as Hawk in HBO Max's Titans and most recently as the titular character in Amazon Prime's Jack Reacher. It appears he's going to continue that action hero run as just the latest addition to Fast X.

Deadline reported that Ritchson has been brought on board as yet another big name, though there are some other names that are even bigger outside of the man who has starred in every single movie in the franchise in Vin Diesel. Over the last few months, the cast's big names have included Jason Momoa and Brie Larson.


Not everything has gone perfectly for the latest and perhaps final installment in the series as the film did have to find a new director after Justin Lin bowed out. There were even rumors that Lin might have left the franchise because he wasn't able to get along with Vin Diesel. That wouldn't be the first time that there's been a shakeup in the series around its star, considering that Dwayne Johnson has made it clear that he's never going to return to the Fast franchise in large part because of a tiff with Diesel.

It's not entirely clear who exactly Ritchson is going to be playing, though it would seem as though he might be a new addition to Diesel's gang of car enthusiasts. Granted, the Jack Reacher star could also be serving as a henchman to Fast X's big bad who is being played by Momoa.

Momoa, Diesel, and Larson are just a few of the big names that is going to be part of what continues to be an ever-growing star-studded cast. Among those already mentioned, Charlize Theron and John Cena are also going to be appearing in the new movie. Cena and Ritchson actually have something else in common as they are both well known for playing DC characters on HBO Max. While Ritchson is no longer appearing on Titans, Cena just wrapped up his first season of Peacemaker.

Fast X is scheduled to release in theaters on May 19, 2023.

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Twitch Streamer Asmongold Claims Leak About His Earnings is …

07-10-2021 · It is possible that Asmongold was mainly referring to the initial post that stated he earned million, not being aware of the correction made. Another part of the leak showed Asmongold's ...


With Twitch gaining a massive boost in users these past couple of years, many streamers across the platform have been making substantial pay raises from their subscribers. Now, after Twitch's massive data leak released 125 GB of data off the platform servers onto the web, fans are able to get a sense of just how much their favorite streamers are making from all the way back to 2019.

One popular streamer among the list of leaked earnings is Asmongold. Asmongold started streaming around 2014 and is primarily known for playing games like World of Warcraft, New World, and Final Fantasy 14. From this, he has been able to gain an impressive standing on the platform with over 2 million followers and averaging about 50,000 viewers per stream.

From the initial breach, it was revealed that Asmongold made about 19 million from 2019. However, this would later be corrected in a second post on 4chan to be about 2.5 million. In response, Asmongold stated during a stream that he doesn't care much for the breach, but the number for his earnings was wrong.

Asmongold name stolen in Amazon's New World

It is possible that Asmongold was mainly referring to the initial post that stated he earned million, not being aware of the correction made. Another part of the leak showed Asmongold's earnings for September of 2021, putting him at 1,000. If this is accurate, then this puts his earnings for this year so far at about 1.5 million. It should be noted that these numbers are before tax and do not account for any money made from Twitch donations or sponsorships.

Other important information that was leaked from Twitch servers that were leaked was the website's source code, information about a Steam competitor named Vapor, along with the earnings of other top creators on the website. Earlier today, Twitch made a post on its Twitter account say that it is aware of the hack and is working urgently to fix it. Twitch has also promised to update the community as soon as it can and to bear with them.

Twitch was already in murky water with the creators on the website after the rise of hate raids on Twitch, so with this event following shortly after doesn't bode well for the platform. Luckily, the leaked information was only the streamer's earnings and not something more severe like social security numbers or other personal information. This also probably explains why Asmongold wasn't too pressed about the issue. Hopefully, Twitch does something soon to address this issue, find the ones responsible, and put countermeasures in place to prevent this from happening again.

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Source: Twitch (via Dexerto)

Incredible Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshot Shows Explosion, Dynamite
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Microsoft Store Has Xbox Series X Consoles in Stock Right Now

28-04-2022 · Microsoft recently opened up sales on the Microsoft Store for players to purchase Xbox Series X consoles through the company's website. Fans looking to pick up an …


Throughout the newest console generation and amidst numerous supply shortages over the past few years, both Xbox and PlayStation have struggled to supply the hottest new consoles on the market. Shortages of everything from GPUs to chips and semiconductors have created a constant struggle for both Microsoft and Sony to keep the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in stock both in retail stores and in online markets. However, it looks like Xbox fans lying in wait may be seeing their newest chance to get their hands on an Xbox Series X through Microsoft's online store.

Restocks of Xbox Series X consoles have become something of an event for many retailers with the consoles often coming in short supply and selling out fast. GameStop announced a new restock of the Series X last month exclusively in stores, with the retailer offering a bundle of the console and controller, three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and a GameStop card for its PowerUp Rewards members. Now, Microsoft itself has started a new promotion through its online store, allowing Xbox fans to purchase an Xbox Series X as part of a bundle with plenty of optional accessories.

Microsoft recently opened up sales on the Microsoft Store for players to purchase Xbox Series X consoles through the company's website. Fans looking to pick up an Xbox Series X can buy just the console at a starting price of 9.99 or bundle it in with several additional accessories for an extra cost. Potential buyers can add a 3-month membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the standard .99 rate or add a variety of controllers, with many of the options being discounted by up to and even a off the console's touted Xbox Elite Controller.


Microsoft's online bundle comes as both Sony and Microsoft have ramped up their efforts to contend with high customer demand for the newest consoles. GameStop recently announced a PS5 restock that will include every store in the US, with Sony previously making efforts to restock both Amazon and Walmart this month. While Xbox hasn't seen quite the same difficulties as Sony, the constant shortages have still led Series X consoles to short supply and have caused widespread scalping.

Xbox's efforts to put more Series X consoles into the hands of consumers coincide with several major announcements set to come in the near future. Microsoft recently announced its Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase for a June 12th date heavily hinting at the inclusion of highly-anticipated new Bethesda IP Starfield, and Halo Infinite is set to add several features, including co-op campaign mode and the popular Forge map editor later this year. Microsoft's newest online bundle will allow plenty of Xbox fans to finally get a chance to own the Xbox Series X.

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Xbox Free Games With Gold Games for June 2022 Revealed
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How to Factory Reset a PS4

01-01-2022 · Deactivating the PSN account on the PS4 is akin to disabling the "find my device" feature on a phone and signing out of any accounts associated with …


Factory resetting a device like a PlayStation 4 can be a sometimes drastic, but necessary step in troubleshooting and resolving an issue. Otherwise, it can be useful in simply getting a fresh start with the console or if one plans to sell the PlayStation 4 or give it to a friend or family member. Knowing how to perform the factory reset on a PS4 can be a tricky proposition without a guide.

There are two major components to performing a factory reset. The first is disassociating the PSN account from the PlayStation 4. The second is the actual factory reset. Performing the factory reset is recommended if the user is planning on keeping the console. Performing both is recommended if planning on selling or giving away the console.

Disassociate the PSN Account

  • Navigate to and open "Settings"
  • Navigate to and select "Account Management"
  • Select "Activate as Your Primary PS4"
  • Select "Deactivate"
  • Select "Yes" to confirm
  • Select "OK" once complete

Deactivating the PSN account on the PS4 is akin to disabling the "find my device" feature on a phone and signing out of any accounts associated with it. It's also wise to perform this step if purchasing a used PlayStation 4 as it may not have been done by the previous owner or reseller.

Performing the Factory Reset

  • Navigate to and open "Settings"
  • Open "Initialization"
  • Select "Initialize PS4"
  • "Quick" will quickly wipe all of the data from the drive but isn't completely secure as the data can be recovered using specialized software. "Full" will wipe the drive securely and prevents attempts at recovering data. Selecting "Full" will take several hours to complete, but is the best option from a security standpoint.
  • Once "Quick" or "Full" has been selected, select "Initialize"
  • Select "Yes" to confirm
  • The PlayStation 4 will reboot and the Factory Reset process will begin. Once complete, the PlayStation 4 will boot and be at the startup screen. From here, holding down the power button will safely turn the console off.

Performing the necessary steps to factory reset a PlayStation 4 and/or prepare it for resale isn't necessarily complicated, but having the steps can be useful for new users and veterans alike. It's also good to remember that the process can take several hours to complete, so carving out enough time to ensure the process completes is crucial. With a "fresh" PS4 ready to be loaded with games and apps, there's not much in the way between players and their content aside from download times.

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Mushoku Tensei: What to Expect from Season 2

20-03-2022 · Season 2 will be the inverse with a decent amount of adventure but primarily slice of life. Familiar Faces Make a Return Mushoku Tensei’s new setting will come with a ton of new characters....


Mushoku Tensei has taken the anime community by storm. Only a few months after the 1st season’s conclusion, the 2nd season of Mushoku Tensei has been announced. The new season will start by adapting the 7th light novel in the series and will likely continue up until the 12th novel.

By the end of the 1st season Rudy’s party, Dead End, was unofficially disbanded as they parted ways. With season 1’s main characters gone and Rudy’s goal of returning home complete, it’s a complete mystery for where the show will go next. Without getting into specifics, here are some things to look forward to in the upcoming season and the direction it is likely to take.

The Story has a Shift in Tone

Mushoku Tensei Rudeus standing over a book

Mushoku Tensei’s 1st season ends with a shot of the Ranoa Magic Academy. Before the Mana Displacement incident, the academy was Rudy’s main objective. Now that Rudy has made it home, enrolling at the Magic Academy seems to be Rudy’s next step.

As Rudy becomes a student at the Ranoa Magic Academy, the 2nd season will differ greatly from the 1st season. Entering a classic school-like setting, season 2 will have a lot more slice-of-life moments than before. Fans who enjoyed Rudy’s downtime and interactions with the cast can look forward to this change.

However, just because season 2 focuses on Rudy’s school life doesn’t mean there won’t be any more action or adventures. The first season started with a calmer, slice of life tone however, a significant portion is dedicated to Rudy’s adventure. Season 2 will be the inverse with a decent amount of adventure but primarily slice of life.

Familiar Faces Make a Return

Mushoku Tensei Laying On Grass

Mushoku Tensei’s new setting will come with a ton of new characters. However, there will still be some familiar faces. Mushoku Tensei’s recent OVA introduced us to Cliff, a young talented mage. After setting up Cliff’s backstory and history with Eris, expect to see him cross paths with Rudy at the Ranoa Magic Academy.

Cliff will not be the only familiar face Rudy will meet during his enrollment at the academy. Zanoba, the figurine fanatic Rudy encountered in Shirone, will make an appearance, leading to some funny moments. More importantly, Rudy will encounter an old friend that hasn’t shown their face in a really long time.

Rudy's Significant Growth

Mushoku Tensei Rudeus Greyrat holding up his new wand

At the end of the first season, Rudy falls into despair at the loss of Eris, the person he has fallen in love with. This will end up being a really difficult problem that Rudy will have to deal with and lead to some devastating consequences. Throughout the 2nd season, Rudy will slowly have to work to overcome both the physical and mental issues resulting from the loss of Eris. However, by the end of it, Rudy will end up becoming a stronger person making significant growth as a character.

Rudy’s growth won't just be limited to his character. Mushoku Tensei’s first season follows Rudy’s new life as he grows from a newborn into adolescence. The 2nd season covers the ‘Youth Arc’ where Rudy grows into his early to late teens. As a result, Rudy will end up going through a massive change in appearance from his previous adolescent self. Towards the end of the season, he will end up looking more like a young adult rather than a young child.

The Mana Displacement Incident & Rudy’s Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei Mana Displacement Incident

The upcoming season will feature some answers to a lot of questions that fans may have. The mystery surrounding the huge Mana Displacement Incident will become a little clearer. Despite turning the whole world upside-down, not much is known about the incident. Finally, after a bit of research at the magic academy, viewers will get some answers surrounding the terrible disaster.

Not only will there be some answers about the Mana Displacement Incident, but also Rudy’s mysterious reincarnation. While at the academy, Rudy will come across an intriguing person who knows something about Rudy's reincarnation into this new world. After more research is done at the Academy, some shocking results will come about.

A Colossal Ending


Based on the first season adapting the first 6 novels, the second season is likely to adapt the next 6 novels in the series. If this ends up being the case, the finale will cover the 12th novel in the series and will have a shocking conclusion. Fans of the light novel widely consider the 12th novel to be one of the best in the series. A big reason is that the novel contains a massive turning point for Rudy that will change his life forever.

With Mushoku Tensei’s 2nd season on the horizon, there is a ton to look forward to. While there will certainly be a change of pace, a lot of the developments in the plot and Rudy’s character will leave viewers extremely satisfied. In addition to that, there are a ton of developments and characters that weren't covered so expect lots of surprises! Mushoku Tensei’s 2nd season is scheduled to air Spring of 2023.

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Amouranth Returns to Twitch After 3 Day Ban
Stardew Valley: Pro Tips For Farming Iridium

28-04-2021 · Iridium is one of the most valuable crafting materials in Stardew Valley. It is necessary for upgrading your tools fully and for making extremely useful items such as the Iridium Band or Iridium...


Iridium is one of the most coveted crafting materials you can get your hands on in Stardew Valley. Here's how you can best farm it.

Stardew Valley is beloved for many reasons. One of those reasons is the opportunity that the game gives the player to accomplish great tasks through meaningful work. Players farm, mine, fish, and live their lives in this simulator while having great fun all along the way. Stardew Valley players also have the opportunity to craft and upgrade items using the skills, knowledge, and materials that they collect along the way.

Iridium is one of the most valuable crafting materials in Stardew Valley. It is necessary for upgrading your tools fully and for making extremely useful items such as the Iridium Band or Iridium Sprinklers. Let's take a look at where to find Iridium and discuss a few pro tips to doing it efficiently.

Updated April 27th, 2022 by Russ Boswell: Stardew Valley is still one of the biggest and be Indie games to hit the market, with many players still logging in each and every day to tend to their farms and personal relationships long after the title released. There is so much to see and do in Stardew Valley, with a multitude of areas to explore, NPCs to meet, and items to craft. Some craftable items take much more to build than others, with rare materials that can be pretty tough to farm. Iridium Ore is one of the best rarities found throughout Stardew Valley and players that want to get the most out of their adventure will want to get their hands on an abundance of it. Here's an expanded look at where to find Iridium Ore in Stardew Valley, how to farm it, and what exactly it's used for.

Skull Cavern

Stardew Valley

Skull Cavern is the primary place where players are going to find Iridium Ore. Every 10 floors, the rate at which Iridium Nodes spawn goes up, making reaching the later floors of the cavern more than worth the time.

Skull Cavern is deadly, however, and without the proper means of survival, players might end up dying there without the opportunity to save progress first. So, let's go over the best ways of going deep into Skull Cavern.

Traversing Skull Cavern does not require the use of the Watering Can, Hoe, Scythe, Axe, or Fishing Rod. Players should just bring the Pickaxe and their weapon of choice.

Best weapons

Stardew Valley
  • Infinity Gravel
  • Galaxy Hammer
  • Obsidian Edge

The Infinity Gavel is the best weapon in the game, with the Galaxy Hammer being right behind it. These weapons are not only useful for their strength but also their "special" action when pressing the Space Bar. Due to them being categorized as a club, the hammers will pound the ground when the Space Bar is pressed, causing any nearby enemies to be sent flying, giving you some breathing room.

However, these weapons are not easy to obtain. Players need a Prismatic Shard to even have access to either of these, and those are incredibly rare outside of Skull Cavern.

If someone doesn't have access to the hammers, then the Obsidian Edge obtained from floor 90 of the regular mines is your next best option. While not as strong as the hammers, it does get the job done.

Stardew Valley
  • The Space Boots found on floor 110 of the regular mines will probably be the best shoes players have at this point in the game unless they have access to Ginger Island, where the Cinderclown Shoes are found in the Volcano Dungeon Shop are better.
  • The Iridium Band and Burglar's Ring are both extremely useful, though the Iridium Band is expensive to make, and the Burglar's Ring requires you to kill 500 Dust Sprites. The Crabshell Ring gives great defense at 5 points, and its goal isn't too bad, as you only need to kill 60 Rock Crabs/Lava Crabs/Iridium Crabs.
  • If you have access to the Forge on Ginger Island, combing the Slime Charmer's Ring with an Iridium Band is incredible, as you not only get the effects of the Iridium Band but also complete immunity to any and all slime enemies.


Stardew Valley

Using specific kinds of food can give players a huge advantage during deep Skull Cavern runs.

  • Salad is the most cost-effective food for general healing, as it only costs 220 gold, and it's also easily accessible, being sold in the Stardrop Saloon daily. Stock up on around 300-500 Salads.
  • Don't forget to bring along some "big" healing items for bringing your health up in a pinch. Purple Mushrooms and Magma Caps are the most recommended items for this, although Energy Tonics from Harvey's Clinic are also useful. It is best to only bring 10-20 of these.
  • Since the player's time in Skull Cavern is limited, Coffee and Triple Shot Espresso are extremely useful since they increase movement speed, cutting down the time it takes to navigate each floor. Bring 300-500 of these.
  • Banana Pudding and Spicy Eels both increase the Luck stat, making ladders and shafts spawn more often, so it's best to have these as well. Players only need about 10 of either, as they have long-timers and don't need to be refreshed much.
Stardew Valley

The key to everything in Stardew Valley is preparation. It's best to enter Skull Cavern on a "best" luck day, as told by Welwick's Oracle TV channel. "The spirits are very happy today!" is the message players are looking for. Here are some general tips to keep in mind:

  • Buy a lot of Bombs from the Dwarf to the right of the floor of the main mine, as there are a lot of rocks in Skull Cavern you need to destroy, and Bombs are the most efficient way to do so. Buy around 250-300 or more, and make sure they're *regular* Bombs, as Cherry Bombs are a bit too small, and while the Mega Bombs are useful, it's really easy to get caught in their blast range. It's also best to eat a healing item before the bomb actually detonates, to keep your health in good condition.
  • If a player wants to maximize their time in Skull Cavern as much as possible, it might be in their interest to get a few Desert Warp Totems or the Desert Obelisk, although these both require Iridium, so these might be considerations for later.
  • Having a lot of Stones is something to consider, as 99 of them make a single staircase, which is very valuable in skipping floors full of monsters, "spiral" shaped floors, and floors someone just doesn't want to deal with. Bringing a full stack of Stones (999) is recommended.
  • Keep the toolbar organized. If players have the Return Scepter or a Warp Totem of any kind, they will want to avoid keeping them in the toolbar. This precaution is used to ensure that they are not accidentally used. The toolbar should look something like this:
    • Bombs, Weapon, Pickaxe, Salad, Big healing item, Stones/Staircases, Speed Boosting Food, Luck Boosting Food
  • If need be, players can open their inventory to pause the game and give themselves some time to think. However, this only works in Single Player.

Watch Out For These Enemies

SV Purple Slime

While the enemies found in Skull Cavern are similar to the ones found in the later floors of the regular mine, it is important to know these three well:

  • Mummies: These can *only* be killed by knocking them down and then using a Bomb on them, so keep this in mind.
  • Slimes: The "Slimed" status effect can be devastating, as it makes players move very slowly for 3 seconds.
  • Serpents: These are by far the deadliest enemy in Skull Cavern. They're green dragon-like creatures that fly. They move extremely fast, hit hard, take multiple hits to kill, and several of them can spawn at once. Players can realize that one is about to spawn when they hear the specific sound effect (it sounds like a bit-crushed "takeoff" noise). The best way to deal with them is to let them come to you, take a swing at them, then repeat. Although this can get extremely hectic as the run goes on.

To summarize this strategy, use foods that increase Speed and Luck before entering Skull Cavern or on the 1st floor, and refresh them whenever they run out. Use Bombs and the Pickaxe to take out the rocks and find either ladders or shafts (shafts are preferable), making sure to eat food before the Bombs detonate to restore health. Furthermore, utilize Staircases to avoid floors and pause the game when necessary. Finally, and most importantly, do all of this while watching the health bar like a hawk, as death is the #1 thing everyone wants to avoid here.


Stardew Valley

To progress in the game, players are going to need to make money. Therefore, they should be constantly working. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to gain iridium without having to spend time searching and mining. The Statue of Perfection and Statue of Endless Fortune are great ways to receive Iridium passively after they are obtained.

Statue of Endless Fortune

stardew valley home with stature of endless fortune

The Statue of Endless Fortune can be bought at the Casino from a shady dealer for 1 million gold. Yes, it is extremely expensive, but it's worth the price, as every single day it spawns either a Gold Bar, an Omni Geode, a Diamond, a loved gift if it's someone's birthday, or (most importantly) an Iridium Bar, making it one of the best ways to get Iridium Bars. It's also worth noting that players are not limited to just one of these statues as they can buy as many as they want, provided they have the gold for it.

Statue of Perfection

stardew valley iridium

The Statue of Perfection is obtained from passing Grandpa's Evaluation from year 3 onwards.

Starting from year 3, players can put a Diamond on Grandpa's Shrine in the corner of your farm and he will evaluate their progress. He will give players points for accomplishing major feats in the game, and when they have 12 or more points, they can then check his shrine the next day for the statue.

The easiest points to obtain are the following:

  • Earn a million gold in lifetime earnings (7 points)
  • Reach level 10 in every skill (2 points)
  • Get married and own a house that has been upgraded twice (1 point)
  • Have a relationship of 8 hearts with at least 5 villagers (1 point)
  • Make your dog/cat love you (Pet them every day until you get the "[pet name] loves you!" message. (1 point)
  • Donate at least 60 artifacts to the museum (1 point)
  • Finish the regular mines (1 point)

Once players have the Statue of Perfection, it will produce 2-8 pieces of Iridium Ore daily, making the best way to get Iridium with the lowest amount of effort.

Best Items to Craft with Iridium

Stardew Valley fighting monsters inside the mines

Finally, let's take a look at what exactly makes Iridium so valuable. It is used in the creation and upgrading of most of Stardew Valley's extremely useful and valuable items. Here are three examples of the best.

  • Every Golden Tool can be taken to its Iridium status at Clint the Blacksmith's shop for 5 Iridium Bars and 25,000 Gold. (12,500 for the Trash Can)
  • The Iridium Band is one of the best rings in the game, you unlock its recipe at Combat Level 9 and it costs 50 Solar Essences, 50 Void Essences, and 5 Iridium Bars to craft.
  • Iridium Sprinklers are incredible, as they automatically water up to 24 tiles around them a day. Its recipe is unlocked at Farming Level 9, and it takes 1 Iridium Bar, 1 Gold Bar, and 1 Battery Pack to make.

What Can Players Make With Iridium?

Stardew Valley Hopper

There are quite a few items that can be made with Iridium. Players will first need to get their hands on Iridium Ore before they can smelt it into bars to unlock an array of useful items to craft. Aside from the above-listed best items to craft with Iridium, here's a deeper dive into what else can be made with the valuable material. Although there are two items that players can craft with just Iridium Ore, it's important to note that it will need to be in its "bar form" to be used for most crafting recipes. Here's everything players can make with Iridium Ore and Iridium Bars:

Item Materials Required Recipe Acquisition
Deluxe Scarecrow 50 x Wood, 40 x Fiber, 1 x Iridium Ore Received in Mail after collecting 8 Rarecrows.
Crystalarium 99 x Stone, 5 x Gold Bard, 2 x Iridium Bar, 1 x Battery Pack Level 9 Mining
Deluxe Fertilizer 40 x Sap, 1 x Iridium Bar Mr. Qi for 20 Qi Gems.
Hopper 10 x Hardwood, 1 x Radioactive Bar, 1 x Iridium Bar Mr. Qi for 50 Qi Gems.
Iridium Band 50 x Solar Essence, 50 x Void Essence, 5 x Iridium Bar Level 9 Combat
Iridium Sprinkler 1 x Battery Pack, 1 x Gold Bar, 1 x Iridium Bar Level 9 Farming
Slime Incubator 100 x Slime, 2 x Iridium Bar Level 8 Combat
Warp Totem: Desert 4 x Iridium Ore, 2 x Hardwood, 1 x Coconut Give Desert Trader 10 x Iridium Bar
Wedding Ring 5 x Iridium Bar, 1 x Prismatic Shard Buy at Traveling Cart for 500 Gold.

There are also a handful of buildings that players can snag from Carpenter's Shop and the Wizard's Tower that use Iridium as a material. Here's a look at all the available buildings:

Name Materials Required Land Size Used
Desert Obelisk 1,000,000g, 20 x Iridium Bar, 10 x Cactus Fruit, 10 x Coconut 3 x 2
Earth Obelisk 500,000g, 10 x Earth Crystal, 10 x Iridium Bar 3 x 2
Island Obelisk 1,000,000g, 10 x Dragon Tooth, 10 x Banana, 10 x Iridium Bar 3 x 2
Slime Hutch 10,000g, 500 x Stone, 10 x Refined Quartz, 1 x Iridium Bar 11 x 6
Water Obelisk 500,000g, 10 x Clam, 10 x Coral, 5 x Iridium Bar 3 x 2

Players will also be able to upgrade five of their tools to Iridium status. To get the Iridium Hoe, Pickaxe, Axe, Watering Can, and Trash Can, players will have to spend 25,000g and 5 x Iridium Bars each.

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Xbox Design Lab's Temporary Closure Hints at One of Three Things
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Kirkland Fortner (57 Articles Published) More From Kirkland Fortner
Ocarina of Time Unreal Engine 4 Remake Looks Incredible

03-05-2022 · With a PC port of Ocarina of Time on its way, the classic game continues to cement its place in the gaming world as one of the best Zelda games of all time. Older games …


Work began on a new remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine 4 and updates have been revealed throughout that time. Recently, a video has surfaced with new updates on the remake of the classic N64 title in The Legend of Zelda series.

YouTuber CryZENx, whose real name is Joseph, began work on this remake of Ocarina of Time several years ago and has been revealing new updates as they are finished. This recent update comes only months after another update was released of the Unreal Engine version of Ocarina of Time in December 2021, which means things must be coming along smoothly. The release date has yet to be revealed.

CryZENx released a video almost 14 minutes long showing off the progress on the UE4 remake of Ocarina of Time. The video shows old versions of footage along with updated versions. The new footage shows an updated version of Kokiri Forest where the original game begins, with a more polished look than the previous version. New looks for enemies like Deku Baba and Skultulas are revealed in this video as well. It also shows off horse riding, which was also shown in the 4.26 video about the progress on this version of Ocarina of Time. This video also reveals how the clouds look now, as well as an options menu and a multiplayer mode.

The remake is not the only one being made, with another Ocarina of Time version being made in UE5 by RwanLink. Unreal Engine is software used in many AAA games these days, and its use to re-create this classic game has brought a new light to Ocarina of Time that not even the 3DS remake did at the time of its release.

CryZENx also revealed at the beginning of the video that Sora will be a playable character for fun. This could be an interesting addition to the remake with a crossover not many fans might expect in a revamped version of one of the best 3D games from the 90s.

With a PC port of Ocarina of Time on its way, the classic game continues to cement its place in the gaming world as one of the best Zelda games of all time. Older games are always in need of some improvement due to their now dated graphics, and it's wonderful to see such a beloved classic updated with the times.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is available on 3DS, Nintendo 64, and Switch.

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