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We'll show you the best time to visit the Maldives, why we love each season, the worst and cheapest times to go, and much more.

Planning to visit Maldives soon? It’s a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean and draws hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Less crowded than similar sunny island destinations (we’re looking at you, Hawaiian islands), Maldives is home to incredible beaches, rich culture, and oceanic adventures to satisfy every type of visitor.

Learn the best time to visit Maldives in our travel guide, along with tips on the cheapest and least busy time to go! From the idyllic dry season with highs in the 70F-80F range to the much cheaper and less-crowded wet season with brief cloudbursts, you’ll find the best time to visit Maldives below. 

First, let’s take a look at what makes this archipelago nation so special. 

Why You Should Visit Maldives

View of a dock and water from between trees during the overall best time to visit Maldives


Maldives is an archipelago of islands near India and Sri Lanka. It’s Asia’s smallest country, but this tiny island nation packs in big adventure, scenery, and tropical vibes.

If you’re looking for reasons to visit Maldives, a shorter list would be the reasons not to go (and we’re coming up empty-handed on that one).

Beautiful Beaches, Scenery, and Wildlife

Maldives is known for its white sand beaches, diverse wildlife and tropical plants, and stunningly blue waters that surround the 200 inhabited islands.

Each island is a ring-like atoll that creates a truly incredible aerial view of the archipelago. It’s in the 70s and 80s year-round here, thanks to the tropical and comfortable climate.

You can expect lots of sunny, warm days with little rain and a nice sea breeze when you visit Maldives at the right time of year.

Since the group of islands spans across the equator, there’s little variation in the weather here and only 2 seasons each year: The wet season (when the most rainfall and storms occur) and dry season (when the weather is dry and calm). 

The tropical climate makes the Maldivian islands home to thousands of species of wildlife – fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects – that will astound and mesmerize any nature-lover.

More than 2,500 acres of the islands are forested with dense greenery and tropical plants making for amazing scenery. 

Ocean Adventures and Relaxation

Image of a young man snorkeling during the best time to go to Maldives


Maldives is one of the world’s best diving destinations with more than 60 top-ranked dive sites around the group of islands. If you’re into scuba diving or freediving – even snorkeling – Maldives deserves a spot on your travel bucket list.

You’ll see a rainbow of tropical fish, sea turtles, and manta rays, over 3,000 coral reefs, and unique formations under the seas around Maldives. It’s truly a diver’s paradise! 

Don’t miss the Vaadhoo Island (Raa Atoll) during your trip, where millions of bioluminescent organisms light up the seas at night with an ethereal glow.

Watch the brilliant blue natural light show (called the “Sea of Stars”) at night for a truly enchanting experience. If relaxing on the beach is more your speed, Maldives has lots to offer.

With more than 700 miles of coastline along the deep-blue Indian Ocean, you can choose the sunniest spot on the sugar sand beaches near your hotel and spend your day soaking up the sun.

 When you’re ready to make a splash, take to the ocean in a boat, jet ski, kayak, paddleboard, or “fly” over the water with futuristic hydroflight jet blades for a new perspective.

It’s a great spot to sail – especially in a traditional Dhoni boat – with the strong sea breezes that continually blow across the islands. 

Connect With Maldivian Culture

Maldivian locals in white dress sitting on a beach during the best time to visit Maldives


Visiting here will give you a unique look at the colorful Maldivian culture. During peak season, locals gather to dance the Bodu Beru on the beaches in the evenings.

This is a traditional folk dance and song that will make you feel connected to the ancient cultural roots of Maldives. The food in Maldives on another level, often starring freshly-caught seafood prepared in delicious ways with tasty seasonings and sauces that travelers relish.

You can watch local fisherman bring their bountiful catches ashore and enjoy the unique Maldivian flavors added to make memorable dishes. Lime, chili, coconut, and curry are staples in Maldivian cuisine.

From fresh tuna curries and smoked fish pastries to flavorful fish soups and banana flower salad, Maldivian food blends tropical tastes with Indian flavors in a delicious way.  

Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Newlyweds especially love Maldives – it’s the #1 most desired honeymoon destination globally. That makes perfect sense due to the tropical scenery, laid-back culture, seaside spa cabanas, and ample opportunities for romantic relaxation.

After all, there are countless beaches and high-end resorts to visit. If you’re dreaming of a honeymoon in paradise, this is the spot for you.  

Explore the Cities and Villages

Guy walking through a market during the best time to visit Maldives

Ivan Kurmyshov/Shutterstock

In the capital Male, you’ll see shining domes of Islamic mosques highlighting the skyline, some built with coral stone from the nearby reefs. Bustling fresh markets give you a chance to peruse everything from fresh seafood and produce to handmade crafts and clothing. 

While most of the population here lives in the capital, there are small towns and culturally rich villages scattered around the 200 inhabited islands of Maldives.

Take the opportunity to island-hop via boat or seaplane to see the relatively untouched atolls off the beaten path. There’s a lot to do and see in Maldives, especially when you plan your trip at the perfect time of year.

See the best time to visit Maldives below – best overall, cheapest, and least busy – plus the worst time of year to go. We’ll also share some helpful travel tips to make the most of your stay! 

Overall Best Time to Visit Maldives

Maldives as pictured from the air during the best time to visit with blue sky and clear water

Siraphob Werakipanich/Shutterstock

  • January-April is the best time to visit Maldives
  • Warm, dry, and breezy weather with low humidity
  • Peak season for Maldives resorts and hotels

If you’re looking for the ideal time to go with great weather and the most options for activities, the overall best time to visit Maldives is January through April.

This is best part of the dry season among the Maldivian islands and it makes for the perfect trip to paradise. Temperatures hang around 86F-88F from January to April and lows are in the upper 70s.

It’s comfortable day and night during this time of year, and since it’s Maldives’ dry season, there’s little rainfall to mess with your outdoor plans.

But there are big crowds of happy tourists arriving daily as this is the peak season! It’s also the more expensive time of year to go since rooms and flights are in high demand.

Still, cooling ocean breezes keep the upper 80s feeling comfortable, even when the sun is shining brightly. And the lower humidity at this time of year means you’ll feel less muggy in the heat. 

This is the ideal time for any activity on the water – snorkeling, diving, boating, and swimming – because the waters around Maldives are exceptionally clear with great visibility. If you plan to spend a lot of time on the beaches and exploring the cities, this is the best time to visit. 

Cheapest Time to Visit Maldives 

Tree and slightly cloudy beach pictured during the cheapest time to visit Maldives


  • May-August is the cheapest time to visit
  • Maldives’ wet season with more rainfall
  • Rates on hotels, resort packages, and flights drop

Paradise-like Maldives is most popular with tourists during the dry season (December-April), so prices take a nosedive as soon as the rainy wet season hits in May through August.

This is generally the cheapest time to visit Maldives as hotels, resorts, and airlines drop the prices on rooms, vacation packages, and flights to encourage visitors to book during the low season.  

You can take advantage of the year’s lowest prices to travel to and stay in Maldives when you go between May and August. It’s a wide window, so pay attention to the slight differences in weather and activities through this range to plan the best trip. 

May is hot and muggy in the upper 80s with higher humidity and slightly less clear ocean water (still good for diving and snorkeling, though).

Manta rays and whale sharks enter a feeding frenzy in June thanks to the increased plankton in the water, which has average visibility at this time of year.

Storms and big swells dominate the month of July, and August is known for ample (but short) heavy downpours and poor water visibility. If you plan to snorkel or dive, visit sometime between May and June.

You’ll be able to swim with rays and whale sharks while getting a great deal on your stay! If you plan to try surfing, July is perfect and priced low enough to be appealing. August may be the overall cheapest time to go, but the water visibility isn’t great for snorkeling and diving. 

Least Busy Time to Visit Maldives

Gorgeous tan beach with palm trees pictured with a swing hanging from a palm tree during the best time to visit Maldives


  • October-December see the fewest visitors in Maldives
  • Wet season worries keep many tourists away
  • Rates on flights and hotels dip at the end of the year

If you want to avoid the big crowds, limited flight/hotel availability, and long lines of peak season, the best time to visit Maldives is from October to December.

This is the tail end of the rainy wet season (typically May to October) and the start of the sunny, warm dry season (November to April).  The weather is wrapping up the rainfall around October, with surfing season coming to a close and rainfall reaching the highest levels of the year.

Rain in Maldives tends to happen with brief downpours that are quickly followed with balmy sunshine, so it won’t necessarily ruin your outdoor plans to go in October. 

November and December present better weather chances and clearer water visibility for snorkeling and diving. Highs around 86F and lows around 77F make the weather comfortably warm without being stiflingly hot.

Visitors pick up around Thanksgiving and at the end of December for the holidays.

Plan your visit in October, early to mid-November, or early to mid-December for the smallest crowds. Visit at the right time and you’ll get cheaper rates, great weather with slight chances of rain, and the feeling that you’ve got the islands to yourself! 

Worst Time to Visit Maldives

Sunset over Maldives water cottages during the worst time to visit Maldives

Evdokimov Maxim/Shutterstock

Any time of year will be great to visit Maldives, but some periods are better than others in terms of weather and prices. Here’s a look at some of the worst times to go. 

  • If you’re hoping for perfect weather, the worst time to go is May and September-December. These months receive the most rain, and although each shower is brief, it can still hamper your beach-related plans. 
  • If you’re hoping for cheap price, the worst time to go is January through April. This is the peak season in Maldives, so prices for flights, resorts, and hotels are at their annual high. 
  • If you’re hoping for fewer crowds, the worst time to go is January through April. Again, it’s peak tourism season and you may have trouble finding availability at the most popular resorts and hotels. Beaches will be crowded and lines for activities and food may be much longer at this time of year. 

More Things to Consider

Neat view of a green wicker chair hanging from a palm tree over a beach during the best time to visit the Maldives


Planning a memorable trip to Maldives will be easy when you keep these travel tips in mind. Here’s how to make the most of your stay in this archipelago nation! 

  • Plan your activities by the season. Once you know the best time to visit Maldives, you can start planning the activities you want to do while you’re there. In the dry season, the water is clear with excellent visibility – perfect for diving, snorkeling, and spending sunny hours on the beach. Big swells arrive from mid-February to November for surfing, but make kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling difficult. The rainy months reduce water clarity but bring more wildlife to the shores, so if you plan to swim with dolphins, manta rays, or whale sharks, go during the cheaper wet season. 
  • Pack right, but pack light. Maldivian islands are laid-back and all you’ll need are casual clothes appropriate for the beaches and resorts – plus a hat and lots of sunscreen! Formal wear need not apply here. If you plan to visit a mosque, be sure to wear clothing that covers your shoulders and legs. Women may need to cover their head to enter, so keep one handy if you’re exploring the mosques in the capital Male. 
  • Respect the culture. Maldivians are known for their friendly, welcoming nature and are a great source of knowledge about the local culture, best off-the-beaten-path spots to check out, and hidden gem eateries when you visit. Know that this is a conservative Islamic country where PDA is strictly forbidden, and you’re advised to dress modestly outside of the resort islands. Remove your shoes before entering someone’s home, and be respectful if you visit during Ramadan (when most of the locals fast from sunrise to sunset). 
  • English is spoken by many locals. While the official language in Maldives is Dhivehi, many of the locals speak English, especially on the popular resort islands. You won’t have trouble communicating in English here, which makes it a great international destination for monolingual travelers.
  • Many resorts and shops accept U.S. dollars. The Maldivian currency is the rufiyaa, but many resorts and shops on the islands popular with tourists accept U.S. dollars. You can exchange dollars for rufiyaa at the airport if you’d prefer to use the local currency, but it’s really not necessary. 

Best Time to Visit Maldives: Final Thoughts

Seaplane flying above Maldives during the best time to visit


Overall, the best time to visit Maldives is during the peak season from January to April.

It’s dry, warm, and less humid at this time of year with excellent water visibility to enjoy the world-class diving and snorkeling around the islands. It’s more expensive and crowded at this time of year due to the idyllic weather and water.

Cheapest Time to Visit

The cheapest time to visit Maldives is from May to August, the majority of the wet season for the islands. You’ll deal with additional rainfall and cloudy skies, but the rains pass quickly and you’ll get much cheaper deals on flights, rooms, and resort packages at this time of year. 

Least Busy Time to Visit

The least busy time to go is from October to December, which includes the end of the wet season and the start of the dry season.

Things do get busier around Thanksgiving and at the end of December, but you’ll mostly find empty beaches and resorts (with great low season deals) at this time of year. 

Final Thoughts

Every period has something to offer visitors, even in the dead center of the wet season. Surfing, swimming with marine life, and cheaper prices make the rainy months worth it for many tourists.

The higher prices of the peak season are easily balanced out with the ideal weather and range of water activities available from January to April. There really isn’t a bad time to go as long as you plan your activities around the season you visit! 

If you’re not sure Maldives is the destination for you, check out these guides next to learn more about similar locations with that tropical, island vibe! 

The 25 Best Resorts in Hawaii in 2022

16-05-2022 · With over 900 hotels and 70,000 rooms in Hawaii, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Hawaii is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world. ... Koa Kea Hotel and …


Hawaii is everyone’s dream vacation, but the perfect getaway requires proper research and planning. Finding the best resort for you and your family is first priority, so we’ve compiled a list of the best resorts in Hawaii.

Different resorts have different priorities and ideal customers, like a couples resort being adults only, a family resort having a kid’s club and waterpark, and even a resort with a library for bookworms.

The resorts of Hawaii cater to all manner of guests, and there’s an ideal resort out there for everyone.

The 25 Best Resorts in Hawaii in 2022

Aerial photo of the Grand Wailea, one of the best resorts in Hawaii


With over 900 hotels and 70,000 rooms in Hawaii, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Hawaii is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world.

However, the cream of the crop always rises to the top, and many major resorts have recently updated their lodges with the latest amenities. Hawaii resorts are favorites among resort enthusiasts, with several brand hotels like Four Seasons, Fairmont, Ritz-Carlton, and Hyatt making this list.

However, several smaller resorts, like boutique hotels and classic hotels, have been around since the beginning of the twentieth century. There’s something for everyone, so scroll through to find your paradise resort.

1. The Halekulani Hotel, Oahu

  • Location: Oahu, Honolulu 
  • Average Price: 0

The Halekulani Hotel tops our list as it has everything you could ask from a resort. It’s located on Waikiki Beach, known for its excellent waves, soft sand, and importance to Hawaiian culture.

It was founded in 1883 as a two-story home fishermen would rest after a hard day’s work. And it’s recently been updated. No 70’s or 80’s style furniture, state of the art technology, the resort has it all.

In addition to the usual spa, pool, and beach amenities every resort has, Hakulani offers free admission to some of Hawaii’s most fantastic attractions, like the Shangri-la Museum of Islamic Art, Iolani Palace, Manoa Heritage Center, and so much more.

If you want to explore Hawaiian culture while enjoying the beach and excellent service, The Halekulani Hotel is your perfect destination.

2. Hotel Wailea, Maui

Hotel Wailea is the best hotel for couples. With their strict 18 policy, Hotel Wailea is a playground for adults who’re children at heart.

Lauded as one of the most romantic resorts in Hawaii, the ocean views are visible from three sides of the resort, with most of their buildings open air to let those views shine.

The sunset in the gazebo on Sunset Lawn would be perfect for a wedding or proposal! While not on the beach, they have a valet service always willing to take you and provide you with anything you could need, from towels to equipment rentals.

Finally, this resort is comprised entirely of bungalows, giving the guests privacy for honeymoons or weddings.

3. Prince Waikiki, Oahu

  • Location: Oahu, Honolulu
  • Average Price: 5

Prince Waikiki has you covered if you want to bring along some older kids like teenagers but still want a mostly adult getaway. While it doesn’t sit on Waikiki Beach, it’s only a short walk away.

And this is one of the best hotels for bookworms and culture enthusiasts. The resort has a library-yep, an actual library- as an amenity for guests and lets guests access over 60,000 digital books via Press Reader.

So you can bring a paper or a digital book for some relaxing time at the beach. Or you can check out the art gallery filled with contemporary art.

You also get free access to the Honolulu Museum of Art with the resort fee, making it perfect for those who want to see what the rest of Oahu has to offer. Don’t forget to tee up at one of the best golf courses on Oahu, the Hawaiian Prince Golf Club.

4. Montage Kapalua Bay, Maui

  • Location: Lahaina, Maui
  • Average Price: ,090

For families looking for adventure, Montage Kapalua Bay has everything you could ask for. Horseback riding, complimentary guided hikes, renting a catamaran for the day, taking part in the Montage Merits program, and experiencing a luau.

Montage gives every possible Hawaiian experience it can to its guests.

Set on the wilder Maui, Montage is perfect for families who want to see the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands while still having access to a boatload of amenities and nearby attractions.

5. The Royal Hawaiian, Oahu

  • Location: Oahu, Honolulu
  • Average Price: 5

When talking about famous Hawaiian resorts, you have to talk about The Royal Hawaiian. This pink stucco building has sat on Waikiki Beach since 1927. However, don’t let its history fool you.

It underwent renovation and restoration in 2008, updating the facilities and restoring the old building.

Staying at the Royal Hawaiian is an experience within itself, its stellar history and pink facade becoming synonymous with Waikiki Beach itself. Old-school rock and Hollywood stars used to stay at this iconic hotel, making it perfect for Elvis and Frank Sinatra fans.

6. Aulani, Oahu

  • Location: Oahu, Honolulu
  • Average Price: 5

Aulani is a resort owned and operated by Disney. It’s the House of Mouse’s Hawaiian resort for fans of the corporation. If your kids love Disney (and who doesn’t?), this resort is perfect for your family.

Located next to Ko Olina Beach, Aulani has the regular pool, spa, and beach combo, just with a Disney flavor.

Kids will love learning about Hawaiian culture with their favorite characters. Attend a luau with Minnie Mouse, learn the hula with Donald Duck, or get a surprise visit from Goofy.

7. Timbers Kauai, Kauai

  • Location: Hokuala, Kauai
  • Average Price: ,395

If you want to enjoy the natural splendor of the Hawaiian islands while enjoying the amenities of a resort, Timber’s Kauai is the perfect resort.

Set on the island of Kauai, you can visit several famous attractions, like Waimea Canyon and Coconut Coast. Often called the “Garden Isle,” Kauai lives up to its nickname with lush jungles, jagged cliffs, and gorgeous wildlife.

Timbers is both a resort and a gated community with 47 residences for sale. The amenities include a golf course, farm-to-table dining (farm tours available), Adventure guides for exploring Kauai, and rentals and equipment for the nearby Kalapaki Beach.

8. Four Seasons Lanai, Lanai

If you want to get away, and we mean really get away, head for Lanai, Hawaii’s smallest inhabited island. It is primarily undeveloped, it looks like something out of a vintage postcard, and the best place to stay on the island is Four Seasons Lanai.

Now Four Seasons is known for quality, so it should be no surprise that their resort is one of the best. They do their best to teach their guests about Lanai’s unique culture and history, letting you experience the island without being touristy.

You can take a 4X4 Jeep, explore Lanai on an off-roading adventure, and take in incredibly diverse landscapes. Or you can pack your golf bags and tee off at their golf course. Or, best of all, grab a towel and sunbathe at an uncrowded beach.

9. Four Seasons Hualalai, Big Island

Big Island, officially called the Island of Hawaii, is the biggest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It has black lava fields and white sand beaches and one of the best resorts to stay in Four Seasons Hualalai.

This is another Four Season’s entry, this one doesn’t have as many experiences as the previous one, but it still packs a punch.

Take snorkeling lessons from a marine biologist, hear about the island from a local, r go swimming in a 1.8 million gallon aquarium with 4,000 species of tropical fish.

10. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Big Island

Mauna Kea has a little something for everyone. From a stunning art collection to helicopter tours over the island, it has relaxation, adventure, and Hawaiian culture.

For those looking to explore Big Island and everything it offers, Mauna Kea does not disappoint. They offer luaus, tennis, bocce ball, and a kid’s program so they can play while you relax i the spa. 

11. The Laylow, Oahu

  • Location: Oahu, Honolulu
  • Average Price: 0

If you want to disconnect from the outside world and just chill, The Laylow allows you to do just that. They focus on bringing a low-key, relaxing experience to their guests so they can enjoy the Aloha vibes of Hawaii.

While this hotel is only a block away from Waikiki Beach, they encourage you to explore more of the surrounding area, like Kuhio Avenue, the International Market Place, and Kaimuki, to eat delicious food, enjoy authentic shopping, and just enjoy the city of Honolulu.

That said, they don’t slouch when it comes to experiences either. While the resort itself focuses on relaxation, they partner with local guides for every tour and experience under the sun.

12. Mauna Lani, Big Island

Mauna Lani sits at the center of five great mountains, in a land once cherished by Hawaiian loyalty. Right on the beach, this resort is the place to go if you’re interested in Hawaiian culture and surfing history.

Mauna Lani focuses on providing guests the full Aloha experience, with lessons on hula, lei stringing, and outrigger canoes.

On the resort is The Surf Shack, modeled after the surfing dens of yesteryear, where you can schedule ocean sports lessons and rent equipment. It puts a classic, tasteful spin on the usual Hawaiian experience.

13. Orchid, Big Island

  • Location: Waimea, Big Island
  • Average Price: 5

The Orchid is actually called Fairmont Orchid, and it’s owned and operated by Fairmont. It’s located right on the beach in Puako on Big Island, and has some unique experiences to offer.

Their award-winning spa is a big draw, as they have open-air private cabins for massages and spa treatments.

Other activities include a Beach Club for water sports, stand-up paddleboard lessons, learning the hula or how to make lei, tennis, and don’t forget to attend the luau.

14. The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, Maui

When it comes to luxury, The Ritz is second to none. The Kapalua branch of this legendary hotel sits on the northwest shore of Maui and has a plethora of activities to enjoy.

This hotel is a part of a larger resort complex known as the Kapalua resort, with 22,000 acres of adventure and enjoyment.

It includes two golf courses, one nature preserve with two marine sanctuaries, events like the PGA Tour of Champions, and miles of hiking trails and sports.

15. Westin Hapuna Beach Resort, Big Island

The Westin Hapuna Beach Resort is owned by Marriott and lies on the western side of Big Island, on Hapuna Beach, one of the best beaches in the world. It has two swimming pools, one for families and one only for adults, and a golf course.

Activities include snorkeling at Turtle Point (a famous snorkeling spot known for tropical fish and sea turtles) and a Manta Moonlight group snorkel where you can swim with the manta rays at night.

And a spa, Hawaiian culture lessons, beach activities, whatever you might need to have fun in the sun.

16. Koa Kea Hotel and Resort, Kauai

  • Location: Koloa, Kauai
  • Average Price: 0

Koa Kea is another dream destination for couples. It’s known as one of the most romantic resorts in Hawaii, with particular attention given to weddings, honeymoons, proposals, and more.

With all of the charm of the Garden Isle on one of the most unspoiled beaches you’ll ever see, it’s the romantic getaway of a lifetime.

However, the activities offered by the resort are impressive as well, from watersports lessons and equipment to hula lessons, there’s something for all couples to enjoy.

17. Kaimana Beach Hotel, Oahu

  • Location: Oahu, Honolulu
  • Average Price: 0

Kaimana is on the beach with oceanfront and mountain views. The famous Diamond Head crater overlooks the hotel, offering plenty of adventures.

You have to pay a club fee to get access to most of the hotel’s amenities, but it’s well worth it, and it’s optional, unlike most resort fees. It includes beach rentals, bike rentals, and fitness and culture lessons.

18. Kea Lani, Maui

Fairmont Kea Lani is a Fairmont property located on Polo Beach and has three pools (one for adults, one for families, and one for kids), spa cabanas, and excellent service. 

Kea Lani has a great all-around resort experience, which may be precisely what you’re looking for. Excellent rooms and service, lessons on water sports and Hawaiian culture, beach rentals, and just a good time.

19. Four Seasons Ko Olina, Oahu

Four Seasons Ko Olina falls behind its sister locations, but it’s still well worth your time. It sits on Oahu’s rugged and wild west coast, offering adventure and culture with activities that will delight the whole family.

The western coast is filled with Hawaiian culture and some of Hawaii’s most famous living legends. Storytellers, culture lessons, farm tours, and Kaena Point, a spiritually significant nature reserve.

20. Four Seasons Wailea, Maui

  • Location: Wailea, Maui
  • Average Price: ,485

Whale watching in the winter, snorkeling for turtles in the summer, and helicoptering any time, there’s always something to do in Four Seasons Wailea. Wailea is located on the beach in Wailea Makena in southwestern Maui and offers all the usual amenities and some truly unforgettable experiences.

Fire and Wine, Kona Coffee Helicopter Tour, and the Wailea Golf Course are just a sampling of what they have to offer. Taking a helicopter to a local farm might not be what you expected for a beach vacation, but it sure is a fantastic experience.

21. Grand Hyatt Kauai, Kauai

  • Location: Koloa, Kauai
  • Average Price: 0

The Grand Hyatt Kauai is on Poipu Beach and has everything you could want from a beachfront resort, valet and concierge services, equipment rentals, a spa, and a golf course.

But what makes this resort truly spectacular is the award-winning multilevel pools and saltwater lagoon for families to enjoy.

They take the term “water playground” to the next level with a lava-rock-lined lazy river, quiet nooks for parents, secret caves, and a 150-foot waterslide. This pool could compete with any water park.

22. The Kahala, Oahu

  • Location: Oahu, Honolulu
  • Average Price: 0

Do you like resorts? Do you like the environment? Well, Kahala has you covered. With all the offerings of a five-star resort, The Kahala Hotel and Resort is environmentally friendly in a way most resorts aren’t.

You can even participate in a local sustainability initiative to reduce the cost of your room, a great way to save some money, help the environment, and have a unique experience!

23. Turtle Bay, Oahu

Located on a cliff on Oahu’s North Shore, Turtle Bay is a resort that spiritually engages guests and challenges the preconceived notions of Hawaiian vacations. Take a multi-island helicopter expedition, go horseback riding or surf with a dog.

There’s something offbeat for everyone to enjoy. Their unique experiences really set this resort apart, as they aren’t looking just to entertain you. They are looking to engage with you so that you can have a life-changing experience.

24. Royal Sonesta Lihue, Kauai

  • Location: Lihue, Kauai
  • Average Price: 0

The Royal Sonesta Lihue is a stand-out resort on the Garden Island, with plenty of ocean, adventures, and sand. They offer everything you want, plus some local attractions that put them over the top.

The resort is beachfront, with equipment rentals and watersport lessons.

You can explore some famous Kauai attractions like Hanalei Bay and Waimea Canyon State Park, or go for some more local attractions like the Kauai museum and community college.

25. Sheraton Waikiki

  • Location: Waikiki, Honolulu
  • Average Price: 5

Sheraton Waikiki is owned by Marriott and is located right on Waikiki Beach with access to all the amenities, shopping, dining, and attraction in the surrounding area.

Their amenities and experiences are the best the area offers, with a state-of-the-art pool and water playgrounds, freshly refurbished rooms, and an oceanfront Edge infinity pool that looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

If you want to experience Waikiki Beach, this hotel is one of the best options available, just for it’s overall quality, incredible location, and great pools.

Things to Consider

Gorgeous view of one of the best resorts in Hawaii as seen from the bay


Before booking your dream vacation, you should consider these resorts carefully. Not all resorts are built the same, and while some provide the basic amenities at a lower cost, other resorts have unique experiences to make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Just remember to check:

  • The resort fees
  • If they have a Kid’s Club or program
  • What amenities are included with the room, and which with a fee
  • If they have complimentary breakfast
  • How close they are to the beach
  • If they aren’t close to the beach, valet service and beach rental locations

Frequently Asked Questions

Kaanapali of Maui, home to some of the best resorts in Hawaii

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Hawaii is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, but it requires a lot of planning, so here are a few of your burning questions answered:

Oahu, without a doubt. Other islands have fantastic resorts, but Oahu is the main tourist island, meaning the quantity and quality of its resorts are superior to the other islands.

Oahu, probably Waikiki Beach. That is where the most expensive and high-class resorts are, plus Oahu has a good mixture of nature and city to enjoy.

It depends on what you want out of your vacation—looking for nature? Kauai. Want to get away from the outside world? Lanai. Want unforgettable adventure? Maui or Big Island. Oahu may be the main island for vacationers, but there’s so much more to explore beyond that.

The Royal Hawaiian was known for its old school rock stars and Hollywood idols, and some celebrities keep the tradition up to this day. Other hotspots include the Four Seasons resorts and Halekulani.

Depends. Oahu and Maui generally have the best beaches, with Oahu having better beach access and crowds, and Maui, being less crowded, has a much chiller atmosphere.

The Best Resorts in Hawaii: Final Thoughts

Hawaii. The dream vacation destination for millions of people. Sunny beaches, delicious food, luxurious accommodations. Hawaii has it all.

So when you’re planning the perfect getaway, pick your resort carefully. A vacation like this may only happen once, or it might be so fun you become a Hawaii loyalist and return to the same resort year after year.

Snorkeling, surfing, horseback riding, helicopter rides, libraries, and the resorts of Hawaii have it all and then some. So pack your swimsuit and get ready to say Aloha to your dream vacation and stellar resort.

15 Best Places to Visit in Portugal in 2022

13-05-2022 · 15 Best Places to visit in Portugal in 2022 1. Lisbon. The best place to start is Lisbon, the nation’s capital. Lisbon is without a shadow of a doubt one of... 2. Porto. How better to describe this city than the namesake of the country? Porto is …


Portugal sits on the Iberian Peninsula. Although a small European nation, the country is a tourist paradise due to its delicious gastronomy, idyllic climate, rich cultural history, and affordable travel costs. 

Interestingly, Portugal used to be a vast empire with trading routes from China’s Macau to Nigeria’s Benin.

15 Best Places to visit in Portugal in 2022

Azenhas do Mar, one of the best places to visit in Portugal, pictured on a cliffside

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Porto and Lisbon are two common destinations for those looking for a short vacation. However, there are so many gorgeous places in this country beyond the two major cities. 

Portugal is a tourist hub that punches above its weight for a nation of its size with diverse culinary delights, rich cultural heritage, and fascinating landscapes from city to city.

And as travel experts, we’re here to inspire you. That’s why we’ve hand-picked the 15 best places to visit in Portugal to help inspire your next trip to this gorgeous country.

1. Lisbon

The best place to start is Lisbon, the nation’s capital. Lisbon is without a shadow of a doubt one of Europe’s most captivating cities. The region is a blend of:

  • Open plazas
  • Stunning cathedrals
  • Small cafes

Additionally, you’ll love this city for its welcoming, warm residents, colorful buildings, and sunny weather. Lisbon has one of the most exciting nightlife in Europe, with quaint sleepy streets that burst into life when it’s nighttime. 

Whether cocktails, bar hopping, or dancing from dawn till dusk, the city has something for every type of person. The bars are free to enter and open till the wee hours of the morning. You’ll also love the modest entrance fee for many famous Lisbon clubs like the Kremlin or Club Noir.

From Bifana to Bacalhau, the city is a fantastic place to sample the best delicacies from all over the country. You’ll fall in love with the Pasteis de Nata, a local favorite invented by Belem Monks hundreds of years ago.

2. Porto

How better to describe this city than the namesake of the country? Porto is the second-largest city – after Lisbon and is the birthplace of port wine. The town sits on the banks of the Douro, rising along the hills of this iconic river.

It’s picturesque and steeped in history. Despite its small size, the city will make you swoon; from the Six Bridges to delicious port wine, you’re sure to return to this gem of a destination.

Avid book lovers will be enchanted by the Livralia Lello, the most beautiful bookshop in the world right in the city center. The Art Nouveau Architecture has inspired writing greats like J.K Rowling, who once resided in the city.

After looking at books, your next stop is the Clerigos Tower, with the city’s best views right at the top. You’ll have to go up 225 steps, but the cinematic views are well worth the effort.

If you feel like refueling, there’s no better place to eat in this town than Café Santiago. The Francesinha Santiago is this café’s special and one that’s renowned across the city.

3. Algarve

Portugal is a coastal country with glorious beaches. The beaches in the Algarve will steal your heart and set your soul alight. It’s dotted with epic archways, coves, caves, beautiful weather all year round, and is a haven for surfers. 

There’s so much to do in this region; you might as well spend all your vacation time here. Algarve has some of the best hiking activities. You can start by paying a visit to Ferragudo, a fantastic fishing village with a mix of traditional charm and the coastal freshness of the sea. 

Come along with your camera and capture the whitewashed houses and flowered streets. Sports fanatics will put the high winds of the Praia do Amado to good use, with many international surfing events like windsurfing and water-skiing taking place annually.

4. Nazare

Nazare is in Oeste under the Extremadura province in Leria. It’s a small town known for huge tides and perhaps the largest waves in the world. 

The Nazare waters are the ultimate test for every surfer, attracting professional surf boarders who love to test their mettle on the monstrous waves here. Waves in Nazare often surpass 65 feet and, under the right conditions, can get up to 100 feet.

This little seaside town doesn’t boast as many sites as the more famous cities. But the scenery, cultural heritage, and monster-sized waves make it one of the best places to visit in Portugal.

5. Peneda-Geres National Park

Potential visitors to Portugal may think of Porto and Lisbon when considering a trip. Still, the Peneda-Geres National Park is one destination that will give both cities a run for their money. 

The scenic park sits on the border between Spain and Portugal, spanning 72290 hectares. Also known as Geres, the park is the only one of its kind in the country. The place is rife with abundant fauna, including:

  • Wild horses
  • Wolves
  • Deer
  • Badgers
  • Boars

In the same vein, Peneda-Geres is the location of many granite villages like the Castro Laboreiro, a timeless town 1000 meters above sea level. Hikers will love the rolling foothills with various hiking trails and campgrounds dotted all over the park. 

You can explore this destination by vehicle or go on a guided tour with family and friends. Some of the best hiking trails include:

  • Miradouro Velhoda Pedra Bela
  •  Poco Azul
  • Miradouro da Pedra

6. Braga

Braga is one of Europe’s oldest cities and Portugal’s third-largest. The city is home to several cathedrals and churches that date back centuries. Amongst the many religious structures in this city, the Braga Cathedral does not fail to astonish. 

It’s an architectural masterpiece with a fusion of Gothic, Manueline, Baroque, Romanesque, and Renaissance elements, similar to Notre Dame in France. 

Moreover, footy fans will enjoy a visit to the Estadio Municipal de Braga, home to S.C. Braga and the best side in the Primeira Liga – after the Big Three of Sporting Lisbon, Benfica, and Porto.

7. Tomar

The beautiful town of Tomar is famous for the Knights Templar, which made this place their headquarters in the 12th century. 

You can still see relics from that era, like the Convento de Cristo built by Hualdim Pais with the permission of Afonso Henriques – the first king of Portugal. 

The Convent of Christ is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one that you have to see on your visit to this country. It has a 3.7-mile aqueduct that channels water into the convent. You can walk on it to enjoy the stunning countryside scenes. 

The town’s main green space is the Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes or the Seven Hills National Forest, the perfect location for a picnic, jogging, or casual stroll. 

The convent may be the apple of the town’s eye, but there’s so much more to this small town. The beautifully paved streets, historical feel, and annual cultural events make Tomar one of the best places to visit in Portugal.

8. Sintra

Enthralling Sintra is a UNESCO gem that attracts tourists from all parts of the globe due to its incredible cultural landscape. It is a place worth setting aside a day or two to soak in the sights. This glittering town is 37 minutes from Lisbon and an excellent destination for a day trip. 

Your first port of call must be the Palacio Nacional – or Town Palace with its renowned twin conical chimneys that overlook the small city. The palace was built in the Medieval Era and is still in excellent condition.

It retains most of its historical beauty that you can see today. It’s open daily from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM, and sections like the Coat of Arms are worth paying a little extra. There are hiking trails aplenty in this region. 

Still, you’ll need to come prepared to conquer the towering hills in this spectacular town. The Serra’s highest points offer panoramic views of the Atlantic coast and even far beyond.

9. Coimbra

Once upon a time, the city of Coimbra was Portugal’s capital. Even though so much has changed since then, it’s still a treasure trove of historical sites, enchanting gardens, and the Coimbra University – famed for its historical value.

The city has a laid-back appeal for the lazy traveler without the wealth of activities that make Lisbon and Porto a tourist favorite. But you cannot enjoy a better Portuguese experience than in this city built on the Mondego River. 

Coimbra is home to Portugal’s most extensive botanical garden, a dazzling green space that dates back to 1773. You can find more than 1200 plant species from different corners of the globe, including: 

  • Bamboo
  • Eucalyptus
  • Coral trees

It’s all beautifully laid out to offer you a relaxing calm away from the beehive of activities in the major cities.  

10. Zoomarine Algarve

If you’re vacationing in Portugal with family, Zoomarine Algarve should be the first destination on your bucket list. It’s arguably the best theme park in this country, with various types of thrilling and fun activities for all age groups. 

As the name implies, “Zoo Marine” has different animal species you’d find in a zoo and an aquarium. You can interact with the dolphins, feed the giraffes, or have fun on the various water slides in this theme park. The 30-hectare park also features a 4D cinematic experience that will blow your mind.

The Pirate’s Bay is another kiddie’s delight with numerous sword fighting scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Stop by the aviary to view the many tropical birds on display like the cockatoo, macaw, and parrots.

ZooMarine’s aviary offers an educational experience that teaches you the different birds and habitats suitable for survival. The park covers a lot of ground, and you can take a dip at the Wave Beach or go on a wild ride through the Jurassic River.

11. The Azores

The Azores is the perfect destination for nature lovers who’d like to visit Portugal. The Archipelago is situated smack dab in the halfway point between The Americas and Europe with nine unique islands, each with various things to do. You can:

  • Go island hopping
  • Explore caves
  • Relax at a hot spring
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Go whale watching

The Algar do Carvao is one place you have to visit, and you can find this fantastic lava cave on Terceira Island. The only other place to find such a unique cave is 1899 miles away in Iceland.

If you’ve never visited Iceland, you won’t find anything as breathtaking when you stare at the crystal-clear water. Most tourists visit the Azores because of its spectacular marine reserves and nature parks.

Still, it also has some of the loveliest cities and seaside towns like the Angra do Heroísmo and Praia da Vitória.

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12. Obidos

Obidos is located in Oeste and is one of the many beautiful villages suitable for a rustic vacation. The town has a timeless appeal due to its medieval ambiance, with the Obidos Castle the main attraction. 

It was once a palace for royalty but is now a government hotel. The historical feel of this place provides evergreen memories when you visit the Igreja de Santa Maria. The 17th-century paintings and tile panels by Josefa D’Obidos remain in excellent condition after hundreds of years.

They are on exhibition for a small fee. You can take a stroll to the Municipal Museum to view mementos of the Napoleonic Wars, and it’s worth mentioning Napoleon Bonaparte suffered heavy losses in battle close to this town.

Ginja de Obidos is available across the country. Still, you’d be making a mistake to leave this town without having a taste of its most famous cherry liqueur.

13. Elvas

Elvas is located in the Easternmost part of Portugal on the border with Spain. For hundreds of years, the town was the center of a dispute between Portugal and its Spanish neighbors. 

In response, the country built one of the most formidable defenses in the form of the Nossa Senhora da Graca Fort. It’s impossible to grasp the scale of this star-shaped fort built in the 18th century. 

The fort proved invaluable during the Portuguese Restoration war at the Siege of Elvas and the Peninsular Wars. The enemy could not capture it in both events. 

Other noteworthy places of interest include Castelo de Elvas, a medieval castle built in the 6th century when the Moors were in control of this region. The castle also forms part of the city’s defense. 

It is Portugal’s hardiest castle, surviving uncountable sieges and battles in its long battle-hardened history. Elvas may have other pleasant diversions, like the Ponta da Ajuda and Praca da Republica, but it remains a fantastic destination for military buffs and historians.

14. Funchal, Madeira

Soccer fans worldwide consider Funchal a mecca of sorts, considering it’s the birthplace of five-time Balon’D’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Apart from soccer, there are many other reasons to visit this city, like exploring the old town of Zona Velha, one of the liveliest places in the city center, and the location of many of the city’s cafes and restaurants. 

It does get quite hectic when the cruise ships come to town, but it retains that authentic local feel. Artsy folks will love the Rua da Santa Maria, a shanty once flood-prone and now transformed into an outdoor work of art. 

This Madeira gem is still picking up steam, but it has the promise of being a tourist magnet in the future!

15. Evora

Evora packs a lot of punch for its weight because it’s been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986. The museum city has a history that dates back to the ancient Roman Empire and is home to over 4,000 historical monuments. 

Interestingly, the old kings of Portugal made Evora their home in the 16th century, and the town still retains that royal prestige of times past. Most of Evora’s favorite places of interest are within walking distance, making the city enjoyable to discover on foot. 

The Evora Museum has a permanent collection of:

  • Art
  • Religious artifacts
  • Archeological curiosities from Portuguese covenants

Moreover, the Alentejo region is known for its superior farm produce and mouth-watering traditional delicacies, like gazpacho a alentejana and queijadas de Évora.  

Things to Consider When Visiting Portugal

Cute cafe on the sidewalk of Lisbon, one of the best places to visit in Portugal

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Portugal is a historic country and one of Europe’s oldest. The tiny nation is spoilt for choice for festivals and attractions. To make the most out of your vacation, consider the following tips:

Visit Offseason

Algarve, Porto, and Lisbon are three cities that get crowded in the summertime. However, these places are surprisingly quiet in the offseason. For instance, the best time to visit Algarve is in Autumn. If you’d still want to see the beach in summer, head towards the Centro and Alentejo district.

Local Food

Portugal is one country where the local food and drink are excellent without burning a hole through your pocket. Order the local produce always. 

Additionally, the advantages of the ocean make seafood plentiful no matter which region you’re visiting. The house wine is high quality, and you can find fantastic value in the local spirits and beers.

Starters Aren’t Always Free

Many Portuguese restaurants will present some starters to you before placing an order. These starters may range from exotic seafood to a small bowl of olives. However, they are unlikely to be free with the costs added to your food bill.

Some menus charge for individual items, and this includes the bread basket. Others have a cover charge for each individual.

It’s worth mentioning starters are usually inexpensive. Be wary of seafood. Despite its abundance, seafood often has a high price. Always check the cost of the starter and decline if you don’t need a food item.

Poor Road Safety

Portugal’s road safety records are amongst the worst in Europe. The country has many back roads in bad condition. On the flip side, toll-paying automobile routes often lack traffic and are excellently maintained.

Enquire from your car hire company how best to pay road tolls. The country has cheap train service, albeit slow. However, traveling between two cities by train can be costly. Your best bet is to travel by coach, which you can find in most cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gorgeous view of Belem Tower, one of the best places to visit in Portugal


If you need more information about the best places to visit in Portugal, here are the answers to a few FAQs:

English is the most common language spoken in Portugal – after Portuguese, of course. Only a fraction of the Portuguese people speak English natively. Still, the abundance of tourist activity makes English the language of choice across the country.

The Algarve is arguably the best part of Portugal to visit. The region has hundreds of beaches, beautiful hotels, and arguably the most delicious cuisine in the country.

You should never miss a visit to Lisbon or pass up attending one of the many festivals in this country. The Belem Tower and Porto Old Town are a must-see when visiting Portugal.

Portugal may be geographically tiny compared to other Western countries, like Germany, Spain, Italy, and France. However, there’s so much to do and see that ten days wouldn’t cut it to cover all the significant destinations in the country. We recommend setting aside two weeks for your trip.

Portugal is a super affordable European vacation destination, with an average cost of 0 per individual per day. It’s the perfect getaway for people looking to travel Europe on a budget.

So, What Is the Best Place to Visit in Portugal?

It would be unfair to pick one destination as Portugal’s best place to visit. The coastal country is dotted with historic cities, like Evora and Lisbon, beautiful stone villages to the North, and the vast wine country towards the Atlantic. 

There’s no shortage of breathtaking places to capture your imagination and fulfill your holiday desires. The country is amongst the safest globally, with warm, friendly locals that try to make you feel at home. Safe travels!

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Destin, Florida

02-03-2022 · Here are some other major attractions and things to do in Destin, Florida: Ziplining at HarbourWalk Adventures Go-karts, mini-golf, bumper rides, arcades, and boats at The Track Alligator exhibits at Gator Beach Eating at restaurants, bar hopping, or listening to live music throughout the Destin ...


Looking for recommendations on the best Airbnbs in Destin, Florida? You’re in the right place. We’ll show you our top 15 picks, why we love each one, and the must-see sights when staying at each.

Whether you’re planning a trip with family and friends, your significant other, or solo, Destin, Florida, is a fantastic location for a fun and memorable beach vacation. 

But where should you stay? There are over 300 Airbnb stays in Destin, Florida, and even more nearby. Let’s take a look at 15 of the best Airbnbs in Destin, Florida. 

Why Stay at a Destin, Florida Airbnb

Sign outside the best airbnbs in Destin Florida neighborhood

Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

Destin sits on the Emerald Coast and provides access to the gorgeous, white-sand beaches and glistening waters that vacationers dream about. You can find numerous activists and attractions in and around Destin, including golf courses, dolphin cruises, fishing trips, and more. 

And while there are plenty of decent hotel options, staying in an Airbnb is a high-value accommodation choice for vacationers.

With Airbnb, you can stay in a place that is cozier, more convenient, and even sometimes more accessible to the beach. You’ll also be able to cook some of your own meals, have private living spaces to gather with your group, and ultimately feel like you’re in a home away from home.

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Destin, Florida in 2022

Without further ado, here are the best Airbnbs in Destin, Florida. 

1. Gulf View Condo

Gulf view condo, one of the best Airbnbs in Destin, Florida

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: South Destin, near Destin Beach
  • Average Cost Per Night: 1

This chic, modern, newly renovated Gulf View condo is bright and inviting with comfortable furniture and soft, blue colors all around. The kitchen is fully stocked, which allows guests to make their own meals during their stay.

Plus, there is a 55″ TV which is nice for families to relax at the end of a more adventurous day, and a hot tub for even more unwinding opportunities. Staying in this condo gives guests access to a large shared pool, a spacious outdoor dining area, and even a couple of tennis courts. 

2. “Old Veneto” Italian Villa

Old Veneto Italian Villa in Destin Florida, one of the best Airbnb Stays

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Miramar Beach
  • Average Cost Per Night: 8

This Italian-styled villa in Destin is the perfect vacation home for big families or large groups of friends, as it can sleep up to 12 people between six cozy bedrooms and three spacious floors.

It’s located in Miramar Beach, which is only about a 15-minute drive away from the main Destin area. The decor is antique, but the amenities are modern, including a large pool, a hot tub, a fully stocked kitchen, five smart TVs, and broadband wifi. 

Plus, staying here grants you private beach access, and the villa provides umbrellas, beach chairs, and wagons that your crew can take along with you to enjoy a relaxing day under the sun. 

3. Sandpiper Cove

Sandpiper Cove, one of the best airbnb stays in Destin, Florida

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: South Destin, near Destin Beach 
  • Average Cost Per Night:

Sandpiper Cove is a 1-bedroom, well-priced, bang-for-your-buck Airbnb with a lot of charm and even more perks. The beach is only a brief, seven-minute walk away, and the condo’s property is entertaining in and of itself.

It has not one, not two, but five separate pools, and one of them has three hot tubs, while two others are heated during the cooler months. The best part about staying at this Airbnb is that it comes with a complimentary beach setup that includes an umbrella and two chairs.

This is an excellent choice for couples flying in because they don’t have to worry about bringing, buying, or even renting these items when they get to the beach. 

4. Waterside Dreams Beachfront Condo

Waterside Dreams Beachfront Condo, one of the best Airbnbs in Destin Florida

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Miramar Beach 
  • Average Cost Per Night:

If going on a beach vacation doesn’t feel right unless you’re staying right on the beach, then you’ll love the Waterside Dreams Beachfront Condo. 

You and your group — which can be sizable given this spacious four-bedroom condo — would be steps away from the glowing white sand of Miramar Beach and have private beach access. 

However, you’d still be in the center of many attractions and have convenient access to plenty of eateries, like the world-famous Pompano Joe’s Restaurant, which serves Caribbean-style seafood. 

The villa’s amenities include a hammock, a grill, and over 200 free movies on the TV. Plus, you can bring one or two dogs with you on your vacation for a respectable fee. 

5. Pelican Beach Oceanview Condo

Pelican Beach Oceanview Condo, one of the best Airbnb Stays in Destin Florida

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: South Destin, near The Harbour Walk 
  • Average Cost Per Night: 8

Some people like being almost right on the water, such as in the Airbnb mentioned above, but others believe that their views are limited in that case. 

Since you’d be sitting on the 19th floor of the building, you’d get spectacular, wide views of the ocean from this condo. And if you’re lucky, you may even see a dolphin or two!

This Airbnb is just one bedroom but can feasibly fit up to six people given the sofa bed and bunk bed located in the living area. 

You’ll get comfortable furniture, clean rooms, and helpful assistance with anything you need. But the best part will still likely be the views and marine life sightings. 

6. Top Floor Beachfront Condo

One of the best Airbnbs in Destin Florida, named the Top Floor Beachfront Condo

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: South Destin, near The Harbour Walk 
  • Average Cost Per Night: 2

If you liked the sound of the Pelican Beach Condo above due to the stunning ocean views, but want a few more perks and amenities to go along with the scenery, then this Airbnb might be a top choice. 

It’s on the top floor of a two-story building, meaning a more expansive view than the bottom floor but easier and more convenient beach access than a taller building would allow. 

Plus, guests who choose this Airbnb are thereby choosing to stay at a gated resort where they can enjoy the resort’s pool, golf course, and tennis courts — all at no additional cost. 

7. Lanai Luxury Villa

Lanai luxury villa, one of the best Airbnb Stays in Destin Florida

Source: Airbnb

Lanai is a massive, highly versatile 8-bedroom villa that is fantastic for special events and exciting group gatherings. It’s light and cheerful, making it a wonderful family-style vacation Airbnb, but it is also modern and luxurious, which is suitable for weddings, reunions, and other memorable gatherings. 

There is an expansive private pool area with swim-up bar stools, a tanning area, lounge chairs, and a hot tub on the side so everyone can enjoy the outdoor space exactly how they want to.

This villa also has a fireplace, a grill, three viewing decks, and a game room with a pool table and foosball, which is great for kids and adults alike. 

8. Rendezvous Villa

Rendezvous Villa, one of the best Airbnbs in Destin Florida

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Miramar Beach 
  • Average Cost Per Night: 1

Another large group villa in the area is called Rendezvous Villa. Rendezvous provides one of the most stylish, upscale options in the Destin area with large windows, chic and soft design, and highly modern finishings.

This Airbnb is an excellent choice for special events or celebrations, especially for a more mature crowd. It is also much bigger in person than it appears in the photos. However, if kids come along, they can stay in the bunk bedroom.

They’ll also enjoy the foosball table, pool table, hot tub, and glimmering outdoor pool.

This is also a great location for groups who don’t need or want to stay right by the beach but do enjoy viewing a lovely sunset, as you can catch the sunset and enjoy a gorgeous fireplace from the rooftop area. 

9. Seas the Day Houseboat

Seas the day houseboat, a great Destin Florida Airbnb

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Fort Walton Beach 
  • Average Cost Per Night: 8

Seas the Day is a houseboat in Destin that provides a unique and exciting way to stay in the area. The boat is parked right at the waterfront on Ft. Walton Beach and allows guests to conveniently play in the water with paddleboards and kayaks, which are provided. 

You can also go fishing, go swimming, enjoy the outdoor fire pit, or walk to the nearby brewery for a drink. The two potential downsides with this Airbnb are that you will need a car to visit Destin’s beaches, and it is not suitable for people with physical disabilities. 

10. Diamond Condo

Diamond Condo, a favorite Airbnb in Destin Florida

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: South Destin, one mile from The Black Porch 
  • Average Cost Per Night: 7

This condo is perfect for vacationers who enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate luxury additions that can take a seemingly standard condo to a whole new level. 

The rooms themselves are 50 years old, but some of the “Diamond” upgrades include a 65″ TV, a high-tech neon shower, and a smart, heated mirror with a Bluetooth-operated music player. 

You’ll have access to the pools and tennis courts in the vicinity. But the shower, specifically, is what guests rave about the most. Even with all of these upgraded gadgets and luxury details, the price isn’t as upscale as you’d think.

It might be because it isn’t the newest condo on the block, or perhaps because it isn’t walking distance from the beach. Either way, you can expect to get a lot of bang for your buck — and an impressively good shower — from this Airbnb. 

11. Gulf Resort Condo

Gulf Resort Condo, one of the best airbnbs in Destin Florida

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: East Destin
  • Average Cost Per Night: 00

This condo is located within a large resort and is perfect for families who want access to a wide variety of attractions and activities. 

This Airbnb has two bedrooms with balconies and gives you access to the largest lagoon pool in Destin, as well as waterfalls, a hot tub, a poolside bar, a sports lounge, a restaurant, a coffee shop, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a gym. 

Plus, younger kids can enjoy pickleball, a playground area just for kids, and, of course, easy access to the beach! There’s a free shuttle to beaches, boardwalks, restaurants, and more. 

Ultimately, this is an excellent Airbnb choice for families who love the convenience and excitement of a resort, but the homely amenities of an Airbnb, such as a spacious living area and a fully-stocked kitchen. 

12. The Carriage House

Carriage House, one of the best Airbnbs in Destin Florida

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: East Destin
  • Average Cost Per Night: 8

The Carriage House is a private, intimate stay that provides a high-value option, especially for couples. You’d get a deck overlooking the pool, a full kitchen to make your own meals, a large TV, free wifi, and walking access to several restaurants, bars, and shops. 

If you’re looking to stay in a safe neighborhood and a cozy environment at a relatively affordable price, this could be the perfect Airbnb for your needs. 

13. Bogey’s Beach House

Bogey's Beach House, one of the best Airbnbs in Florida in Destin

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Miramar 
  • Average Cost Per Night: 7

This 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom, 2-balcony townhome is right on the gulf, providing quick access to the beach and plenty of opportunities to look out at the lovely ocean views. 

This home provides a kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a grill, a 10-foot shade umbrella, lounge chairs, a large flat-screen TV in the comfortable living area, and a washer and dryer in-unit, making it perfect for a long family vacation. 

The best part is all you’ll have to do is walk outside, and you’ll be right on the beach! And the only downside is that there is currently construction taking place next door, which means it might not be as quiet as some families prefer.  

14. Cozy Beach Chalet Driftwood Oasis A Tiny House

Tiny House with pool in East Destin, one of the best Destin Florida Airbnbs

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: East Destin
  • Average Cost Per Night: 5

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular as people decide that efficiency and comfort may be more important than space. And this Airbnb is a simplistic yet cozy, well-decorated, and welcoming option for couples, small families, or intimate friend groups. 

It has everything you need for a great experience, including a TV, a community pool, a community laundry service, and a kitchen. 

Plus, you’ll just be two blocks away from the beach, and the host provides beach chairs, towels, and beach buckets to take with you free of charge. 

15. Sandestin Bungalow

Sandestin Bungalow, one of the best Destin Florida Airbnbs with a golf cart

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Sandestin, near Miramar Beach
  • Average Cost Per Night: 9

This bungalow is spacious, clean, homey, and sleeps up to six people. It’s fully renovated and well-decorated to give visitors complete beach vibes. 

This Airbnb provides beach toys, umbrellas, and chairs, so you don’t have to worry about buying or renting those items. 

And the most standout aspect of this bungalow is that it also provides a six-person golf cart! This golf cart makes it easy to explore the surrounding resort area and visit nearby restaurants and attractions. 

Staying at an Airbnb in Destin, Florida 

To help you choose the best Airbnb in Destin, Florida, for your particular needs and preferences, review this buying guide for additional information and insights. 

The Check-In Process for Airbnb

The check-in process for an Airbnb can vary. It depends on the type of Airbnb as well as what the Airbnb host has arranged. Brief information about the check-in process is typically included in each Airbnb listing description.

However, you’ll get more comprehensive information regarding the exact location and check-in process once you have booked the accommodation. After booking, you can quickly review the check-in process on Airbnb with three simple steps: 

  1. Visit or open the Airbnb app
  2. Click on “Trips” to view your upcoming Trips (on the bottom of the screen on the app or under the upper-right hand menu on the web page) 
  3. Hit “Show More Trip Plans” and scroll to view the “Checking in & out” section

Most Airbnbs in Destin operate using the self-check-in process, which makes it effortless for both the host and the guests. Self-check-in is when the guest is able to check themselves in using a keypad code, a lockbox with a passcode, or a smart lock system. 

Specific instructions and codes are sent after booking, and sometimes hosts wait to provide that information 24-48 hours before the check-in date for security reasons. 

Some Airbnbs might alternatively have an in-person check-in, which means guests meet the hosts in person. This is not as convenient, but some vacationers prefer the personal approach that Airbnb was once well-known for. 

With in-person check-in, communication over Airbnb messaging is crucial so that both the guests and the hosts can confirm a meetup time and contact each other if there are changes or updates. 

If you would like early check-in or late checkout, messaging your host is typically fine as well, unless they have indicated that those options are not possible. Of course, your host can always say no, but it’s worth asking if you need it! 

Average Prices Vs. Hotels 

The average price of an Airbnb in Destin is 7. This accounts for small, 1-bedroom Airbnbs as well as massive, 8-bedroom Airbnbs that can hold up to 20 people. 

Alternatively, the average prices of hotels in the area range from 0-0 per night, but that is just for one room. The room usually will not include a large living area, kitchen families, or other homely features. 

For the quality, the number of rooms, and additional amenities you receive from Airbnbs such as fully-stocked kitchens, private living areas, and even sometimes private beach access and swimming pools, there is much more value to an Airbnb overall. 

Where to Stay in Destin, Florida

Gorgeous beach for a piece on where to stay when using a Destin Florida Airbnb

Victoria Van Pelt/Shutterstock

Because of the number of Airbnbs in Destin, it might be hard to decide which one to stay in, even when you know what type of accommodation you’re looking for and which amenities you’d like. 

That is why narrowing the decision down to a specific location is often helpful in the vacation planning process. The two main areas to stay in are Destin (around James Lee Beach) and Miramar Beach. 

Staying in the center of Destin gives you more access to a wide range of attractions, tours, activities, resorts, and parks. It is the main tourist area, so there is a lot more to do and see, but it will also be a little more crowded and hectic. 

On the other hand, Miramar Beach is a better option for a quieter stay primarily focused on relaxation, rejuvenation, and luxurious accommodations.

If you are hosting a significant event such as a wedding, a reunion, a party, or else, it’s easier to find a private, large, modern, and well-equipped space in the Miramar area. These Airbnbs might seem pricier at first.

But once split between parties of six, seven, eight, or more, they may provide more bang for your buck. Finally, if you’re looking to stay at an Airbnb on a resort, you will likely end up in Southwest or West, which is closer to the Boardwalk and where a lot of tours take off from. 

Major Attractions in Destin, Florida

Harbor walk marina for a piece on the best Airbnb Stays in Destin Florida

Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

There are many attractions and activities in Destin, which is why it’s a popular beach vacation for families, friend groups, couples, and solo travelers. Watersport lovers can have fun paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, or jet skiing.

You can also go on several boat tours, and dolphin watching cruises like the Southern Star Dolphin Cruise are top-rated in this area. As a fishing village, fishing is another popular activity to do by the water.

But many people simply visit Destin to hang out on the beach, relax on lounge chairs, or play in the sand with their young ones. You can learn to surf or book a professional photo shoot on the beach as well. 

Destin is not all about beach and water activities, though. Here are some other major attractions and things to do in Destin, Florida:

Which Destin, Florida Airbnb Is the Best?

The best Airbnb in Destin, Florida, will depend on the size of your group, your style preferences, how close you want to be to the beach. 

It’s also important to decide whether private amenities like private pools, hot tubs, fully-stocked kitchens, balconies, and game rooms are of importance to you. You can find many options for these amenities in Destin, but they come at a higher cost.

There are amazing Airbnbs in Destin for a wide range of preferences and budgets, and as long as there is enough space for your party to comfortably stay, we know you’ll have a great time hanging out and exploring the Emerald Coast!

17 Best Things to Do in New York City in 2022

04-05-2022 · Here are some of the park’s best attractions: Bethesda Fountain Alice in Wonderland Conservatory Garden Loeb Boathouse Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir Strawberry Fields Wollman Memorial Rink


New York is one of the world’s best cities to live in and visit. People come to New York to see the Broadway performances, shop and dine, or simply visit the many famous sites.

There won’t be enough time to see everything New York City has to offer. The city’s top destinations are within walking distance and are only a short train journey away from each other, making touring this city a breeze.

You might want to take advantage of having New York City to yourself. Our guide to the best things to do in New York City will help you plan your trip.

17 Best Things to Do in New York City in 2022

New York City has more fun things to do than any other city on the planet. Aside from state-of-the-art museums, it hosts incredible events all year. Here’s a list of the best things to do in New York City to help you discover its beauty.

1. The People’s Ball

Models walking the runway at the people's ball, one of the best things to do in New York City

Christian Bertrand/Shuterstock

The People’s Ball is the chance to celebrate fashion, creativity, style, and individuality. People are free to dress up in clothing that makes them feel the most attractive and authentic. The ball is completely free and accessible to the public.

It’s actually the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL). Citizens get the chance to celebrate their individualism in Brooklyn on the day of the Met Gala on May 1. This serves as one of the world’s major annual fashion shows.

2. Statue of Liberty

Image of the Statue of Liberty, one of the best things to do in New York City

Sanchai Kumar/Shutterstock

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic sights in the U.S. It’s at the top of the best things to do in New York City. The statue was a gift by France to the U.S. and served as a universal emblem of freedom.

Having been built in 1886, it is still one of the greatest attractions in the U.S. The statue stands almost 152 feet high and weighs around 450,000 pounds, making it one of the world’s tallest monuments.

The magnificent statue can be seen from land. You can get lovely views from Battery Park on Manhattan’s southern point. However, the best way to see the statue is to take a boat ride to Liberty Island to view it up close. Don’t forget to take a leisurely tour around the base.

3. Central Park

Central Park, one of the best things to do in New York City, pictured during fall


Central Park is Manhattan’s largest and most significant public park. It has a total area of approximately 840 acres and was among the first parks in the U.S. to use landscape architecture techniques.

While all have positive feedback on the park, no one has had the same experience or suggests that you do the same things. There are nearly too many attractions and hidden gems to view, such as monuments, playgrounds, fountains, sculptures, and bridges.

Here are some of the park’s best attractions:

  • Bethesda Fountain
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Conservatory Garden
  • Loeb Boathouse
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Wollman Memorial Rink

4. Rockefeller Center

Lower plaza at one of the best things to do in New York City, one of the best things to do in New York City, pictured in the Summer


Beautiful monuments, a gigantic skating rink, a slew of shops and restaurants, and a fishbowl view of NBC Studios are found in this historic plaza. Though there will definitely be large crowds, you should experience this event at least once.

The plaza also shines with a beautiful Christmas tree during the winter holidays. However, don’t worry if your trip to New York isn’t planned during winter because there are many things to do in New York City all year.

You may watch a taping of the Today show, admire the city from the observation deck, or see a show at Radio City Music Hall.

Visitors reported that the Top of the Rock gives some magnificent views of Manhattan, which is definitely worth the money. Travelers suggest purchasing combo tickets, including a building tour and access to the observation deck.

5. American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History, one of the best things to do in New York City, showing dinosaur bones


Located on Central Park West, the American Museum of Natural History is a popular destination for travelers. Don’t expect to see everything in a day because there are over 30 million artifacts in the museum, 45 display halls, and 25 structures.

Never miss the Rose Center for Earth and Space, the Butterfly Conservatory, the Hall of the Universe, and the dinosaurs.

According to local experts, visiting this place is one of the best things to do in New York City with your family. It’s perfect for all ages, especially kids because it’s very engaging and educational. It’s one of the city’s must-see attractions.

6. Patrick’s Cathedral

Patrick's Cathedral, a top pick for the best things to do in NYC, as viewed from the street


St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the home of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York. It stands as the symbol of the ascendancy of the New World’s religious freedom.

As a result, this famous landmark is the source of inspiration for Catholics and a light of hope for over five million tourists from all religious denominations who visit annually. Since 1879, St. Patrick’s Cathedral has proudly stood above Fifth Avenue.

The color of its beautiful windows, the charm of its music, and the vision of its charity inspire us to respond to its calling.

Don’t miss the St. Patrick’s Cathedral when you visit New York. The church possesses the past’s rich history and an excellent work of architecture that sets the monument unique.

7. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the best things to do in New York City, in the main gallery


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Met, is one of the most well-known museums in the U.S. Established in 1870, its permanent collection has over two million artifacts spanning more than 5,000 decades.

The museum includes three sites, and Met Fifth Avenue is its focal point. Here you can find decorative items, guns and armor, Egyptian art, photos, costumes, and even musical instruments.

Exhibitions in the museum let the audience see some of the world’s most famous masterpieces. If you’re serious about visiting the Met, try getting a VIP: Empty Met Tour, allowing you to explore the museum with only 25 people prior to its opening to the public early in the morning.

8. Empire State Building

Empire state building, one of the best attractions in New York City, pictured in the evening

Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock

Another remarkable landmark and popular tourist destination in New York City is the Empire State Building. This 102-story structure was the world’s tallest building rising 381 meters high, until 41 years later when the 1 World Trade Center skyscraper was built.

When it first opened in 1931, it served as a symbolic landmark for New York City. The building has two observatories on top, which provide a spectacular view.

You can even see the neighboring states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut on a clear day. The observatory, with 86 floors, is the tallest open-air observation deck in New York.

In fact, it’s what most tourists anticipate seeing when visiting the Empire State Building. When you visit the place, you might find it familiar because it has been used in several films and T.V. series.

The building has an indoor space enclosed by glass that is cooled during summer and heated during winter. It also has ample outdoor spaces all around the building.

All are reached by automatic, high-speed elevators. The line to enter the Empire State Building is always long. Plus, it moves too slow and can go ridiculously slow and long during peak periods.

If you don’t have the patience, this experience can frustrate you. Remember that this attraction alone can easily consume half of your day. So, plan your trip carefully.

9. Bryant Park

Bryant Park, one of the top things to do in New York City, pictured from the walkway with a stone railing in the foreground


Located just south of Times Square, Bryant Park has some of the most beautiful areas in Manhattan. The park was a 1990’s redevelopment initiative that converted it into a haven for locals and visitors, even though it’s been a magnificent green space for over 150 years already.

Professionals from midtown Manhattan prefer this place to meet and have lunch. It’s also where fashion gurus parade during fashion week. Plus, entertainers show off their talents during Piano in the Park and Broadway in Bryant Park.

A trip to Bryant Park doesn’t require a planned event. Simply go there to take in the view or enjoy the free Wi-Fi. Recently, travelers recommend visiting the New York Public Library found on the Great Lawn.

Other recommended activities are riding the carousel and ice skating on the Pond. In fact, there are still many things to do in Bryant Park. You can join yoga classes, knitting, chess games, tai chi classes, and even literary activities held at Bryant Park.

Not yet sure where to begin? Consider the Bryant Park Café or the Bryant Park Grill. Travelers mentioned that a stroll around the park gives a relaxing break from the city, and tourists commend how well-kept the place is.

10. Grand Central Terminal

A top pick for the best things to do in New York City, Grand Central Terminal, pictured in the great hall


Visiting the Grand Central Terminal is one of the best things to do in New York City because it’s the most remarkable public space in the city.

In 1913, it was opened to the public for the first time and became a well-known Midtown landmark. The terminal has a long and rich past which is a history of incredible engineering and vast wealth.

With over 750,000 people daily, the terminal is one of the world’s busiest train stations. The Metro-North Railroad, iconic retail stores, restaurants, and the most enticing Apple Store are all found in the Grand Central.

When you visit the terminal, don’t miss the highlights of your tour, including the world’s largest Tiffany Glass Clock, the opal-faced clock worth million, the transportation statue weighing 1500 tons, and the acoustics of the Whispering Gallery facing the Oyster Bar and Restaurant.

If you’re interested in history, there are guided tours provided to help you know about the history of the Grand Central Terminal. It also has a website that offers more information about tours and how you can maximize your trip.

11. Times Square

Picture of Times Square viewed from the distance


Times Square is currently regarded as the city’s beating heart. With its massive advertising hoardings, Times Square has become the icon of this fast-moving metropolis throughout time. It’s also featured in many films.

It’s located at the junction of 7th Avenue and Broadway. In fact, Times Square is the city’s most renowned landmark and liveliest district with its giant billboards and bright lights.

Times Square is home to many museums, theatres, bars, and restaurants. When the city is illuminated by the bright lights of Times Plaza at night, both locals and tourists are entirely charmed by the city’s most renowned square.

As a visitor, a trip to Times Square is a must. The busiest place in Manhattan, which has served as the location for several films and T.V. shows, is situated in the heart of the Big Apple.

Perhaps, when visiting Times Square, the main attraction is undoubtedly the recognizable advertisements. They are almost everywhere, like a big show of colors and lights.

12. The High Line

The High Line, one of the best things to do in New York City, viewed from the rooftop

Francois Roux/Shutterstock

This huge manicured park, about 112 miles long, is located on an abandoned rail track on the West Side of Manhattan. It runs over three of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the city — the West Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, and the Meatpacking District.

The High Line rises 30 feet above the ground and offers panoramic views of Manhattan’s skyline and the beautiful Hudson River. However, the views aren’t the only reason tourists flock to this area.

Locals and travelers come to this groomed green space for various reasons, including many public artworks, food hubs, large picnic areas, and sunbathing space, the 23rd Street Lawn.

If you want to take a break from the busy life in the city, travelers recommend going to the High Line. On a clear day, many consider it to be the best place to get spectacular views of Manhattan. People refer to it as an urban oasis.

13. Broadway

Broadway, one of the best things to do in New York City, as viewed from the street


Visitors to New York spend their entire time in the city seeing one or more Broadway shows. And if you enjoy musicals and plays, Broadway is the best place to be. The magnificent marquees, snug theaters, and incredible talent on stage wowed most of the audience.

Given that neighboring Times square is the bewildering jungle of lights and sounds, tourists recommend that shuffling back and forth between performances is all you need to see all of the neighborhood.

Broadway is definitely an inextricable aspect of New York City. You are assured it’s family-friendly, and there’s something for everyone.

14. Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue in New York City, one of the best things to do in the city, with taxis in the foreground

Songquan Deng/Shutterstock

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is located on the same street as Tiffany & Co, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Bergdorf Goodman. It’s probably because many believe that shopping is also a religious experience, and the Holy Grail is located between 34th and 59th streets.

Despite not having a plan to spend your money at these high-end boutiques, travelers recommend taking a trip down Fifth Avenue. Local experts mentioned that it’s one of the best things to do in New York City and the best place to shop also.

While many argue that the shops on Fifth Avenue are too pricey, you can find budget-friendly shops such as Gap, Sephora, and the Disney Store for kids. The shops on Fifth Avenue are more well-known, but if you prefer an edgy style, you can go to SoHo.

15. Coney Island

Coney Island, a must-see sight in New York City, pictured during a sunny day with blue skies

Christian Mueller/Shutterstock

Coney Island is a great neighborhood featuring an amusement park with over 50 rides and attractions, although it isn’t as centrally controlled as Six Flags or Disneyland.

If you have questions about attractions or filming privileges, you should direct them to the concerned businesses. Their site is managed by Coney Island, USA — a non-profit organization that hosts the Sideshow, the Mermaid Parade, and other programs.

Coney Island is only seasonal that operates from Easter through Halloween. The rides and attractions are open to the public during weekends from Easter to Memorial Day to Labor Day and then weekends until October.

The beautiful beach and boardwalk are open throughout the year, and the New York Aquarium and Nathan’s Hot Dogs usually are available daily.

16. The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim museum, one of the best things to do in New York City, pictured from the street

Tinnaporn Sathapornnanont/Shutterstock

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, also called The Guggenheim, is among the country’s most famous museums.

It’s well-known for its spectacular coiled structure, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The building is the highlight on Fifth Avenue at 89th Street. The halls within are lined with the best artworks from Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, and Norman Rockwell.

The Guggenheim never fails to impress travelers. Its extraordinary design and architecture and its diverse artworks held within are highly valued by guests.

17. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, seen from a boat, one of the best things to do in New York City

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

The Brooklyn Bridge is among the oldest suspension bridges in New York. In fact, it’s among the city’s most iconic attractions. The bridge spans the East River and connects Brooklyn and Manhattan with six lanes.

One of the best things to do in New York City is walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Some travelers choose to skip visiting the bridge in favor of other destinations.

However, if you’re short on budget, the bridge is one of the best ways to see New York. Consider taking a boat or helicopter tour to get unique views of the bridge. Many of these tours pass under the renowned landmark.

Things to Consider Before Visiting New York City

NYC taxi cabs, one of the best things to do in NYC

Mikayel Bartikyan/Shutterstock

While you can read countless suggestions on what to see and do in the Concrete Jungle, here are some things to keep in mind before stepping onto the tarmac of John F. Kennedy International Airport.

  • Research how to get to and from the airport
  • Know how to get around the city
  • Give yourself more time to walk around
  • Take the subway
  • Put on some comfortable sneakers
  • Get a multi-day MetroCard
  • If traveling on weekends, make sure to allow extra time
  • Save money by getting a New York Pass
  • Know how much to tip
  • Find free hosted events
  • Save money and get discount tickets
  • Make lunch or dinner reservations
  • If on a tight budget, stay away from midtown
  • Be careful of pickpockets

NYC Travel FAQ

New York City Subway, one of the must-see attractions in the city

Olga Listopad/Shutterstock

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about traveling to NYC.

Is New York City safe as a whole?

New York City has a relatively low crime rate. When crimes happen, they seldom occur in tourist-heavy locations. For example, travelers are reluctant to see the Bronx, Harlem, and other boroughs where crime is most frequent.

However, there are some things that visitors to New York City should be aware of. To begin with, it’s never the best to visit Central Park at night. While the park is a beautiful tourist spot, it’s closed at night until the early hours the following day.

Can I visit other boroughs of New York?

Yes, definitely. Visiting the other boroughs of the Big Apple is some of the best things to do in New York City. While Manhattan is beautiful, you can still find more fantastic museums, beautiful parks, and lively activities outside of it.

You might even want to venture outside of New York City. It’s pretty simple to catch a Metro-North train from the Grand Central and travel upstate.

What’s the best season to visit New York?

You can visit New York all year round. In fact, there’s no wrong time to see the Big Apple. When it comes to things to do and events to see, each season has something unique and exciting to offer travelers. Spring and fall are usually the most enjoyable seasons because the weather is perfect.

When is the cheapest time to visit?

If you’re on a tight budget, go to New York in the late fall or winter, when the travel cost is usually lower. While it’s cold outside, it won’t bother you anyway with so many exciting museums, events, and activities you can enjoy.

Can I bike around New York?

Even though many ride bicycles in New York, it’s not known for being bike-friendly due to a large traffic volume. Additionally, there are too many potholes on the streets, and the dedicated bike lanes are always blocked by parked vehicles.

So, What Are the Best Things to Do in New York City?

Now you some of the best things to do in New York City. Traveling and doing things that satisfy your need to explore and grow definitely fill the soul. We hope that this list inspires you to travel and appreciate New York City and its every corner of magic.

Where to Stay in Oahu | Best Areas & Hotels

03-05-2022 · Waikiki Luxury Hotels. The Ritz-Carlton Residences. To really feel like luxury, stay at the Ritz-Carlton Residences, one of the most luxurious resorts on the entire island. Amenities include two infinity pools, a spa, several restaurants, and meeting spaces for business travelers. Trump International Hotel Waikiki.


Figuring out where to stay in Oahu is key to getting the most out of your trip to Hawaii’s most iconic island. While you can’t go wrong with any part of this beautiful place, we’ve made a guide to the locations and hotels that will make your stay a vacation to remember.

Where to Stay in Oahu

Cool aerial view of Oahu by the Haiku stairs for a piece titled Where to Stay on Oahu

Ingus Kruklitls/Shutterstock

Oahu is where most tourists start their journey to Hawaii, and with good reason. There’s plenty to see and do here, from iconic sites to natural wonders.

Some historians speculate that Oahu means “the gathering place,” which makes sense given Oahu’s modern society — Hawaii’s most populous island and home to its capital, today it is a gathering place for tourists and locals alike.

Oahu started out as a relatively minor kingdom of its own before it was conquered into the larger kingdom of Hawaii. In 1845, King Kamehameha III moved his capital to Honolulu, which began Oahu’s upward rise.

The island’s importance grew with the arrival of European colonizers (legend has it that Oahu was the first island sighted by Europeans, although not the first one they landed on). American authorities based many of their operations in Oahu, especially after Pearl Harbor.

Today, Oahu is a haven for visitors, especially people from the mainland United States. Millions of visitors stay on the island each year, coming to see the beautiful beaches, lush tropical inlands, and glimpses of Hawaii history.

Oahu is also a prime luxury and shopping destination with many shops and resorts. Many of the most popular destinations in Hawaii that you’ve heard of, from Pearl Harbor to Waikiki Beach, are actually on Oahu.

Even though the island is less than 600 square miles large, it packs plenty of attractions, including countless gorgeous beaches, into a small area.

The 5 Best Parts of Town

If you’d rather make your own Hawaii experience instead of following the crowds of tourists, there are also plenty of areas on Oahu to explore that are still off the beaten path. These include:

  1. Waikiki: Best for first-time visitors 
  2. Diamond Head: Best for nature
  3. The Windward Coast: Best for off-the-beaten-path stays
  4. The North Shore: Best for surfing
  5. Honolulu: Best for an urban feel

1. Waikiki

Waikiki, one of our top picks for where to stay on Oahu, viewed from the air


No trip to Hawaii is complete without a visit to Waikiki. This beach is technically a district within Honolulu, but deserves a section of its own, thanks to its popularity with visitors.

People have been drawn by the allure of Waikiki for a long time. During the kingdom of Hawaii, the royal family frequently came to this gorgeous stretch along Honolulu’s south shore. The first hotel was built in 1901 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Most people coming to Waikiki aren’t coming for the area’s history as a playground for royalty, but to be treated like royalty themselves—and they’ll find it.

With luxury resorts, world-class shopping, restaurants for all palates and budgets, and entertainment of every kind, Waikiki is a tourist’s paradise. Thanks to the abundance of accommodation of all kinds, it’s also surprisingly affordable. 

Of course, the main draw in Waikiki is the beach itself. Waikiki Beach is only the most famous of the district’s six, equally gorgeous, beaches.

Whether you want to partake in Oahu’s famous surf culture or just splash around with your family, a day at one of Waikiki’s beaches is a day well-spent. There’s so much to do in Waikiki that many travelers only see this district and nothing else.

However, Oahu has so many other places to explore—places that are far less crowded and where you’ll spend less time stuck in traffic. If this is not your first time in Hawaii or you know that you prefer a quieter pace of life on vacation, look elsewhere.

Things to Do

  • Check out the surf culture (and the statue to a legend) on Duke Kahanamoku Beach
  • Go down Kalakaua Avenue to shop for souvenirs, dine out, or just people-watch
  • Take the family to the Honolulu Zoo or the Waikiki Aquarium
  • See Waikiki from the water on an outrigger canoe ride
  • Check out daily cultural programming and shops at the Royal Hawaiian Center

Where to Eat

Waikiki Budget Hotels

  • Imperial Hawaii Resort. It’s surprisingly easy to find resorts on a budget in Waikiki, and the Imperial Hawaii Resort is one option. Amenities include suites with kitchenettes, a swimming pool, and even beach towels.
  • Waikiki Central Hotel. Waikiki Central Hotel is more affordable than many competitors thanks to the lack of resort fees. Other perks include patios, air conditioning, and free toiletries in every room.

Waikiki Mid-Range Hotels

  • Coconut Waikiki Hotel. Enjoy great amenities for an affordable price at the Coconut Waikiki Hotel. Amenities include an outdoor pool, BBQ area, and gourmet coffee in each room.
  • Halepuna Waikiki by Halekulani. The Halepuna Waikiki is a luxury boutique hotel in a great location. Enjoy great amenities such as a deep-soaking tub in every room, a fitness center, and the Urban Oasis, all in a well-designed environment equipped with art from the Honolulu Museum.

Waikiki Luxury Hotels

  • The Ritz-Carlton Residences. To really feel like luxury, stay at the Ritz-Carlton Residences, one of the most luxurious resorts on the entire island. Amenities include two infinity pools, a spa, several restaurants, and meeting spaces for business travelers.
  • Trump International Hotel Waikiki. For luxury right by the beach, stay at the Trump International. Amenities include an outdoor pool, a full-service spa, and a marble bath in each room.

2. Diamond Head

Diamond Head crater on the coast, one of the best places to stay in Oahu

Norbert Turi/Shutterstock

Located just on the eastern side of Waikiki, Diamond Head might as well be a different planet. Diamond Head is technically the name of the distinctive, ridge-shaped crater that dominates the island’s shoreline.

The collapsed tuff cone also lent its name to the area surrounding the state park. Obviously the most popular thing to do in Diamond Head is to hike up the mountain. Although it’s not the most challenging peak by any means, it still offers gorgeous views of Oahu.

Besides the hike to the top, the rest of the area also has plenty of walking routes, parks, and green spaces. Although Diamond Head is a wonderful natural paradise, staying here doesn’t mean giving up on creature comforts.

The hedonistic attractions of Waikiki are just a short drive away from Diamond Head. If you have a car, you can easily go the other direction and check out some of the more isolated viewpoints on southern Oahu.

Diamond Head is also a better option than Waikiki for budget travelers. You’re still only a few minutes’ drive away from the beach, but rooms here are far more affordable. There is a good mix of budget hotels and luxury hotels that still cost far less than Waikiki.

However, if you’re looking for a truly off-the-beaten-path destination, Diamond Head is not what you’re looking for. The area is close enough to Waikiki that it gets plenty of day-trippers, which makes for very crowded roads.

Things to Do

  • Hike Diamond Head Crater and get a spectacular view of the island
  • Work out in the beachfront Kapiolani Park outdoor gym
  • Walk down to Waikiki for a taste of the action (and walk back to your room when you’re tired of the hassle)
  • Do a day trip to the Manoa Falls and hike up to the waterfalls

Where to Eat

Diamond Head Budget Hotels

  • Diamond Head Beach Queen Studio. One of the benefits of staying in Diamond Beach is that you have access to more types of accommodation, not just hotels. If your family wants a bit more space and amenities such as a kitchenette and washing machine that make you feel at home, check out the Diamond Head Beach Queen Studio with a beachfront view.
  • Kaimana Beach Hotel. The surprisingly affordable Kaimana Beach Hotel has great views of the beach and Diamond Head crater. Other reasons to stay here include the private beach, complimentary amenities, and lanai.

Diamond Head Mid-Range Hotels

  • Breezy Studio at Diamond Head Beach Hotel. Another apartment offering a more affordable stay for families, this accommodation includes a TV, air conditioning, and a great location.
  • Park Shore Waikiki. While technically within the district of Waikiki, this hotel is on the quieter, Diamond Head side. Amenities include great views, on-site restaurants, and beachfront entertainment. 

Diamond Head Luxury Hotels

  • Lotus Honolulu at Diamond Head. The luxurious Lotus Honolulu tucked away in Diamond Head feels as if you’re on a private tropical getaway while still close to the attractions of Waikiki. Amenities include cable TV, balconies or patios in every room, and great views.
  • Queen Kapiolani Hotel. Although technically in Waikiki, this luxury resort is on the quieter side of the district and has great views of Diamond Head. Other amenities include lobby shops, a tour desk, and even beach chairs.

3. The Windward Coast

The Windward Coast, one of the best places to stay in Oahu, viewed from a scenic overlook

Phillip B. Espinasse/Shutterstock

Oahu’s stunning Windward Coast is along the eastern shore of the island. Although it’s just a 30-minute drive away from the touristy bustle of Waikiki, as you drive east, you may feel as if you’re landing on a totally different world.

Instead of fighting through the crowds to get to yet another overcrowded beach or packed luxury shop, you’ll get to explore pristine beaches, stunning vistas, and mountains covered in tropical vegetation at your leisure. Staying on the Windward Coast is a great way to get into nature.

Whether you prefer hiking or surfing or getting up close and personal with some turtles, there’s plenty to do. There’s also plenty of culture to explore on this side of the island.

Instead of packing into hotel auditoriums or attractions designed for tourists, take in low-key Hawaiian beach towns where you can enjoy the slower pace of life that’s made Hawaii such a famous destination for years.

Oahu’s Windward Coast is also a center for native Hawaiian life and culture. The stunning natural beauty and charming towns of Oahu’s Windward Coast make it a great destination for nature lovers and people looking for a unique, off-the-beaten-path experience.

However, if you’re looking for exciting nightlife and plenty of action, you’re better off staying in Waikiki or the surrounding areas.

Things to Do

  • Swim on Lanikai Beach, often voted one of the best beaches in the world
  • Take a spiritual break at the Valley of the Temples
  • Take in the views at Nu’uanu Pali Lookout point
  • Walk to Mokoli’I Island during low tide
  • Check out the laid-back towns such as Kaneohe

Where to Eat

Windward Shore Budget Hotels

  • Paradise Palms B&B. The best options for budget accommodation on the Windward side are often B&Bs like the Paradise Palms. Amenities include free private parking, a patio, and continental breakfast.
  • Manoa Valley Inn. The charming, family-owned Manoa Valley Inn perches on the border between Honolulu and Windward Oahu. Enjoy complimentary breakfast in the garden.

Windward Shore Mid-Range Hotels

  • Waimanalo Beach Cottages. Feel as if this slice of paradise is your own at the Waimanalo Beach Cottages. Rent your own charming cottage just steps away from the beach with full amenities, including a balcony.
  • Regency on Beachwalk. Another option for renting an entire home on vacation, the Regency on Beachwalk series offers easy access to the windward side of Hawaii while staying close to Honolulu.

Windward Shore Luxury Hotels

  • Paradise Bay Resort. The Windward Shore doesn’t have as many luxury resorts as the Waikiki side, which makes Paradise Bay stand out even more. Amenities include an outdoor pool, hot tub, rooms with kitchenettes, and stunning views.
  • Kahala Hotel & Resort. While technically still in Honolulu, the Kahala Resort is close to stunning Kailua Beach. Amenities include a spa, sauna, outdoor pool, and more.

4. The North Shore

Gorgeous rainbow over one of our top picks for where to stay in Oahu, the North Shore

Nataliya Hora/Shutterstock

Oahu’s North Shore is a year-round beach destination. In the summer, locals and families alike flock to the pristine sand beaches and crystal-clear waters to swim.

Even on an island full of natural beauty, the North Shore manages to stand out. You can even swim with sea turtles if you want to get personal with Hawaii’s wildlife. However, the North Shore really shows its unique colors in the winter.

Then, the winds pick up, the waves grow to the size of buildings, and the world’s surfing community descends on the sleepy beach towns.

If you’re passionate about surfing or just want to take in surfer culture, a visit to the North Shore is a must. While the North Shore has a lively cultural life of its own, it doesn’t have the thumping nightlife of Waikiki or Honolulu, which might put off some travelers.

While the North Shore is a great place to take the family in the summer, in the winter the waves are too much to manage for children so stick to Waikiki or one of the quieter shores.

Things to Do

  • Surf (or watch other daredevils brave the waves) at the Banzai Pipeline
  • In the summer, splash around in the pristine waters of Waimea Beach
  • Get a taste for local life and honor native Hawaiians at the Polynesian Cultural Center
  • Check out inland trails such as the Ehukai Pillbox Hike, which passes WWII-era bunkers

Where to Eat

North Shore Budget Hotels

  • Backpackers Vacation Inn and Plantation Village. This is one of the better inns on the North Shore backpacker circuit. Amenities include a great beachfront location, free parking, and a community of backpackers.
  • Kalani Hawaii Private Lodging. The best places to stay on the North Shore are often private apartments such as the Kalani Hawaii, which offers gorgeous décor, a great location, and even surfboard storage.

North Shore Mid-Range Hotels

  • Mokule’ia Beach Houses at Owen’s Retreat. For a homey feel on vacation, stay at the Mokule’ia Beach Houses. Each house includes BBQ facilities, a patio, and access to water sports facilities.
  • Beach Side Studio by Shark’s Cove. This gorgeous private apartment offers easy access to local outdoor activities and has a balcony with a view.

North Shore Luxury Hotels

  • Turtle Bay Resort. The North Shore caters more to the backpacker scene than to luxury travelers, but the Turtle Bay Resort is a great place to stay if you like creature comforts. Amenities include ocean views, two golf courses, and snorkeling with turtles.
  • Courtyard by Marriott Oahu North Shore. The Courtyard by Marriott is a more intimate resort that still has plenty of amenities such as a fitness center, lagoon-style pool, and fresh décor.

5. Honolulu

City view of Honolulu, one of the best places to stay in Oahu

Dudarev Mikhail/Shutterstock

When most people visit Honolulu, they make a beeline straight for Waikiki and ignore the rest of town. That’s a shame because Hawaii’s capital is full of vibrant culture and history, as well as attractions that are major tourist draws.

Honolulu has been the capital of Hawaii since 1850, when Kamehameha III made it the capital of the Hawaiian kingdom. The city still has sites paying tribute to the old Hawaiian kingdom.

For more recent history, check out some of the many sites paying tribute to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Honolulu also has plenty of cultural attractions.

Check out the art at some of Honolulu’s many museums, take in Hawaii’s status as a cultural melting pot with a walk through Chinatown, or indulge in some consumer culture at Ala Moana, a massive outdoor shopping center.

Honolulu also makes a great base for exploring the rest of the island. However, if you were looking for a relaxing tropical getaway, the hustle and bustle of the city might be too much for you.

Things to Do

  • Check out a somber piece of history at the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites
  • Learn more about the Hawaiian royal family at Iolani Palace, the only royal palace on US soil
  • Take a day trip out of Honolulu to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve
  • Shop until you drop at Ala Moana, the world’s largest outdoor shopping center
  • Take in some culture at one of Honolulu’s many museums, such as the Bishop Museum

Where to Eat

Honolulu Budget Hotels

  • The Equus. This lowkey hotel on Ala Moana boulevard is close to Ala Moana Regional Park. Amenities include evening entertainment and a pool for a very affordable price.
  • Hosteling International Honolulu. The ultimate choice for budget travel, the Hosteling International Honolulu, right near the university, is a great place to meet like-minded travelers. Amenities include kitchens, TVs, and free parking.

Honolulu Mid-Range Hotels

  • Ala Moana Hotel. For a laid-back beach vibe that’s more relaxed (and affordable) than Waikiki, stay at Ala Moana Hotel. Amenities include a pool deck, gorgeous lobby, and proximity to Ala Moana shopping center.
  • The Modern Honolulu. The sleek space of The Modern Honolulu is close enough to Waikiki that you’re part of the action but removed enough that you’re not bothered by the bustle. Amenities include gorgeous rooms, an on-site restaurant, and a great location.

Honolulu Luxury Hotels

  • Pagoda Hotel. Located near the Hawaii Convention Center, the Pagoda Hotel is a favorite with business travelers. Amenities include a sun terrace, on-site restaurant, and swimming pool. 
  • Prince Waikiki. Don’t be fooled by the name, this resort by the bridge connecting Ala Moana and Waikiki is a quieter option away from Waikiki’s bustle. Amenities include a full-service spa, several dining options, and an activity desk.

So, Where Should You Stay in Oahu?

Oahu is a tourist mecca for good reason, as its pristine beaches, thumping Honolulu nightlife, and charming beach towns will show.

Whether you choose to make it a surfing holiday on the North Shore or stay close to all the action in Waikiki, you’ll have a wonderful stay on the jewel of Hawaii’s crown!

The 15 Best Airbnbs in Colorado in 2022

05-01-2022 · The 15 Best Colorado Airbnbs in 2022 1. Little Red Treehouse. If you ever wanted to spend the night in a treehouse when you were a child, the Little Red... 2. Beautiful Vineyard Barn House. The town of Palisade, Colorado, is known for its abundance of stunning vineyards,... 3. The Mothership Dome at ...


If you’re planning a trip to Colorado, skipping the hotel is almost always a way to better experience nature. We’ve rounded up the 15 best Airbnbs in Colorado to make your stay unforgettable and why we love each.

Why Stay at a Colorado Airbnb?

It’s no secret why Colorado is such a popular travel destination. The state truly has something to offer every visitor, from the stunning mountainous landscapes to the historic downtown areas. 

With Colorado Airbnbs, it’s simple to find comfortable and affordable rentals that fit your vacation rental needs. Whether you want a luxurious city apartment, a secluded, cozy cabin surrounded by nature, or even a treehouse nestled into a forest, you can find exactly what you’re searching for. 

Colorado Airbnbs offer a massive range of beautiful and unique rentals that are sure to create an unforgettable trip. However, it can be challenging to narrow down which house, apartment, cabin, or treehouse works best for you with so many options. That’s why we’ve chosen 15 excellent Colorado Airbnbs.

The 15 Best Colorado Airbnbs in 2022

Here is your guide to 15 of the best and most unique Airbnbs you can find throughout Colorado. 

1. Little Red Treehouse

Best airbnb in Colorado (Little Red Treehouse)

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Lyons, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 0

If you ever wanted to spend the night in a treehouse when you were a child, the Little Red Treehouse in Lyons, Colorado, provides the perfect way to live out your childhood dream. 

This secluded getaway for two guests is one of the best Colorado Airbnbs to escape everyday life and enjoy scenic Foothill views. Guests will love this unique rental’s charm, comfort, and one-of-a-kind setup with the stunning landscape.

While the treehouse may be small and cozy, there’s no shortage of space and activities to explore in the surrounding area. Guests can enjoy:

  • Playing frisbee 
  • Reading 
  • Relaxing on the large lawn 
  • Eating in the outdoor picnic area
  • Sitting under the pergola 

The treehouse is conveniently located near several other activities, with shopping areas, hiking trails, bike paths, river tubing, and more just a short walk from the property.

2. Beautiful Vineyard Barn House

Best Airbnb in Colorado Vineyard Barn House

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Palisade, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 

The town of Palisade, Colorado, is known for its abundance of stunning vineyards, fruit orchards, unique wineries, and more. 

At this vineyard barn house rental, you can relax right in the middle of all the scenery and attractions Palisade has to offer. The home sits on over four acres of grapevines, orchards, vegetable gardens, and so much more, all located at the tranquil and scenic base of Mt. Garfield.

The spacious and welcoming newly renovated barn, which can comfortably sleep up to four guests, offers incredible Grand Valley views right from your private patio. On-site, you can:

  • Rent bikes to tour the winery 
  • Stroll through the countryside 
  • Pick peaches from the orchard
  • Explore the wineries and country on a horse and carriage ride

More outdoor activities are ready to explore with just a short trip to downtown Palisade or Downtown Grand Junction. This rental offers something for everyone, from skiing to hiking to road and mountain biking.  

3. The Mothership Dome at Crestopolis

The Mothership Dome, one of the Best Airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Crestone, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 5

Colorado is one of the best destinations for a quiet and relaxing vacation. With its secluded location and peaceful natural surroundings, the Mothership Dome at Crestopolis is one of the best Airbnbs for anyone looking for a quiet, remote getaway. 

This large, unique dome can sleep up to nine guests and offers an open space with various sleeping arrangements to suit your group’s needs.

Along with the unique layout of your accommodation, the tiny town of Crestone offers a perfect escape with a breathtaking landscape to enjoy. The surrounding nature will allow you to relax and recharge as you enjoy the rental’s ideal setup for stargazing and spotting local wildlife. 

The dome is also located just under an hour north of Great Sand Dunes National Park, making this a unique and off-the-beaten-path place to stay as you go sandboarding, hiking, or backpacking throughout the park. 

4. The Hummingbird Hideaway

Hummingbird Hideaway, one of the best Airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Pine, Colorado 
  • Average Cost Per Night: 9

Located in the breathtaking mountain area just above Elk Creek, this cozy 1920’s log cabin offers a serene and peaceful escape that’s perfect for a family getaway or a weekend trip with friends. 

This property’s beautiful French Country design is balanced with modern touches and amenities. The waterfront and mountain views offer a tranquil setting for you as you sit on the patio, enjoy a cup of coffee, and take in the fresh mountain air. 

When you venture just a few minutes from the cabin, you’ll find a vast range of outdoor activities to enjoy, including:

  • Hiking 
  • Mountain biking 
  • Bird watching 
  • Kayaking
  • Fly-fishing

After a long day of outdoor adventuring, you can relax and grill on the sundeck, share memories or read a book on the covered porch, or stop by the nearby restaurant for food and live music. 

If you’re looking for a day trip, this Airbnb is less than an hour from Denver, allowing for easy access to the city and all it has to offer.

5. A Tiny Slice of Heaven

Tiny Slice of Heaven, one of the best Airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Denver, Colorado 
  • Average Cost Per Night: 5

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in a small but stylish container home, this incredible 264-square-foot studio tiny home in Denver might be the perfect rental option for you. This cozy and beautifully decorated container can sleep up to four guests and includes:

  • A private courtyard, 
  • An outdoor seating area
  • Three burner barbeques 

Along with a unique and unconventional Airbnb experience, this property also offers guests a convenient and fun location in the trendy Denver suburb of Berkeley. 

The house is within walking distance of several restaurants and stores and, it’s only a 10-minute drive to the exciting and historic Downtown Denver. This rental offers extensive amenities and nearby activities that any traveler will love despite its small size.

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6. Wonder Haus “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rental”

Wonder Haus, one of the best Airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Pagosa Springs, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 1

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable stay for your next trip to Colorado, Wonder Haus, a home built right into the side of a hill, is one of the best Airbnb options out there. 

Surrounded by the scenic San Juan National Forest, this passive solar earth home is the perfect home base as you explore everything the 7-acre property has to offer visitors.

The surrounding town of Pagosa Springs boasts a variety of options for: 

  • Skiing 
  • Biking
  • Hiking trails
  • Fishing areas
  • The world’s deepest geothermal hot spring 

At night, the home’s star-gazing observation tower provides stunning views of the night sky. With spectacular mountain views, a comfortable and spacious living area, and endless nearby outdoor activities, Wonder Haus is guaranteed to create a magical experience for visitors of any age.

7. Handcrafted Earth House Etched into a Mountain

Home etched into a mountain, one of the best Airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Boulder, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 6

Boulder, Colorado, offers some of the best mountain views in the state, and there’s no better way to take in the scenery than from this secluded handcrafted house built right into the earthen side of a mountain. 

Another sustainable earth home rental option, the owners built this house from local materials with a comfortable passive solar design to keep the space cozy and comfortable throughout your stay. 

You’re guaranteed to get lost in the sprawling wilderness views, which include a scenic outlook onto Sugarloaf Mountain. 

Along with the vast surrounding nature and nearby sightseeing to explore, there are plenty of ways to stay busy and relax from the comfort of the house. There are two indoor tropical gardens, a wooden fireplace, and even an outdoor hot tub where you can stargaze and take in the beautiful scenery. 

8. Rocky Mountain Tree House

Rocky Mountain Tree House, One of the Best Airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Carbondale, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 8

Located in the trees 25-feet above Cattle Creek, this world-famous treehouse offers a peaceful and secluded way to explore the stunning wilderness of Colorado. 

Built in 1971, this cozy treehouse includes:

  • A winding staircase 
  • Wood-burning stove 
  • Full-size kitchen
  • A private balcony

With two large skylights in the sleeping loft, this treehouse is the perfect way to experience sleeping under the stars. 

This rental can hold up to six guests, making it the perfect space for a group forest getaway with friends or a memorable, one-of-a-kind family vacation. Guests can enjoy a private mountain garden, picnic table, campfire area, and relaxing hot tub, all while they unwind and unplug in a peaceful and scenic environment. 

9. The Fortress at Pikes Peak Cripple Creek

The Fortress at Pikes Peak Cripple Creek, one of the best Colorado Airbnbs

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Cripple Creek, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 8

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway for two or a family vacation for up to eight people, The Fortress at Pikes Peak Cripple Creek offers the ideal mountain getaway. 

The unobstructed panoramic views of the Sangre de Cristos Mountain Range are unbeatable, and you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the comfort of the chalet-style home’s 600-ft wrap-around deck. 

Cripple Creek’s city center is just a short drive away, as well as all the other unique attractions and activities you can find in the area. From The Fortress, you can enjoy easy access to:

  • All different levels of hiking trails 
  • Rafting
  • The Garden of the Gods 
  • Wildlife sanctuaries 
  • Seven Falls
  • Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument 
  • And more!

If you’re planning a more extended day trip, you can take a scenic one-hour drive to Colorado Springs or a two-hour drive to Denver to explore the surrounding cities and sites.

10. Canyon Hideout Bungalow

The Fortress at Pikes Peak Cripple Creek, one of the best Colorado Airbnbs

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Cortez, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 5

Nestled in the private Red Rock Canyons under one of the oldest Juniper Trees ever recorded, this tiny home is the perfect vacation rental for any traveler who loves spending time surrounded by nature. 

The tiny house is made from a wholly refurbished 1958 airstream trailer and is filled with decorations that create a retro, contemporary style. The outdoor patio offers another cozy space to relax, with a barbeque area, tables and chairs, and an outside heater. 

The bungalow’s location in Red Rock Canyon offers easy access to miles of hiking trails into the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument. Along the trails, hikers will find plenty of canyons and side canyons to explore, as well as a diverse range of trees, wildlife, flowers, cacti, waterfalls, and more. 

After a day of hiking, guests can relax and enjoy the scenic canyon outlook from the hammock in their private backyard. 

11. Unaweep Yurt at Thimble Rock

Unaweep Yurt, one of the best Airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Gateway, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 0

You can find this fully equipped and functional yurt in Unaweep Canyon, where you can enjoy a unique getaway surrounded by stunning canyon walls and an endless blue sky. 

Up to six guests can enjoy this spacious yurt year-round, with all the essentials you’ll need for a comfortable and exciting canyon trip, including:

  • Kitchen essentials 
  • Running water 
  • Wooden furnishings
  • A custom hand-carved bed

Guests can choose from more relaxing activities, such as horseback riding, wildlife viewing, and a trip to the Gateway Auto Museum, or opt for more thrilling adventures, including ATV rides and rock climbing. 

There is also a range of hiking trails right by the property site and nearby at the Gateway Canyons Resort. Experienced hikers can take on the Wildcat Trail, which takes you from the Canyon Floor up to the unmatched views from the Uncompahgre Plateau.

12. The Hygge Chalet and Sauna

Hygge Chalet and Sauna, one of the best Colorado Airbnbs

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Grant, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 0

Any traveler looking for a relaxing and secluded stay can’t go wrong with the Hygge Chalet and Sauna in Grant, Colorado. This private and cozy rental can be found on 3.5-acres of land in the rural Rocky Mountains, making this Scandinavian-style Chalet the perfect place for up to four guests to recharge and enjoy the peace and quiet. 

This Airbnb offers:

  • Two decks 
  • A porch with incredible mountain views 
  • A gas grill, 
  • Several hammocks
  • A picnic table and chairs

However, the biggest draw is the private outdoor steam sauna, which offers the perfect opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

The wooded setting also offers plenty of opportunities for exciting day trips, with several hiking and snowshoe trails leading to beautiful creeks and sweeping mountain views.

13. Modern Luxury in Converted Church

Converted Church Denver, one of the Best Airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 6

While Colorado boasts plenty of secluded wilderness getaways, there is also a massive range of unique properties right in the heart of some of Colorado’s biggest cities. This luxurious Denver Airbnb, for example, allows guests to stay in The Hellena, a 1930s church that was recently converted into a living space for up to 12 people. 

The unique architecture, huge windows, spacious design, and sky-high ceilings make this Colorado Airbnb truly one of a kind. 

There’s even a tiny home included inside the space for additional room and privacy. With a Capitol Hill location near museums, restaurants, shops, and cafes, this gorgeous space offers a convenient and comfortable destination for your next trip to the city. 

14. Tiny House in CB (Gorgeous & Cozy Miners Cabin)

Miner's Cabin, one of the best airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Crested Butte, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 1

While the outside of this small, cozy cabin boasts historic preservation of the miners’ shack exterior, the inside of this tiny Colorado Airbnb offers a comfortable, modern, and relaxing experience for up to two guests. 

The unexpectedly spacious house includes a fully equipped kitchen, modern appliances, and all the amenities and entertainment you could need to unwind and relax on a mountain getaway.

This rental also offers convenient access to all the outdoor activities that Crested Butte offers. You can spend your time outside hiking, biking, or skiing, with trail access at the Nordic Center located just a couple blocks away. 

Or, if you’re looking for less strenuous activities, you can walk around the downtown area and explore the wide range of restaurants, coffee shops, and mountain town stores.

15. Holloway Cabin on Creek & Private Hot-Springs

Holloaway Cabin, one of the Best Airbnbs in Colorado

Source: Airbnb

  • Location: Buena Vista, Colorado
  • Average Cost Per Night: 9

This restored 1800s mining cabin, located along Cottonwood Creek, offers families and small groups of up to four guests a unique and stunning place to relax and enjoy each other’s company. With the cozy cabin nestled in the Rocky Mountains, visitors can appreciate the peace and quiet as they take in the creek and mountainside scenery.

The cabin owners built an odorless hot spring hot tub, handcrafted with rocks from the property and complete with a flowing infinity edge to guarantee a relaxing and restful stay. 

The modern hot spring area also includes ambient LED lighting and an outdoor speaker, so you can listen to your favorite music as you relax and breathe in the mountain air. This cabin provides the perfect mountain escape with these modern amenities, tranquil scenery, and historic charm.

Colorado Airbnb Buying Guide

Once you’ve chosen the best Airbnb for your getaway, be sure to check out this buying guide for any additional information you might need before check-in.

How Do You Check In and Out of an Airbnb?

While every Airbnb host may have different specific instructions for check-in and check-out, finding your check-in instructions is simple. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open the Airbnb app.
  2. Go to the “Trips” section.
  3. Click “Show More Trip Plans” and find your check-in instructions under “Show Details.”

Hosts will often use a self-check-in, meaning you can access your accommodation without the host being there in person. This check-in usually involves accessing a lock at your check-in time, including:

  • A key lockbox 
  • Keypad code
  • Smart lock 

For in-person key exchanges, the host will coordinate a time to meet the guests and provide the key or code to access the house.

If you don’t see your check-in information, be sure to communicate with your host to coordinate times and arrival details or ask any other questions you may have. 

Similarly, you and your host should coordinate any check-out instructions, including your designated check-out time, the key exchange, and additional lock-up instructions. 

Staying in an Airbnb vs. a Hotel

Choosing between staying at a hotel or renting an Airbnb can be challenging for any traveler. Here are a few essential factors to consider before booking any accommodation. 

Average Prices

While the price of an Airbnb is going to depend heavily on the type of accommodation you’re looking for, the wide range of rental options on Airbnb makes it simple to find a place to stay within your price range. 

While hotels can also offer options for various budgets, there are generally more additional costs for housekeeping, nightly fees, and other necessary amenities that add up over time.

If you’re planning a trip that lasts more than a couple of days, staying in an Airbnb with access to a full kitchen and other amenities is a fantastic way to save money and lower the average cost of your vacation.

Travel Experience

Suppose you’re planning a short trip to get away from everyday chores. In that case, hotels can be a great way to experience luxurious accommodation without worrying about cleaning and other daily tasks.

However, if you’re planning a more extended group trip or want to immerse yourself in a new place throughout your journey, Colorado Airbnbs offer a unique travel experience you can’t get at a hotel. 

This experience includes:

  • More personal space for you and your group 
  • A way to experience the area like a local
  • More unconventional, one-of-a-kind accommodation options  

Planning Your Visit to Colorado

Gorgeous walking trail in Aspen

William Reagan/Shutterstock

From natural hot springs to stunning national parks and historical monuments, Colorado has plenty of attractions to keep every traveler busy and entertained throughout their entire trip. 

Here are some of the top attractions to visit as you’re enjoying your stay at a Colorado Airbnb:

Which Colorado Airbnb Is Best?

Whether you prefer cities or secluded natural landscapes, Colorado attractions offer something for everyone. With the perfect Airbnb for you, you can make your visit to the vibrant and breathtaking Colorado landscape an unforgettable experience.

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